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Facial Expression and Body Language - part 3

One question that people often ask is: How can I tell if my horse is in pain?

The signals given by a horse in pain will vary depending on the horse and the location and severity of the pain.  317 more words

Understanding Aspbergers syndrome

As someone with the condition I thought I’d use my website as a platform to not only raise awareness of the condition but also aid those who seek to know more about it. 822 more words

Blog Research #7 - Your Mind Shapes What You Are

Source 1 – Read My Hips: Body Language Sometimes Louder Than Expressions

People usually believe that we can judge people by facial expressions. However, the experience shows that it’s hardly to tell if the players are joyous or in despair. 410 more words


Research Blog 6

“Are close friends the Enemy?”

The above article was written by Keith Wilcox and Andrew T. Stephen, as they discuss the impact that social media has on peoples behaviors and self-confidence. 545 more words

Facial Expression and Body Language - part 2

In the following diagrams I will look at each feature in isolation, but this can be misleading.  These comments are therefore just a guideline.  You will need to take the whole face and body into consideration. 331 more words

Final Day of the 'One Week 100 People' Challenge

‘OneWeek 100 People’ (people 86- 90)

‘OneWeek 100 People’ (people 97-100)

‘OneWeek 100 People’ (people 109-110)

‘OneWeek 100 People’ (people 100- 104)

‘OneWeek 100 People’ (people 82- 85) … 305 more words

Telling A Story