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Really Funny Facebook Statuses

That awkward second after you depart the shop with out acquiring anything and all you are able to consider is, ‘act normal, you’re innocent’.

Individuals much better observe their p’s & q’s before I start handing out f’s and u’s! 159 more words

Funny Status

Facebook Statuses.

This is a strange one to talk about.
I think we all have at least one friend who has at some point aired there dirty laundry ( as they say) on facebook. 92 more words

A Marriage breakdown As Told By Facebook

One of my favourite pastimes is reading my facebook thread and making comments such as “who cares?” when someone posts another picture of their dinner or their kids winning a medal for writing/walking/singing (delete as necessary). 969 more words

Family Life

What My Facebook Like Means

Facebook users often express dissatisfaction over the limited range of options available to them for responding to posts made on their newsfeed by their ‘friends.’ (I wish there was a ‘dislike’ button! 480 more words


8 Valentine's Day Facebook Statuses We're Already Dreading

The big day, V-day, is Saturday and we already know the kinds of posts we’re going to see filling up our Facebook newsfeed. If we’re being completely honest…we’re kinda dreading it. 739 more words


Audio: 6-Facebook Statuses That Need To Stop Right Now!

1. The Cliff Hanger

“Ugh”, “FML”, “Days like these make me so depressed”

You obviously want people to ask what’s going on. About 5% of your Facebook friends will die from curiosity and cave in to ask what’s up, but the other 95% of us know you’re being intentionally vague for attention. 297 more words


That Guy, The One Who Picks Fights With Your Facebook Friends

Like many Facebook users, I have defriended ‘friends.’ Enough was enough, and the ‘Unfriend’ option got selected. Sometimes, it was because I was sick and tired of seeing their posts in my newsfeed–for whatever reason, perhaps they were politically or personally offensive, or just too silly to put up with anymore. 481 more words