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5 dicas básicas para uma ação no Facebook

Se você ainda não tem um plano definido de ações para Facebook este ano, é melhor correr! Em um período de economia travada, acertar nos investimentos é uma questão de sobrevivência do negócio. 533 more words

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Don't Get Caught Up In The Facebook Popularity Contest

As former television news reporter, I know a thing or two about popularity contests.  They’re a big part of the business — and they get in the way of real, meaningful work. 445 more words


Email Marketing: An overview to help you improve your Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are often a tricky subject for companies. Emails are a very effective way of getting important information out to your customers however, it has also built a bad reputation as a way for companies to spam their customers with countless emails containing unnecessary information. 555 more words


The BCEI Facebook Strategy

With over 1.35 billion active users, Facebook is a huge part of any organizations social media profile; but having a Facebook page is not the same thing as having a successful Facebook page. 376 more words


Entertainment Weekly: My 5 Most Visited Pages

In similar vein to most people my age (mid 20’s), my love affair with Facebook ended some time ago. Despite the bitter taste of ended relationships, sports debates and political opinions spewed frequently, I still have a special place in my heart for Facebook. 502 more words

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Facebook Risk: The Game of Social Media Strategy

One of my favorite board games as a kid growing up was Risk. It was one of the most frustrating, but satisfying ways to occupy my not-so-important time. 438 more words


Facebook: A Love Story

I remember when I was first invited to Facebook. I’ll admit, I wasn’t really into it at first. MySpace and I were happy together.

But eventually I left MySpace and started a new relationship with Facebook. 440 more words

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