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Review SK-II Facial Treatment repair C

Mình thề là series SK-II của mình sắp hết rồi, chỉ còn em này và em mặt nạ 3D Redefining nữa thôi :)). Trừ khi mình dùng thêm sản phẩm SK-II nào khác :”>. 1,583 more words

Review SK-II Facial Treatment Clear Lotion

Hahaa mình có một lời hứa là sẽ review hết tất cả những bạn SK-II mà mình dùng. Lời hứa từ năm ngoái đến giờ vẫn chưa thực hiện xong. 1,462 more words


Review : SKII Facial Treatment Essence | After 3weeks uses

Tak terasa sampai juga di hari terakhir di tahun 2015 ya. Alhamdulillah, semoga tahun 2016 semua cita-cita ,keinginan dan resolusi hidup kita yang belum tercapai segera terwujud di tahun depan. 848 more words


Festive Blogger Party with SK-II & Female Daily

Ada yang berbeda dengan weekend kemarin. Biasanya hari Sabtu saya habiskan menelusuri pantai dengan bertelanjang kaki sambil tendang-tendang pasir dan membiarkan wajah saya bebas make up seharian. 490 more words

Saya, Saya, Dan Saya

Back to Basic: SK-II Facial Treatment Essence

I have been a real SK-II follower at one period of my life. I think that was when I had my fresh grad job. My aunt introduced me to the brand, she bought a set that she didn’t like and gave it to me and I’ve been in love ever since.I like the whole Japanese Skincare philosophy and it’s also one of the brands that make me research deeper into the east way of skincare ritual and philosophy. 499 more words


My first love in Pitera

If you’re gonna spend your money, spend it for your better future

yeahhh! it’s my quote yesterday, today, and forever.

Right, sebelumnya aku sama sekali ga mikirin tentang skin care.

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Pitera at home and in the pocket.

Hi, how are we all doing? I hope we are all well. I am so excited as I am having 3 days off as of today and it will get very busy next week and such. 409 more words

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