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Slo-Mo Snow Kneeboarding Faceplant Scorpion

Incredible bravery launching the picnic table on a kneeboard in snow.  There was no telling how that go but thankfully it was documented in slo-mo in vertical video.

Island Mermaids

Three towels, three changes of clothes and I’m the one who needed dry pants.

Before the jump, I fancied myself Michael Jordan – Air Mama – vertical, hanging mid-stride over the creek, tongue out, before gracefully descending onto the soft sand. 406 more words


Catching up Monday #13 - Faceplant!

Hello Monday, what a weekend! After all Stefan got the flu now and I have been busy nursing him for the last 4 days. So life consisted of chicken soup, liters and liters of tea and The Mentalist Season 6. 354 more words


The Art of Faceplanting

Faceplant (plural faceplants)
1. (informal) The act of landing face first, as a result of an accident or error.

 Faceplants are not your every day occurrence. 

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