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"What Ya Lookin' At" -North West

North West is stealing the spotlight once again, this time she’s not crying, but mugging!

Kris Jenner and North West was leaving the airport, both repping her father Kanye West. 65 more words

Kris Jenner


that giggling smile
while you brush aside some hair
makes me melt

that facial expression
when you get really excited about something
makes me melt… 80 more words


Mirroring, Imitating, and Mimicking: How Others See Themselves In You

The dictionary defines a mirror as a reflecting surface, something that gives a minutely faithful representation, image, or idea of something else.

When used in the psychological sense, mirroring is the replication of another individual’s nonverbal signals. 700 more words

Nonverbal Communication

Playing chicken with a motor bike.

So I was at a filming location, the motor bikes were around, and I was going to play a part in a scene in a hero movie. 896 more words


Self Improvement - Assertive Communication

Do you have trouble saying no, even when you really should?

Do you feel like people walk all over you?

Do you have trouble keeping your temper under control? 461 more words


Old drawings

In my previous post I mentioned the facial expression of people as inspiration. Below are a few examples of drawings I made when I was younger…


The Best Times to Use a Neutral Face When Presenting

Facial expressions are non-verbal expressions and non-verbal expressions comprise most of how we communicate with other people. However, there are times, when a neutral facial expression is best used in order to communicate well with your audience especially when presenting. 116 more words