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Where did my post go???

(During a group project)

*LOG: Translation here

    Me: Have you went over the guidelines for our project yet?

    The LOG: …. No …. You were supposed to post it on but I never saw it! 387 more words


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Authored By Jesse Mathewson

Maxx Next - Super Cool...

If you’re thinking about heading over to a #diaspora pod, and after you’ve considered the greatest pod there is https://shrekislove.us, you’ve simply got to lookup… 100 more words


#newhere on #diaspora

What to do when you first get to a #diaspora #pod, or more specifically my beloved https://shrekislove.us pod? I found just the thing for you folks wishing to jump in and wanting to have a good time on any pod. 44 more words



What is diaspora* social media? If you’re looking for a complete answer you can go here – https://www.joindiaspora.com/– however, I think you’d be better off hearing from a user of the super #awesome #Facebook replacement… 227 more words


Make terrific bets on social networking trends

Facebook is among the first social network sites to ever rock the web and all its customers. At the least it may be stated that Facebook could be the world’s largest site that hosts millions of user profiles, all in the name of socializing. 505 more words

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