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Hands On With Facebook Nearby Friends [Video]: No More Checkins

Facebook Nearby Friends is based around broadcasting how far you are from friends, not your exact coordinates, and that’s why it could succeed where other location apps have failed. 1,095 more words


Maryland State Senate – District 4 – April Technology Scorecard

 Since the scorecard from March, a new candidate has been added to this race. There has also been one new form of technology outreach from a candidate. 274 more words


“You want people like that to hate you”: Reza Aslan on Glenn Beck, that Fox News interview, and...

“You want people like that to hate you”: Reza Aslan on Glenn Beck, that Fox News interview, and who gets to speak for Jesus – Reza Aslan on why he loves being on Glenn Beck’s “chalkboard of crazy,” and why Jesus would raise the minimum wage


How to Cultivate Practical Wisdom in Our Everyday Lives and Why It Matters in Our Happiness

“Wonderful read on how to cultivate “practical wisdom” in our everyday lives and why it matters to our happiness as a society and as individuals”


Dr. Cornel West

“The significance of the resurrection claim within “true” Christian descriptions of the self, world and God is that, despite how tragic and hopeless present situations and circumstances appear to be, there is a God who sits high and looks low, a God who came into this filthy, fallen world in the form of a common peasant in order to commence a new epoch, an epoch in which Easter focuses our attention on the decisive victory of Jesus Christ and hence the possibility of our victory over our creature hood, the old creation and this old world, with its history of oppression and exploitation. 43 more words


Networking a Fandom

Video game fans are no strangers to exclusive content being released along with the sale of video games. Most exclusive content comes from purchasing the game from certain companies, (whether the gamer chooses to purchase the product from GameStop, Walmart, Amazon, etc.). 321 more words


მიყვარს სოფელი. ბუნება, გარემო რაც მხვდება და ალბათ ხალხის რაღაც ნაწილიც, მაგრამ ეს ამ პოსტთან არაფერ შუაშია, უბრალოდ დღეს სოფელში ვიყავი და ემოციები გამომყვა. პრიციპში შუაში კიარა თავშია ცხოვრებაში პირველად ვარიდებდი თავს სოფელში წასვლას, მაგრამ ვერ შევძელი. 9 more words