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How Emotion-Detection Technology Will Change Marketing


Imagine someone arrives at your website, Facebook Page, or advertisement. Now, imagine that you could change your marketing dynamically, right there on the spot, in response to their emotional reactions. 58 more words


An Eyebrow Investigation

Everything about eyebrows eludes me.  What their purpose is, how to pluck them, appreciate them, etc, etc, etc.  I have never failed to mess mine up.   347 more words

Debate Night Body Language

Another debate means I had another chance to sketch along and interpret for 90-minutes. This sketch is a composite of three different sketches, which I arranged later after the debate using Procreate. 135 more words

Body Language


He was so mad that I had taken his photograph you see because he thought I was one of those street hustlers that forcefully take your picture and make you pay to collect a printed copy. 70 more words

A Third Attempt to Get the Debate Sketch Right

Monday night I sketched the presidential debate in charcoal and on Tuesday I worked in Procreate to improve the sketch. My cousin Ann commented on the second sketch, “Like it but I’d put him further back on the right and have her front and center.”  193 more words

Body Language

Debate Sketch Revised

I wanted to improve yesterday’s sketch. In it both of the debaters appear too thin. I did catch a bit of Donald Trump’s peevishness, but did not convey Hillary Clinton’s air of confident readiness.   94 more words

Telling A Story

Debate Sketch

Ninety minutes of debate tonight made for a rich opportunity for sketching.

This is a charcoal sketch on multimedia paper. I used Snapseed to strengthen the darks in the background.

Body Language