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Dr Google Says I am Probably Dead Already.

How many people with chronic back pain also have generalised  systemic pain? I do. How many of you have diagnosis for those aches and pains that has a different cause than injury or… 962 more words

Back Pain

It's Been a While: Had a Laminectomy!

Wow. A long time. But, still many people reading since I have abandoned you. Sorry about that.

You see. I had big plans when I last posted. 688 more words

Back Pain

How Do We Know What Facet Joints Feel?

That was the question from one student after last week’s posting – and it is a good question. How can we know what any living tissue senses? 690 more words

Basic Science

Busy, busy, busy

 Sorry its been a few days since I have wrote in here. I have just been super busy. Yesterday was my daughters 9th birthday and we had family over to celebrate it. 337 more words

Daily Life

A pain in the butt – and what it taught me.

Had I been doing too much hip openers? Is that why my lower back felt like it belong to a 80 year old and my glutes were killing me? 722 more words


Talking about facet joints

From an upcoming, much longer, post detailing my visit to Stanford University’s Clinical Anatomy Lab, where I worked with cadavers:

I, along with many others, talk about how certain parts of the spine respond to certain types of motion. 504 more words


Understanding Back Pain

The spine has about 24 vertebrae with most having three joints. One joint is a disc and the other two are joints just like your finger joints that are synovial type but called facet joints. 520 more words