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Here's why social media is broken.

I don’t have to name names. When I say social media, your favorites come automatically to mind.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that they seem to have malfunctioned.  221 more words

Arguing Online

I see what you mean . . .

Over the course of four decades, research psychologist Paul Ekman successfully demonstrated that the ways in which we express anger, disgust, contempt, fear, surprise, happiness and sadness are both innate and universal. 18 more words

A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Hanumad Prabhaavam # 4 – The Art of "Effective Communication" from the Vedas

In the previous episode we witnessed how Rama and Lakshmana were amazed and taken aback with the way Hanuman had spoken with them for the first time. 705 more words

Spirituality Of India & Corporate Management

50 Shades of Week: Jan. 29- Feb. 4, 2017

‘The feeling of intense joy at sacrifice & action, that you can be a part of shoving the fulcrum of history toward its natural conclusion gives way to a realization that it’s a pendulum swinging back, and no matter how much you put your shoulder into it, you’re too small against this bigger thing. 53 more words

50 Shades Of Commentary

Art Tutorial 10: Facial Expression Basics with Project-X Villain Lady Tarragon

Hello again! Today’s tutorial is about facial expressions with Project-X Villain Lady Tarragon presented by our lead artist Marcos. If you have any questions please leave comments here, contact us here or you may tweet us @essjay_ent. 100 more words


Stink Eye vs. Evil Eye

I had never really heard of stink eye until someone asked me to write about it. I understood what it was, thinking more of Popeye’s expression than people in every day life using it. 419 more words

Middle School Cartooning Portfolio

The collection here represents what little work I kept following middle school (1995-1997). Cartooning was a class that I loved, along with music, and so here is my version of the class project: Mi… 8 more words

School Work