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Can Facebook make you depressed? The problem with comparing your life to someone else's newsfeed

By Guimel Sibingo

Editor’s Note: This article is from our Science for Kids series, aimed at children in grades 4-8.

COLUMBIA — Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and noticed how wonderful your friends’ lives seem to be? 777 more words


Stop the Face-boasting!

My niece and I were having a chat recently about why people upload photos to social media. Here are some of the possibilities we came up with: 377 more words

Life And Other Catastrophes

False Consciousness/Facebook Envy

False consciousness is a way of thinking that prevents people from seeing the real nature of their social or economic situation. It’s actually a much larger and complicated Marxist theory, but for the purpose of this post that is what we are going with. 658 more words


How to Not Get Jealous on Facebook (and Elsewhere)

Yesterday I wrote about how I like it when people brag and share happy things on Facebook. But what if all those boasts and posts about being #blessed make you jealous? 630 more words

Magical Life.

3 Practical Ways To Overcome The Temptation To Be Envious

Envy, also referred to as greed, jealousy or covetousness, is any feeling of discontentment or resentful longing that is aroused in us by someone else’s qualities, achievements, possessions, luck e.t.c. 613 more words


Social Media: Where's the Line Between Public and Private?

For years I debated on how I should use Facebook. Yes, many people use it differently. To express themselves, to keep in contact with existing and old friends, some with the clear intention to make new friends. 1,065 more words