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As the Conference Ends

Well, the conference is over. This is a last sketch on an iPad of worn out participants from yesterday evening.

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Presenting to the Group, version II

This is based on a black and white sketch I posted two days ago. I used two apps on my iPad, Procreate and Snapseed, to crop it and add color and texture. 19 more words

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Day 3 at the Conference

Today is the third day of the conference and basic pen drawings are all the sketching I can fit in. While I miss using color, I do enjoy just quickly jotting down what I see. 121 more words

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On Our Way

We got a very late start, finally leaving San Diego well after dark. I sketched a bit as we drove north through LA and think I captured the feeling of night driving on a freeway. 44 more words

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A Small Unsolved Mystery in an Undated Photograph

I really¬†like this photo, from a small antique shop in Santa Cruz, California.¬†It’s labeled Libby and Grace.

It’s difficult to tell much about when and where the photograph was taken. 271 more words


A Sideways Look

My high school art teacher made a big impression on me. I still remember many of her sayings from 50 years ago or so. One I think of nearly every day is that there is no such thing as a painting that cannot be fixed, but there are plenty of paintings that artists gave up on. 116 more words

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Street Ball in the Spring

This started off as a sketch of the flowers in my yard, similar to the sketch I did last Wednesday of the daisies at Cabrillo National Monument. 80 more words

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