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Day 3 of My 30 Day Facebook Detox

Written by
Wesley Perez

Well, the last two days haven’t been great. I’ve been seriously wanting to log on to facebook. However, I found out just a little bit ago that my Facebook profile showed back up. 472 more words

Facebook Addiction

Day One Of My 30 Day Facebook detox

Written by
Wesley Perez

Just the first day and I’m having some serious withdrawls by not logging on to Facebook. I’m not having the shakes or anything like that but my mind though has been having a very hard time with the disconnect from the social platform. 480 more words

Facebook Addiction

Facing Facebook's Downside

                                                                                            Hooked on from childhood

“Why write?”, they question, “No one reads. Who has the time? Facebook and WhatsApp have killed reading.”

That was from my blog post ( 809 more words

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Hello, My Name Is Wesley And I have a Facebook Addiction

​Written By Wesley

Like so many others, I have had a Facebook page for many years. Almost nine years to be exact. At first it was to keep in touch with friends and family that lived so far away. 1,054 more words

Facebook Addiction

Still (relatively) Facebook-free

And it feels good.

I’ve been back and forth lately about posting–I know I should, but life gets in the way.

Sometimes (my) sobriety feels like the Blob, just a mass of heavy, hot water hanging around the Pacific, hugging me as if I’m the west coast.   793 more words


it's not you, it's the dopamine

It’s been several months since I went off Facebook. Do I miss it? Sometimes, yes. I wavered a few weeks ago, when my father excitedly shared photos of his home country, taken by an old school chum. 583 more words

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My goal in life is to guide people towards the best version of themselves, which is why I started jblea1016.com in the first place.  While my primary focus is Addiction Treatment, I know that reflective journaling about all that is good and strong and beautiful and I’ll often post things that I find of value.  98 more words

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