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Series debut.  Original publish date:  January 1, 2011


What I Think Animals Think - Weekly Photo Challenge

Animals may not speak human languages, but they sure have their own way of communicating. I am not alluding to animal sounds here, but their facial expressions. 189 more words

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Typing is the New Talking

Flash backwards 20 years, long before the creation of apps, cell phones, and tablets. Land lines and paper mail were the main source of communication with friends and family. 426 more words

This Is Why You Should Never Tell A Woman To Smile In Public

Something happened to me yesterday. I tried to brush it off, but as I was going to bed last night it started to irk me again. 889 more words

Sharing: "How Are You Feeling Today?"

Some people are so skilled at feigning their facial expressions that huge, internationally-acclaimed events present them with prestigious awards. Of course, I’m referring to actors! For most of us, facial muscles have predictable movements in response to how we feel.

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