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Discussion at the Fire Pit

This is the unfinished sketch from yesterday with gouache added today.  By the time I finished today I had unintentionally changed the mood of the sketch from upbeat to tense.  61 more words

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Looking Back 51 - Night lights up

It has been a few weeks since the ‘beach guy’ resurfaced, so I was curious about him. I know his last text message had ‘booty call’ written all over it and that our last chatting some 2 years ago ended badly, but that’s the way I am. 580 more words

Looking Back

So, Let's Talk About How to...

Our son, a programmer, came home for a few days to help his dad set up some experiments. It is wonderful to have him home and to listen to the collegial talk between them as they work together. 202 more words

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A Last Sketch from Cuernavaca

I was sketching in a cafe off of Cuernavaca’s city square while my sisters were taking a salsa lesson. When they came to get me I was not quite ready to go. 189 more words

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Zócalo de Cuernavaca

Although we are no longer in Cuernavaca, I still have a few sketches I would like to post, including this one of people enjoying the central square of Cuernavaca. 112 more words

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Cooking Together at Rocio's

Rocio is one of our Spanish teachers and she offers a cooking class in her home. The participants go and buy the ingredients and then, under her supervision, make a Mexican meal. 125 more words

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Sheila Speaks to Students at CONALEP Plantel Temixco

My sister Sheila Polk gave a presentation to students at CONALEP Plantel Temixco, a technical high school near Cuernavaca, and I jumped at the chance to go along. 139 more words

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