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The Hot Sulphur Spring in Sohna

and it’s famous Shiv Kund, and an ancient Shiva Temple.

The last couple of days when I haven’t had any internet I started going through my pictures. 195 more words


Picking vegetables and flowers in the middle of winter

that’s what we do here in India..fall – winter means better temperatures so things can grow

 I did pick some dahlias but the young lady picked some brinjal (eggplant ) and dhania (coriander) for me.. 70 more words


I got stuck in traffic

but it wasn’t due to cars….

almost got myself a kiss….hahaha

love the fabric he has in his turban….

fascinating horns….

the old ways collide with the modern…colourful exotic India


Colourful teamwork

on my way home from work today I drove by these colourful Rajasthani women out to get water and I just had to make a quick stop…. 24 more words


Back in the land of.....


temples, pujas, malla’s and sadhu’s…

paan, spices, chilli’s, Indian food…….

traffic, lack of water or to much water, sunsets to die for, pink sunrises, colours, mehndis, constructions, fabrics and prints  …… 15 more words