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Color work problems (aka. What I do for friends)

This could also be titled as Why I will never do this again. Trust me it sounds funny to even me now but during this whole shenanigan I was about ready to throw the whole mess in the blender. 578 more words


And You’ve Been Here How Long?

Upon entering the office on Thursday afternoon, I couldn’t help but overhear some chattering from some freaked out employees having an encounter with someone who had been let into the building about 30 minutes or so before I had arrived. 371 more words

Have you ever read a comment on any social media website that made you just sit back and think, “Nope…can’t do this today.” You then slowly put your hand to your face and worry about whether there is any hope left for society. 535 more words


Ribs Are Fragile Things

If I’ve been sort of quiet on this blog for the last few days past the Being a Better Writer post, well, it’s not without reason. 907 more words


Tuesday Dawns


Well I had to start a venting this morning as I was wished well for the day with a ‘We are all stressed, I just don’t know whats wrong with you’. 320 more words

Fed Up