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'I Want That, Why Not Me?' The Trials & Tribulations of Facebook Envy

While chatting with a fellow journalist the other day, we expressed the same sentiment about social media. Although it’s great for keeping in touch with friends (which is how we’ve stayed connected since first meeting at college years ago), Facebook, Instagram and the likes can be a breeding ground for resentment. 436 more words


How to deal with the barrage of green grass

The Grass is so much greener on the other side. Isn’t it? Pictures other people post on Facebook showing how gloriously happy they are; the status updates. 704 more words

Facebook Envy: Feeling Bad About our Pretend Digital Lives

If you scrolled quickly past the above picture in Facebook, you might be convinced that I’m lifting some pretty hefty weights.  You might feel intimidated by yet another picture of a person seemingly able to do… 688 more words

Can Facebook make you depressed? The problem with comparing your life to someone else's newsfeed

By Guimel Sibingo

Editor’s Note: This article is from our Science for Kids series, aimed at children in grades 4-8.

COLUMBIA — Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and noticed how wonderful your friends’ lives seem to be? 777 more words


Stop the Face-boasting!

My niece and I were having a chat recently about why people upload photos to social media. Here are some of the possibilities we came up with: 377 more words

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