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Deadline Day

This week was my midterm deadline, I had to have two final prints, six artist research, other prints and my contact sheets. This was for my Portrait Project, i focused more on facial expressions and the way our face can tell so much like how we feel and what we are thinking. 226 more words

Week Six

This week i have been looking at the work of Mike Larremore to help with my Portrait project. I have been working on taking people portraits and looking at the many facial expressions people make throughout the day and different moods they have and the emotions they go through. 128 more words

Week Four

Artist research

As i am continuing with my Representative project I am doing a lot of research along side it to help with my ideas, today i was looking at the work of Tim Flach who is photographer who focuses more on photographing animals. 215 more words

All the world is staged- Group work

All the world is staged is the name of theme three, we got split into groups to do group work for this theme but i wasn’t in when we got put into groups so i had to join a group late where they had actually already done the work, i joined a group with ‘Sam, Jess and Riley’. 197 more words

What does your face say about your state of mind?

    We all know that our face is the stage for our emotions to act. We cry, we smile, we laugh, we grimace..its endless and is a language we all know without being taught. 261 more words


Facial Expressions

I’ve learned the hard way that you need to take time every day to take care of your skin, especially when it comes to your face. 127 more words

Burt's Bees

No Dogs on the Patio Chapter 1

Working Title: No Dogs on the Patio

Each step was made with precision. His shoulders were pulled back and his charcoal suit creased in agreement. He didn’t smile at the others on the sidewalk yet his lips curled upwards just enough to feign the presence of politeness. 2,546 more words