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The More You Know

It amazes me how knowledge goes unknown in today’s society. It’s all about shoes, twerking, vine videos, clubs, and other things that will deminish ones intelligence due to extracurricular activities being heavily important. 325 more words


Deer Matt

Deer watching out the kitchen window is a favorite pastime here at Casa de Wyatt.  My wife puts out enough bird food to supply the entire avian population of North Carolina and the deer reduce it to a quantity sufficient for a few dozen woodpeckers, gold finches, doves, titmice, wrens, the usual assortments of jays and crows, and the occasional hawk.  132 more words


Tales of the insecure bear

When my druid hit 100 as she finished the Nagrand quests, she was spec’d guardian and feral. I decided I didn’t want to dps with her so I respec’d feral to resto. 439 more words

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throwin’ the holy- hand – grenade. AT YOU.

The Worst of the Worst - TV Shows

Hey guys, I told you I’d make Worst of the Worst a thing! sorry its been a while but when you’re as boring as I am you can find it hard to find anything interesting to say. 486 more words