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Waiting for a Walk

Although I continued to work on color this afternoon, this quick sketch of Luke and two guests is my favorite sketch for the day. I like the expressions and the story it suggests. 8 more words

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Woman with a Scarf

Our figure drawing class is working on portraits, which pleases me greatly. It was wonderful to hear someone knowledgeable talk about the structure of human heads and the art of drawing likenesses. 44 more words

Facial Expression

Grading Exams in a Camper

Last night we sat in our camper, sharing a very small space, while Peter marked his midterms and I sketched. I liked watching his range of expressions as he considered each exam, particularly his delight, dismay, puzzlement, surprise, and approval. 76 more words

Body Language


Sketches featuring pigeons!


Luke Keeps an Eye on Me

I have been enjoying experimenting with charcoal, pastels and water. I am getting a greater range of textures and luminance than when I use watercolor alone. 92 more words

Facial Expression

Peter Then and Now

To celebrate my amazing husband’s birthday today I am posting two sketches that I particularly like, the first from 1979 and the second from this past spring. 163 more words

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Happy Birthday Tara!

Turning 30 is a really special birthday and I wanted to make a card for Tara that shows how much love and joy she brings to all of us. 155 more words

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