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Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference

On Saturday, May 16th, 2015, I traveled to Stanford University in Palo Alto, California to present my research findings at the Stanford Undergraduate Psychology Conference (SUPC). 312 more words


The human face — in repose and in movement, at the moment of death and in Life, in silence and in speech, when alone and with others, when seen or sensed from within, in actuality or as represented in art or recorded by the camera — is a… 610 more words


Is This a True Story Uncle Joe?

Today I did several quick sketches of my nephews. They are on the move and hard to catch but they did stay put to listen to a story told by their uncle. 121 more words

Body Language


I am Akshat Gandhi from the capital city, the heart of INDIA, NEW DELHI. 22 years on this earth have been really blissful, to say the least. 578 more words


A Little Talk

The other day while at the park I did several thumbnail sketches at a park. My overall goal is to use image to tell a story and I really liked the interaction between these two women, talking intently while calling to their nearby picnicking families that they would be right over. 113 more words

Body Language

Library Napper

Today I continued to work on telling a story about a person while also placing the person into a place that shows depth and proportional sense. 129 more words

Body Language

Telluride Town Talk

Telluride has a tradition of public talks which I love attending because of the provocative topics and the many captive people I can draw. Most speakers have to work hard to explain the topic in terms that the general public can understand and I think I caught a bit of this effort tonight in this sketch. 144 more words

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