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[Update/Photo] Park Jung Min Instagram Update [01.05.16]

Credit: parkjungmin8743
Screenshot by Snow(Me)

No translation yet..

But I still want to say.. Happy 501 Day to all Triple S sisters n friends!!!!


[TRANS] 160428 HeyoTV Facebook Update with BOYFRIEND

@heyotv_imbc Bovelyz….. Ve… Very refreshing…ㅎ…
‪#‎보이프렌드‬ #‎boyfriend‬ #‎Kwangmin #‎Minwoo ‪#‎BOYFRIEND’sPrivateLife ‪#‎Heyotv‬

trans: youngmineekkeo/@beatrooot | source: heyotv facebook
please take out with FULL credits.

~mirrorprince for BF AUS


[FB/TWEET] 160424 Starship Ent Official Twitter & Facebook Update

@STARSHIPent 🎉 20160424 HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOUNG MIN! We sincerely congratulate BOYFRIEND Youngmin’s birthday! 🎂

@STARSHIPent 🎉 20160424 HAPPY BIRTHDAY KWANG MIN! We sincerely congratulate BOYFRIEND Kwangmin’s birthday! 10 more words