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Job Interviews And Facial Expressions

When we flex our facial muscles in various combinations and degrees, we produce different expressions, and it’s these expressions that give those who see us clues as to our emotional state. 884 more words

Job Search Advice

Not grouchy. Just old.

I glanced around the meeting room table.

Every one of the women gathered to discuss library business wore a catfish frown.

Catfish can’t help it. It’s simple anatomy, but as a young person I assumed the human face was mobile, and that facial expressions revealed the emotions within. 278 more words

Adrian Fogelin

Frowny. (stop correcting me autocorrect).

D: Are you okay?

Me: *types furiously*

D: Are you okay? You look… pissed off.

Me: That’s my resting face. You should KNOW this by now. 111 more words


#Caricature #Face #Drawing by #Cartoonist Jamaal R. James

So here’s another facial caricature that was completed by me today. So gotta keep working. See yah soon. 16 more words

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Analysis of a speech event

Write about 2500 words including the analysis of one or more speech events in which you identify the significance of some of the language features explored in the module and identified in the portfolio examples. 265 more words

Professor Ergo Face Caricature Drawing by illustrator Jamaal R. James

In this drawing Professor Ergo showed up this morning and he likes to think up concepts while sitting at the beach watching the waves. Enjoy. 24 more words

Creative Arts

Picturing Me

So the new thing in the world of competitive pinball is not telling people the world of competitive pinball exists. That’s the old thing. It goes back to when pinball first started being competitive, which was about ten minutes after the second guy saw someone doing it. 1,023 more words