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Successful Supervisor Part 10 - Body Language

I have been fascinated with body language for several decades. I have studied it for countless hours and believe I have only scratched the surface of this complex area of communication. 929 more words

Enabling Actions

Computer Graphic - Facial Expression

I built the light and grid environment using OpenGL, constructed model control points based on ray casting, and smoothed it by subdividing the control points. 18 more words

Computer Graphic

JR artist comparison

What I like very much about JR’s Artwork is that the people can make any sort of facial expression they want. It can be funny but nobody is going to judge the other because they do what they want. 45 more words

Year 2

Nearly Naptime

This sketch is based on one of the many photos I took of family members during our Mazatlan trip. Painting from a photo is a less intuitive process for me than drawing from real life, perhaps because thinking about a photo is so different from actually being in a place and interacting with people. 66 more words

Body Language

Holiday Shopping

It was a long line and the bright bouquet in the arms of a fellow shopper kept catching my eye. I began to watch as she interacted with her companion.  93 more words

Body Language

Man in Plaid Grades Papers

Another weekend, another pile of papers to grade and thus a great model who is willing to still for a long time while I paint him. 34 more words

Body Language

"As long as you have a good book, you are not really waiting."

I was standing in line behind this woman in pink and overheard the receptionist tell her that she was 45-minutes early for her appointment. I was charmed by the woman’s response, “It’s OK, as long as you have a good book, you are not really waiting.” By the time I sat down, the woman was sitting, head bowed and clearly into her book. 80 more words

Body Language