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Stink Eye vs. Evil Eye

I had never really heard of stink eye until someone asked me to write about it. I understood what it was, thinking more of Popeye’s expression than people in every day life using it. 419 more words

Middle School Cartooning Portfolio

The collection here represents what little work I kept following middle school (1995-1997). Cartooning was a class that I loved, along with music, and so here is my version of the class project: Mi… 8 more words

School Work

Nonverbal Communication

Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome back and let’s have a fantastic 2017! Today we started off with a discussion about communication – the act of interacting with people and sharing information with them.  432 more words

A Child's Eyes

I don’t know about you, but I always look people in the eye during a conversation or silence even.  Emotions are displayed through our body language.   570 more words

Body Language

Physiology: A Launch Pad for Personal Transformation

If there is one lesson to take away from the mainstream self help industry- this is probably it.

Tony Robbins- likely the most famous personal development figure of all- is one of the pioneers when it comes to the power of physiology.  2,145 more words

Exasperated in a poised way . . .

Financial Times columnist Lucy Kellaway shares her thoughts on mastering the skill of adopting a suitable facial expression for a meeting. Well worth a read . 9 more words