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Facebook Wants Your Attention, So It's Charging Separately For Ad Clicks That Send You Away

Like most online advertisers, Facebook’s main way of charging ad clients is per click (referred to as CPC in the ad industry). Until today, Facebook had charged the same CPC rate to clicks that linked to both external websites and apps as well as onsite actions such as Likes, Shares, and Comments. 178 more words


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'...This will change today as the company announced that they are updating the definition of CPC to only account for “link clicks”. ...' - original author

The Foundation for Fantastic Facebook Ads

Now that you’ve created your social media accounts as discussed in my last post, “Intro: Social Media Marketing for Dummies,” we can move on to utilizing today’s most powerful social media marketing tool: Facebook Advertisements. 394 more words


Facebook Combines Atlas, Audience Network, And LiveRail Into An AdTech Voltron

Facebook’s plot for ad domination is coming to fruition. Today at Facebook headquarters, its ad execs explained how two years of seemingly isolated launches and acquisitions are melding into a powerful way to show ads across the Internet and track the purchases they inspire both online and offline. 552 more words


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To Boost, or Not to Boost on Facebook

Media Check

Imagery is everything for grabbing your viewers attention. Intriguing imagery can also be the difference in how much your audience reads, or clicks further. 298 more words



Have you ever experienced the targeted ads in social media sites?

In the digital age, it is the difficult time for advertiser advertising on television or even in magazine. 183 more words

My Exploration into the Wild World of Online Advertising

I wrote a dumbed-down post a few months ago on choosing the right keywords on Google, mostly for my own reference. Am I the only one who finds Google (ads) a bit on the overwhelming side (when you first start)? 271 more words

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