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How to deal with trolls on social media as a brand

“We suck at dealing with abuse and trolls on the platform and we’ve sucked at it for years.”

Those were the words from Twitter’s chief executive Dick Costolo that have been widely quoted recently. 473 more words

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4 Easy Ways to Improve Facebook Page Performance

While it is rare to find a company without a website in today’s markets, it is even rarer to find one without a Facebook page; facebook’s reach is figuratively infinite. 491 more words


Valentine's Day Poetry Book Giveaway: 'Attack on Love' print copy

Valentine’s Day will soon be upon us and in honor of that lovely day, followers can now download  ebook copies of my poetry book The Unconsciousness of an Ethiopian Princess Attack On Love for free over at Smashwords starting today. 95 more words


Why doing almost anything is better than Facebook

A few years ago when I began a Facebook page the experience seemed more pleasing than it does today. Posts seemed to be more personable, positive and pleasing, but that is quickly changing into something else. 609 more words


7 Ways To Get In The Productive Social Media Fast Lane (For Your Radio Station)

Words are not going away, but they are changing format or form or whatever you want to call it. If your social media is eaten up with too many words and not enough pictures or video, you are putting yourself in the slow lane. 726 more words


Facebook and a dislike button

Everyone seems completely and utterly obsessed with Facebook and the introduction of a “dislike” button, but it’s going to be near impossible to put one in and here is why. 306 more words

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I wasn’t really planning on writing a blog today, but hey-ho, I’m in Starbucks on my bill, surrounded by people surfing their cyber worlds via laptop… And I thought I’d join in. 167 more words

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