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Creepin’ On My Fellow Drivers

I noticed something ridiculous today (besides yet another crusty looking hand towel). On my way home from work I passed several cars going the opposite direction and for whatever reason I looked at the drivers. 182 more words


Sm;)e! - Part 2

Mark Twain popularised a quote from the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the time, Benjamin Disraeli: “there are three kinds of lies – lies, damn lies and statisitics.” Whilst some might suggest that 73.6% of statistics are made up on the spot, stats do show that in courtrooms an apology offered with a smile incurs a lesser penalty than an apology without one. 344 more words

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Tip #2 To Becoming A Powerful Active Listener

Today’s post is part 2 of a three part series on active listening written by Patrick Ewers, an executive coach and founder of Mindmaven.  240 more words


Expression Spotting - Mean Tweets (Part 2) : Disgust

Disgust is a very strong emotion, perhaps one of the strongest emotions you can have towards other people or things. Think about a time when you stuck something awful in you mouth (biltong or perhaps a Jelly Belly) or when you saw two people kissing who appeared to have not eaten anything else that day! 295 more words

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Expression Spotting - Mean Tweets (Part 1) : Contempt

Contempt is… pretty interesting. Revealing and oftentimes not subtle, there are many faces of contempt. Research by John Gottman has indicated that it’s the number one nonverbal cue for a failing relationship, as you put yourself on a higher pedestal than your significant other – so essentially they’re not your ‘significant other’! 231 more words

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Is truth stranger than fiction?

Ever wanted to get an accurate ‘read’ on someone? Maybe even catch them out on a lie? Perhaps you just want to help improve your emotional intelligence? 886 more words

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Migration & Mobiles

Disturbing but not unexpected narratives are circulating about migrants and refugees traveling to Europe, centered on nationalist fears, job losses and worst of all – skepticism about the severity of refugee plights. 316 more words