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#6 - Where Ben Calls, And I Answer

Hello readers.

Though a more accurate and personal greeting is obliged… Hello Ben, how are you?

Yes, this here is an update that my one and only reader so woefully reminded me had been less than satisfying in its regularity. 1,366 more words

From Concept To Publication - An Aspiring Writers Journey

The Bee Politic

Another Facebook Writing Challenge. The two words given here were Killer & Bee.

The Bee Politic

Bee #120941 responded to the pheromone shift instantly. A quick adjustment in the wing alignment, and its course was set straight towards the source. 433 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas

Perpetual Laughter

Doctor Marius arrived at the scene short of breathe, but smiling wildly.

‘Has it begun?’ He asked with enthusiasm.

‘Has what?’ replied confused nurses, unaware that Doctor Marius was not in the normal frame if mind. 422 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas

Anything Sexual

Another Facebook Writing Challenge, in which I have half an hour to compose a piece of Flash Fiction based on two words given by a friend. 305 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas

It's Good To Run (another Facebook Flash Fiction Challenge)

I posed the challenge: “Writing challenge! Choose two words, and I’ve half an hour to form a story from them.”

And someone quickly, without delay, engaged their fantastic brain to form these two words: shit & bollocks. 469 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas


In a field grew a parsnip. As parsnips go, this one was exceptionally special.

Though completely locked in a vegetable state, the secrets inside it were soon to be found. 241 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas


Rummaging with a glass wand through mould cultivated in a Petri dish, Doctor Alexandria Ross suddenly found herself bored. Bored of tedious tests, of the mundane diseases people so stupidly inflicted upon themselves. 79 more words

Tiny Stories - Big Ideas