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Digital Doubt: Gauging the Success of Advertising on Social Media

The Wall Street Journal recently published a piece voicing the concern of marketers and their clients who fear that the metrics determining the success and value of digital ads placed on social networking platforms are flimsy. 139 more words

Weekend Thoughts

This weekend my only thought has been, “You’re doing this all wrong”. I am a writer but I am also trained in Marriage and Family Therapy. 136 more words


9 Of The Epic Funny Facebook Fails

Facebook, the place where dumb people share their dumbness, valiantly. Resulting in epic funny Facebook fails. They don’t think before posting, whether that be a post about showing off their real-world stupid stunts, where they always end up hurting themselves or sharing posts enlighting… http://bigeyeguy.com/10-epic-funny-facebook-fails/

Fun Stuff

Is there an ethics code for storytelling?: the phenomenon of Humans of New York


By: Emily Jenab

Humans of New York has become inescapable. Photographer Brandon Stanton is singlehandedly telling multiple stories: effectively creating empathy in the cold, often isolating experience of New York; unearthing the humanity in the overlooked. 1,084 more words

Fordham University Student Voices

Getting the Balance of Caring

So you might have noticed that I haven’t posted recently, (which may explain the reason why this post is so long but bare with me) and I guess I’ve been having trouble with my ‘get up and go’. 958 more words

Goodbye Free Basics.. TRAI won’t support differential pricing…