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Yahoo's New Privacy Policy Leaves No Doubt: Privacy is Dead

If you thought that Facebook was abusing your privacy by using your personal information for its own financial benefit, just wait to you hear what Yahoo now plans to do. 1,458 more words

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My tweets the past few days have been coming at weird times because I was in Rome from Thursday through this morning for the IFA Global Press Conference… 329 more words

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Facebook announces facial recognition for Canadians users — but here's what to consider first

Facebook — still dealing with the Cambridge Analytica data scandal — has announced it will roll out facial recognition features for users in Canada and the European Union. 746 more words


Facebook Explains What Data It Collects Even When You're Not Logged In

During Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional testimony last week, the Facebook CEO said that the company collects data of people who have not signed up for the site “for security purposes.” And it raised some eyebrows about how Facebook collects data when users aren’t active on the site. 322 more words


Facebook and Cambridge Analytica: You're Missing the Real Issue

There are two groups of people that are upset by the Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal rocking the world right now. There are those upset because they are just now realizing that they have no privacy on the internet, those that are upset that Facebook sold that information to a foreign individuals and governments to try and influence elections. 361 more words


People will 'go right back to scrolling their newsfeeds' as Facebook scandal blows over: TechCrunch editor

Facebook may be in the middle of a tough few weeks when it comes to its reputation on the international stage, but one expert says it’s unlikely to affect the company’s health long-term. 430 more words


Data Protection

Have you ever had a conversation with a friend through a social media site. Something private and thought, this is just between us. Well, I can assure you, I have done too, until recently when I began looking into data protection through a college module and realised, there isn’t just two people sharing this information. 167 more words