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Fortune Favors the Bold and It ALSO likes to Watch the Bold Fall on Its Face

I’ve been brave this week. I stepped WAAAAAAY out of my comfort zone and took a series of risks. This is not unprecedented. I have, over the course of my artist life, taken quite a few giant leaps. 360 more words


International Cross Country Race Ends in Glorious Face Plant

The U-23 European Cross Country Championship ended in the best way imaginable. The clear frontrunner Jimmy Gressier faceplants while showboating across the finish line. Gressier tried to slide on his knees through the mud which he later blamed as the reason the slide did not go as planned. 70 more words


My Compelling Blog: Part 2 (DEF)

Welcome to Part 2 of my Compelling Blog series where the featured letters are D, E and F with the phrase of: Don’t Encourage Faceplants. 532 more words


I dream of planting my face

I like to imagine my life as smooth pavement, gliding along on my board; carving, pushing sliding.

Yet this violent image of me falling on my face and tearing up my body pops right into the middle of it. 45 more words

Forever Your Whirl

Remember Paula Abdul? No, of course you don’t, because Paula was a one-hit wonder in the 80’s who retained infamy for American Idol and her constant “unexplained” slurring. 151 more words


CHEERBLEEDERZ - " Faceplant " EP

Something of a lo-fi underground super-group, Cheerbleederz have this week put out their debut EP, Faceplant, on the ever reliable Alcopop! Records. The… 153 more words