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Interior Emotion

Interior emotion shows your reader what the character is feeling. Sometimes we can show a character’s feelings through another character’s observation of their appearance and body language. 81 more words

Facial expression and eye color detection in matlab

Get the code from here:
Watch the code from here:

This code analyzes image containing person image and can detect the person’s emotion and determine his eye color accurately besides that it performs basic image processing tasks. 48 more words


A character’s feelings can be spoken in dialogue. A subset of that would be a written dialogue in an exchange of emails, texts, letters, or notes. 408 more words

Chapter one: The Face, The Lie & The Leak

We all know we lie every single day. Either we lie to someone who is close to us, or to save ourselves from our bosses, to escape from the situation we are currently at, or just to make the person we are lying to be happy. 1,026 more words



I sketched this morning with the San Diego Watercolor Society’s weekly life drawing group. I particularly like this model because she projects a range of attitudes. 61 more words

Telling A Story