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How to secure your Facebook Account!

Internet is very huge and on this huge platform, there are huge amount of Innocent people’s and also hackers are present for steal you data then misuse of your personal data. 327 more words


DataLeaks - How safe are you on Social Media?

There has been so much brouhaha, about the recent admission of data leaks and apology by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, that people have started closing their Facebook accounts. 902 more words


How can I stay safe on Facebook?

There are many thing by which you can protect yourself on Facebook. Account security is most important factor on Facebook because here hackers can easily take advantage of user’s account. 67 more words

Facebook Help

Cyber Safety - Part 2


Being safe from Identity and personal data theft.

1- The most important thing and the most common sense thing to do is to not put up any private info, including your full name, date of birth, or even address on any public forum. 2,459 more words

Cyber safety (This is a reeeeally long one)

In this article I’ll be including a list of cyber threats to watch out for and some tips to be safe against identity and personal data thefts, along with some facebook safety points. 2,682 more words