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The two videos will actually be presented as opposite each other, so it appears almost as a conversation between herself. As seen in the image below: 560 more words

Video Work

Harry Callahan 'Women lost in thought'

Harry Callahan captured women in the street in thought, I like how he focuses very closely on their faces revealing their intimate thoughts. Although this is technically Street photography, it still relates to my work as it captures human facial expressions. 323 more words

K & D: Engaged!

Meet  Kaitlyn & Dallin, engaged to be married in May 2015

These photos were taken at the Utah State Capitol in Salt Lake City. Spring came early to Utah & the trees lining the entire building were in full bloom. What a beautiful day!

Davis County Photographer

An AK47 and a Banana.



A bloody fingerprint on my credit card made the store clerk hesitate for a moment, but I guess he wanted to finish his shift with a minimum of fuss because he put through the transaction, handed back my card and wished me a good day, all without a single change in facial expression. 1,825 more words


09.01.2015 + RAW BLUE

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Street Style

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Another video development

This was another lighting experiment, I am not pleased with this though. It is too flat compared to the previous video of this subject, although the lighting is balanced more equally across her face. 182 more words

The aim of my work

The aim of my work originally was to portray people reflecting on a past traumatic event, capturing facial expressions which are not usually seen in everyday life. 347 more words

Facial Expression