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~Facebook~ 21.03.2015 Cafe J Holic Facebook Update

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Facebook is the new detective. Will it be effective?

Facebook now comes up with a new innovation. Scientists have claimed, facebook profiles can be ten times more effective at predicting health problems than looking at where people live. 17 more words

[FACEBOOK] 06.03.15 JYJ Official Facebook: Ultima filmare a lui Kim Jaejoong pentru 'Spy'/'Spy’ Kim Jaejoong’s last filming

 <스파이> 마지막 촬영 인증샷

  Fotografii de la ultima filmare pentru <Spy>/<Spy> last filming proof shots

Credit: JYJ Official
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Kim Jaejoong

Pray Without Ceasing

Over the weeks, we have been inundated with news of Christians being persecuted.  From time to time I will post a “Random” thought on Facebook. It is out of  hearing and reading the current events as they are that prompted me to write the following a couple of weeks ago.  294 more words

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