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Facial expressions

Research has established the universality of facial expressions of emotion and existence of microexpressions. Emotion is the basis of human motivation and the seat of emotion is in the face. 1,802 more words

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Really Human

Art is everywhere!  I saw this sculpture in an Estate Agent’s window in Copenhagen, and recognised it straight away as one of the ‘character heads’ by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (1736-1783).  192 more words


Tells And A Story

Everyone has a tell or signal that gives away their true emotion in a given moment.  For example, a good friend of mine normally maintains a neutral expression and neutral body language regardless of what he is feeling.   400 more words


Those Puppy Dog Eyes & Other Facial Expressions Your Dog Makes

According to research published in Scientific Reports dogs use facial expressions, but only in the presence of humans and only when the human is paying attention to them! 206 more words


Emotional empathy

Words are the least part of communication. Vocal tone, facial expressions and body language covey the majority. This depends on the person projecting honestly, and the recover being able to detect deception, but also whatever honesty. 79 more words

Sila Expressions

Sila used to be a very outgoing and spunky person. She wasn’t afraid to speak her mind, or follow whatever her heart wanted. However, when she inherited the title of “The Light Giver”from her grandmother, she completely shut down. 45 more words

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Nena Healani Expressions

Facial Expressions for Nena!

Nena is a very bubbly and optimistic person. She tries to see the best in everyone, even though she has been dealt a hard hand at life. 28 more words

Character Work