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I have definitely noticed an increase in the presence of stripes in clothes this summer, so I thought I would include some in my drawing ;) I really like how this piece turned out, and I’m just beginning to sculpt it in zBrush. 23 more words

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Autism Research on Detecting Emotions

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More often than not, when people see others yawning, they find themselves yawning as well. This phenomenon is known as social yawning and it involves a deeper set of emotions. 883 more words


Dog People by Ines Opifanti

“Dog People” is an ongoing project by photographer Ines Opifanti where dog owners try to mimic their dogs’ facial expressions. While Ines doesn’t believe in the common folk wisdom claiming dog owners become similar looking to their dogs over the years, she does believe that they become really good at interpreting their pets subtle expressions.

The Hydrant

19 Different Writer Faces #writers #writing

1. Standard Writer Face – a very intense look – darting eyes and the odd facial twitch due to high creativity levels

2. Happy Writer Face… 388 more words


Resting Sick Face

Sorry to have been MIA, Chronic readers! I went out of town and managed to forget every power cord to every electronic device I brought with me- from my electric toothbrush to my computer. 687 more words

VOIS Development Part 2 - Choosing an Audio-based Emotion Recogniser

Been pretty busy since my last post and have:

  • Improved the EigenFace based facial emotion recognition by continually streamlining the facial dataset I use. This has resulted in improved results, although in the future, I think I will still need to move to a FACS (Facial Action Coding System) variant.
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