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After directing four movies, working as assistant director for a film, and serving as judge for several auditions, there is this simple but most important problem faced by many young actors. 583 more words


Hiding a yawn

A friend tried to hide their yawn in school,

What happened to his face made him a small fool.

When you hide a yawn, you kind of have to strain, 147 more words

Peopley Story

I Can't Control My Face

Am I the only one who suffers from not being able to control the emotions shown on my face?

Just like my mouth, often my face is lacking a filter…so when I say one thing my face is telling another! 449 more words

Gif Post

Facial Expression

Christ by Ivan Turgenev

Translated by Isabel Hapgood

I saw myself as a youth, almost a little boy, in a low-ceiled country church. – Slender wax tapers burned like red spots in front of the ancient holy pictures. 276 more words


Facial Expression

The Sphinx By Ivan Turgenev

Translated from The Russian by Isabel Hapgood

Yellowish-grey, friable at the top, firm below, creaking sand … sand without end, no matter in which direction one gazes! 216 more words



The two videos will actually be presented as opposite each other, so it appears almost as a conversation between herself. As seen in the image below: 560 more words

Video Work

Harry Callahan 'Women lost in thought'

Harry Callahan captured women in the street in thought, I like how he focuses very closely on their faces revealing their intimate thoughts. Although this is technically Street photography, it still relates to my work as it captures human facial expressions. 323 more words