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RBF Gone Wild

So there’s this huge internet phenomenon known as Resting Bitch Face, or, as it’s more commonly known, RBF.  (I apologize if the language offends.  I don’t make the news.)  I actually read an article about it the other day that referred to it as a Generation Y phenom.   638 more words

Please take your turn!

Four of us were playing a slow-moving game with each player agonizing over each move. We had our coping strategies; sketching, crossword puzzles, KenKen puzzles, pointed looks, and so on. 110 more words

Body Language

Focused listening

As I looked ahead, I thought it likely that I would not have enough time on this first day of October to sketch so I posted a sketch I did a few weeks ago just as I was learning to use markers. 105 more words


Because of a giraffe enthusiast

There is so much that I only really notice after someone points it out to me. I have visited the zoo many times but only began to see giraffes when I heard them praised by a fan. 68 more words


Sexy silence

Women speak the language of nonverbal communication.  They pay more attention to facial expressions, body language, vocal tones, and gestures than they do to actual words.  304 more words


Smile, Frown, and 9,998 More!

Sure, every human can put out a smile or frown once in a while.

But did you know that people can actually make 10,000 different facial expressions??! 14 more words


Counting stitches

Counting stitches while knitting in crowd takes concentration. This simple line sketch shows the knitter’s focus with her slight frown, extended lower lip, relaxed body, and the direction of her gaze on her hands.