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Die. Roach. Die.

They have us surrounded. There is no going back now. The great extermination must commence.

A week ago they visited the kitchen, zipping from shadow to shadow; their chitinous little backs taunting​ me as they scurried past. 130 more words

Tinterweb Dating Part Deux

To date or not to date is the question…

Sooo after many weirdos and “no I would not like to hear about/see/meet up to touch your penis” rough starts to this internet dating malarky..I did it. 1,014 more words


#ConservativesConfess: "we've made life much harder - and hidden it" #GE17

Tory HQ (CCHQ) has clearly been very busy churning out fake news about Labour’s manifesto. Too busy to put any thought into costing their manifesto – which is vague in everything except its… 240 more words

How outdated is our educational system?

Dear life,

What to do, What to do?

I have long since known that school isn’t the place for me. Not because I can’t manage it but because the educational system is completely outdated. 264 more words


Facebook's Temporary "Flower" Reaction

I can already express thankfulness with love-heart or like-thumbs-up. What I can’t express is facepalm-whyyyyyyyy.

Still can’t.

Therefore hate gratitude, all Montagues, and flower.