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Melancholics and inhibited body language/facial expressions

Aquinas took from Aristotle a cool view of the emotions…

Basically the underlying emotion (or ‘passion’ because they can be viewed as external objects causing us to have a ‘passive’ response or undergo change…like the ‘patient’ who suffers…) 833 more words



Visiting a cousin who grew up with you long ago can cause the memories to come cascading back, especially if heightened by old photos and the music of your past. 89 more words

Telling A Story

Blog 10 - a censored show

Last spring I applied for a drawing project and exhibition in the UK – to draw again at Oxford’s famous John Radcliffe Hospital, and this time to show in their gallery as well. 486 more words


Muscle Movement During Smile

The smile may be the most common and flexible expression, used to reveal some emotions, cover others and manage social interactions that have kept communities secure and organized for millennia. 562 more words


Valuing Your Video Tools

Today’s entry is an excerpt from my updated position paper, “How Important Are Nonverbal Signals?” Stay tuned in weeks to come for more insights into how your body language affects your organization’s goals and your own career prospects. 388 more words

Communications Research

My Resting Bitch Face

When I was younger I didn’t understand why people didn’t like me or avoided me without even trying to know me. I always thought that people in general are always mean for no reason. 406 more words

Facial Expression

Discussion at the Fire Pit

This is the unfinished sketch from yesterday with gouache added today.  By the time I finished today I had unintentionally changed the mood of the sketch from upbeat to tense.  61 more words

Telling A Story