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Parenting is a Crash Course

I would say that becoming a parent has a steep learning curve.  For some reason, I always thought caring for a child would come naturally to me.   718 more words


Dunk Tank: 02 by Jacob Steinbauer

I drop the remote control, go to the kitchen, and grab a plate from the cupboard. It’s six o’clock. I can’t smell anything, though, and there’s nothing on the stove top. 569 more words


Skateboarding Fail Faceplant

This skateboarding video was almost hard to watch. You see him almost land the grind but then falls on his FACE

He’s okay though! He survived.


Day 312

Sooooo, you took a nose-dive on day 311, and I’m not going to post any pictures of that.  Sometimes your feet get behind you when you’re walking… and you’ve only recently learned to walk anyway.  71 more words


Catmando - 'Faceplant' Review

Trip-Hop with killer bass

If you’re big on trip-hop or electronic music in general, get set for three of the best minutes of your week. Catmando’s latest track ‘Faceplant’ is the perfect mix of chilled out and forward beating to fit any mood or situation. 113 more words