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Finger Puppets

I received this lovely hand puppet as a gift when my little girl was born. I took it out the other day to see how she’d react to it. 374 more words

Tips & Ideas 12 Months+

For the last time, I am not angry

I hate pictures of myself, always have. My Facebook profile pic is a few years old and I am not one to agonize over the perfect selfie to share just because I want to say “Good morning!” to the world. 814 more words


Conveying Intelligence through Facial Expression - What Does Your Face Say about Your IQ

Do you look smart? Does your face send a signal of intelligence?

Can we judge a person’s IQ based off their facial expressions.

Believe it or not – people whom you just meet make a decision on your level of intelligence based off subtle ques in your facial expression. 192 more words

Men Grooming

Chalene Johnson Confidence Webinar- MY NOTES

  1. Release the Label: Don’t say “I’m Shy,” but say “I am formerly shy.”
  2. Understand Your Personality Style: Know the difference between being shy and being an introvert.
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Mr Jinxed rig

Hi everyone !!!

Today we are going to show you how we rigged Mr Jinxed in Autodesk Maya so in other words, how we brought are 3rd character to life ! 125 more words


Horses Smile and Pout Just Like Humans, Study Says

Horse faces share some surprising similarities to human faces, shows a curious new study published in the journal PLOS ONE.

After dissecting a horse head, analyzing its musculature, and scrutinizing 15 hours of horse video footage, a group of researchers managed to map out every possible facial expression a horse could make. 526 more words

The Power of Gestures & Body Language - Part 2

Courtsey of Bing

Another important thing we need to learn to do, is create that all important rapport with our audience. We can accomplish this with the use of gaining eye contact with the audience. 581 more words