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In order for me to understand my characters, I need to know what type of facial expression there is so that I am able to build a personality for my characters. 142 more words


Art & Craft: Drawing

Adrianne, one of the participants at our program, loves to draw. This is one of her drawings.

Social/Communication Skills

Facial Expression Teaching

I think we can only watch more performances and grasp the way they show their facial expression. We can also look at the lyrics (of course the translated one if you don’t know Hindi) so as to get what message the songs conveys. 48 more words

Facial Expression

Facial expressions

Facial expression is the most difficult part for me in my learning process. In our culture, we are always taught to be calm and  unemotional. These is a saying in Cantonese, “喜怒不形於色”, we should not show the others our emotion easily and try not to put on your face even you have emotion. 235 more words

Facial Expression

Holding On

Our model, this morning at the San Diego Watercolor Society, was gorgeous but somehow I did not catch that aspect of her in this sketch. I like it anyway because the white diagonal that connects her two elbows catches my eye. 20 more words


What's with the view to her left?

This model had attitude, and it showed in the way she sat and evaluated what was going on out towards her left side.  I liked the way I captured her expression in this sketch but felt it lacked the context needed to reflect her personality.  41 more words

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