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Weekend Thoughts

This weekend my only thought has been, “You’re doing this all wrong”. I am a writer but I am also trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. 136 more words


9 Of The Epic Funny Facebook Fails

Facebook, the place where dumb people share their dumbness, valiantly. Resulting in epic funny Facebook fails. They don’t think before posting, whether that be a post about showing off their real-world stupid stunts, where they always end up hurting themselves or sharing posts enlighting… http://bigeyeguy.com/10-epic-funny-facebook-fails/

Fun Stuff

Is there an ethics code for storytelling?: the phenomenon of Humans of New York


By: Emily Jenab

Humans of New York has become inescapable. Photographer Brandon Stanton is singlehandedly telling multiple stories: effectively creating empathy in the cold, often isolating experience of New York; unearthing the humanity in the overlooked. 1,084 more words

Fordham University Student Voices

Getting the Balance of Caring

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted recently, (which may explain the reason why this post is so long but bare with me) and I guess I’ve been having trouble with my ‘get up and go’. 958 more words

Goodbye Free Basics.. TRAI won’t support differential pricing…

Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens Review

Star Wars is one of the most recognizable and iconic sci-fy sagas ever made. With now seven movies, many video game adaptations and countless books, it is obvious that there is such a demand for more in this universe. 1,344 more words

Movie Reviews

Facebook 1915

I wonder what we’d see on Facebook in November, a century ago.  Of course we wouldn’t, because people living in the time of my twenty-something grandparents didn’t have electricity, let alone instantaneous talking on Facebook. 371 more words

Linking The Past To The Present