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How Would Sir Like His Communication This Morning?

Please place the letters on the silver tray in the hall, Jenkins. Printed pamphlets, flyers, advertising catalogues, and real estate notices may be dropped unread into the recycling bin on the way into the house. 543 more words


Following Politics

It’s all so bizarre. Facebook reminded me to follow all my state and federal representatives this morning, so I did. Instantly, my feed was full of boogeymen! 274 more words


Four Variables to Consider with Your Facebook Ads

Facebook gives page administrators plenty of numbers and data to work with regarding ads placement. Keeping an eye on different KPI during and after an ad’s run dates can provide added efficiency. 664 more words

Social Media Management

New Look vs Zara - They don't compare. #smartretail #data

So I had a lot of fun talking loyalty, data and vouchers and generally dissing social media at Smart Retail last week. And while I enjoyed Adoreboard’s presentation I can stay silent no more, there’s one part I don’t agree with and it’s all to do with that slide on fashion retail. 1,367 more words


Some thoughts on the problems Facebook and Google (and even retailers) have with people being awful on their platforms

Google, Facebook, and Twitter are platforms. So are some retail sites. What does that mean? It means that they provide the means for people to use their technology to create things for themselves. 443 more words


Reforming The World

A number of my friends would like to reform the world. They wish others would think, vote, spend, and behave in a way that seems correct…to them. 391 more words

Man Talk

Helga Voci shares from her Photo Album…

Just received on Facebook Messenger from Helga images of old photographs from an art show that took place 1983 or 84 at La Bella Casa Restaurant in Kaiserslautern. 107 more words