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British MPs want answers as Mark Zuckerberg visits Brussels for questioning

British MPs snubbed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who politely declined to answer their questions on the improper use of personal data, are having to resort to requesting that their Brussels counterparts perform the questioning for them with a live stream session having been organised for today (22 May.) 44 more words

Fools At My Fingertips

I used to have to go out to get my folly. The pub, the club, the workplace. It involved putting on clean clothes and making sure I had a handkerchief. 327 more words

Man Talk

Feeling For The World Is Not the Same...

It is not the same as feeling with the world, nor is it the same as feeling at the world. Let me explain.

Note: It isn’t about feeling at all. 643 more words

Man Talk

Facebook does little to rid the site from romance scammers

With Facebook admitting that there are 270 million profiles that are fakes or clones, it doesn’t seem that Facebook wants to take them down. In November 2017 Facebook execs pledged to the U.S. 782 more words

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Week three

On my quest to post each week I’ve been keeping track of what I’ve done that week toward writing and learning more about the industry.  Between working and feeling sick I haven’t done as much as I would like but here is what I’ve got. 315 more words


The Experiments - Part Three

The second week saw the reposting of the initial experiments in graphics repeated but with the Photoshop inversion turned off – the colours of the experimental panel are the red, white, and blue of the original flag image. 394 more words



Just when you thought you were ready to relaunch!

As many know, I had to let the original domain name I invented for this site go as the previous hosting service of the domain had been taking money for services not received – even after they were directed to no longer do so. 444 more words