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New skincare regime

I’m at the point where I am past the makeup obsession and I’m now obsessing about my skin because who am I trying to fool; I am aging slowly and so is my skin! 1,243 more words

Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: NOT for sensitive skin

Think it’s worthy to just mention that I’ve tried out SK-ll’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) lately.

For those with sensitive skin, my advice is to  212 more words


Beauty// SK II Facial Treatment Essence

SK II is definitely one of the brand that I’ve been wanting to try but a little too sceptical to actually buy one. Few years ago, when I first heard about this, it was a little pricey especially for a university student who struggles with buying food in the first place. 335 more words


Facial Essences: The Step You're Missing in Your Skincare Routine

Despite being far more time consuming, the multi-step skincare routine that has filtered across from Asia has proven its superiority to the basic 3-in-1 facial wipe Western method. 312 more words


My Unbiased SK-II Review Is Here! Is All The Obsession Worth It?

To date, there isn’t one girlfriend I know who doesn’t want to try out SK-II at least once in her life simply because of all the aggressive advertising. 1,025 more words

My SK II Experience (Review)

It’s been almost a year I’ve been using SK II. Last March, I’d just emptied my second set of SK II Pitera Essence Set. So in this post, I wanna share my personal and honest opinion about my experience using SK II since June 2014 and my experience testing my skin with SK II Magic Ring Test. 1,603 more words


Original Facial Treatment Essence (Pitera Asli) SK II

Harga 1 botol isi 30 ml Rp 255.000
Harga sample isi 10 ml Rp 85.000

BERLAKU 22 – 30 JULI 2015… 166 more words

Perawatan Wajah (Face Treatment)