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Emojis, Colourblindness, and the Bliss of Ignorance

It is worth considering how the graphical representations of the human face embedded within everyday conversation, in the form of ‘emojis’ (formally referred to as ‘emoticons’, more colloquially known as ‘smiley faces’) may affect the individual’s perception of the type of figure depicted, particularly taking into consideration the context of the discourse that is being undertaken, given that a recent scientific paper found that “emoticons are processed in occipitotemporal sites similarly to faces due to their familiar configuration” , in other words, the brain reads these sorts of images as faces, to some degree. 1,073 more words



You harken not unto my requests

Nor hear my cries!

Instead, hiding behind other faces

And Turning your face from my pleas,

You yourself have banished me!


January 2015 - A child's bliss

In a world filled with violence and malice, a child’s smile and innocence can bring warmth in a way only they can.

Child in the photo: Leah Marie Gumutao