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3 things to do before hitting publish on a Facebook post

There are several types of Facebook posters.

There are those who post once and never again, those who post excessively about every little thing, and those who post intermittently. 331 more words

Writing Top Tips!

Thousands of Witches Will Cast a Spell on Donald Trump at Midnight Tonight

OK, now he’s really done it. The president has pissed off the witches of the world.

Tonight at midnight, thousands of witches, other practitioners of magic and… 388 more words

President Donald Trump

Nesting frugally 

Wow two posts in one day I must be really nesting. I really wanted to do a post for expecting parents and my journey thus far about getting my baby gear on a budget. 682 more words

Frugal Living

Post-Trump Trauma Support Group

I’ve lost interest in posting here lately because I’ve become so pre-occupied with the dark turn taken here in America since Trump’s election. It’s extremely triggering for me and I’m more than a little obsessed. 230 more words

MayKing Mistakes in Online Networking: Facebook Groups

When I went to my first few networking events in Brisbane, I made arrangements to meet individuals face to face and got to know them a little better and I listened and learned a great deal from the first few business owners I met.   1,072 more words


Pricing Your Items to Sell

Pricing your items is a tricky business. Price it too high and no one will buy it. Price it too low and you are leaving cash on the table. 414 more words


Buying and selling online? Instead of Craigslist or Kijiji, try Facebook

Ty Ashcroft was three months pregnant with her son when she started to realize that, when it came to shopping for baby, Facebook was going to be one of her best friends. 1,209 more words