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A Remedy For Rushing to Judgment

Before his fall from grace, Bill Crosby was a talented comedian for decades.  One of my favorite stand up acts was his line about having babies.  216 more words


US Culture: Smiling and Cheerfulness

Many international visitors notice how much US citizens smile and how cheerful they appear.  Read more about this observation inWhy Americans Smile So Much… 68 more words

*Culture: ESL Teachers Videos Informing About Heritage Cultures And Languages

Growing up with a Resting Bitch Face

So apparently I have been giving the look up and down since I could open my eyes. Old lady squeezing my baby self’s chubby cheeks? Eye roll. 302 more words

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Impeccable Science: Habits of Expression, Arm Joints and Atheists

Today’s long-overdue impeccable science is drawn from a pleasantly-sized 1832 volume entitled The Youth’s Book on Natural Theology; Illustrated in Familiar Dialogues, With Numerous Engravings.  596 more words

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Character Designs - Facial Expressions

Tried to do some character designs, the guy mightve been inspired by me, the g

irls were mostly of Chel, and a bit of Rihanna, I love them a lot still need to work on my facial expressions and keeping them cinsistent   ;) 24 more words


Why Drama is so Important in School – PART 3 – SOCIAL SKILLS

Part 3 of the 12 part series: Why Drama is so important in School. – SOCIAL SKILLS

In a day and age where we see more and more kids with their noses buried in a phone screen, the social skills naturally generated on the school and play grounds are drifting away.   912 more words

Why Drama?