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The biggest luxury

The biggest luxury is the luxury of human communication.

Dear All:
Have you ever dialed a phone number trying to reach a particular service and instead of a person you heard a recorded voice asking you to make a selection as to what you would like to do next?

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Driving Through France

We are slowly making our way from Barcelona to Copenhagen and drove today in France from Narbonne on the Mediterranean to Beze, a small village not far from Dijon. 104 more words

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Thai Facial Expressions: Why the Weakness Outburst is Okay but Confidence is not

More interview questions from Gemma Font about Thai way of expressions!

1. How are you supposed to behave when a person or family invites you at their home? 2,807 more words


Lunch in Barcelona

We had a late lunch today on the plaza outside a small vegetarian restaurant near the center of Barcelona. The food was great and I liked the yellow sign and tablecloths and the way they complemented the green trim of the plants, doors and windows. 28 more words

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On the Train to Montserrat Spain

The Benedictine Monastery at Montserrat Spain is a huge attraction for locals and tourists alike.  It is located at the top of a mountain chain and features a beautiful old church, monastery, abandoned hermitages, views and hiking. 138 more words

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Enjoying the Wait

Sometimes you meet awesome people while waiting in line. Tonight we met a trio from Holland and I got a chance to sketch them a bit before their turn to enter the restaurant. 100 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge: Face

This week’s photo challenge revolves all around the subject of faces. It’s fascinating what we can express only with our face. No gestures or vocals needed, we can communicate and transmit our feelings simply over our facial expression 52 more words