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Hey there, thanks for coming to my next post. It’s a bit of a late-night one. Or early morning, or late morning actually. Who knows, it may be afternoon for you. 687 more words


Why I Quit Facebook

Hi, Hey, Hello!

I am no longer on Facebook.


I mean my account is deactivated not deleted because that ended up being too much of a headache to deal with and I wanted it gone. 919 more words


Social Media

Hello people!

I would like to share with you an interesting article on social media! We all know how hard it is to do without it! 359 more words

Digital Doubt: Gauging the Success of Advertising on Social Media

The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece voicing the concern of marketers and their clients who fear that the metrics determining the success and value of digital ads placed on social networking platforms are flimsy. 139 more words