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Facial expressions.

To be detested by our parents leaves a shadow of sadness in our face, perceived by those we meet.

As knowledge illuminates the mind, so the hatred of the affections dark the mind.

Diary Of Thoughts

How just the right amount of stress can make you feel invincible

Ian Robertson, a neuroscientist and clinical psychologist in Dublin, Ireland, looks calm and collected in all his Youtube talks. But he’s probably a bit stressed out and that’s exactly what makes him a better, more engaging speaker. 541 more words

Positive Micro (2)

In my blog entry dated November 14, 2016, I talked about words that start with “micro”, my favorite being “microadjustment”. I just remembered another important “micro” concept, also of five syllables. 265 more words

 Facial Expression [photography tips]

Hello! Today I wanted to share a few photography tips that I have learned/picked up. I am in NO WAY a professional, I just enjoy taking pictures and wanted to share! 184 more words

Preaching as Public Speaking

True, preaching is a divine task, yet basically it is also a form of public speaking. A true preacher will eventually realise that as much as preaching involves spiritual dynamics, it also certainly includes oratory skills. 1,785 more words


Facial Expressions

Here is a list of facial expressions and some examples of their use in sentences.

References: American Gods

  1. MOUTH: 
    • twisted her mouth wryly, like she was tasting something…
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Facial Expressions and My Lack of Control

There are plenty of things I don’t like about myself, some of which I have the ability to change and others I do not, but I fear one day, that one of these things is going to get me into trouble, and I’m just lucky that it didn’t happen today. 762 more words