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Social Media Marketing Frameworks

Here is my post about social media marketing frameworks.

Social Media marketing Frameworks from Adam Acar


Social Media Promotional Campaigns

Pattern 1:

Participants post a message in social media and that message moves a person, a celebrity or an object in real life. The activity then is broadcasted live or shared via media. 114 more words

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How Do Local Governments Use Social Media in Japan and the USA?

A member of my social media seminar analyzed the social media activities of local governments in Japan and the USA. Here are the findings:

  • American local governments mostly tweet about local news while Japanese prefectures tend to focus on informing people about local events and activities.
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Facebook In Japan

Is Facebook Telling the Truth?

About 3 weeks ago we conducted a simple experiment about content likability on Facebook. The purpose was very simple: to find out whether posts directly related with… 952 more words

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LinkedIn Japan, Opportunities and Challenges

The site is doing well but the fact that Japanese business culture is dramatically different than the rest of the world, the platform may face some challenges down the road. 31 more words

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Yes It's Global! Japan's first Social Media Focused Contest Kicks off

After successfully holding the 2011 Marketing Competition Japan (MCJ), in which 24 teams from 12 different universities participated, the MCJ committee officially launched MCJ 2012. The organizers of the event expect more than 150 teams from 30 different universities (mostly from Global COE institutions in Japan) to compete in MCJ 2012.The competition will also hold workshops to train college students on how to prepare a marketing plan in English. 336 more words

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Japanese Brands on Facebook and Twitter

How Do Japanese Companies use social media?

I and my seminar students investigated the top 100 Japanese brands and the US brands’ facebook and Twitter activities in January, 2012 (study 2). 174 more words

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