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Pitera at home and in the pocket.

Hi, how are we all doing? I hope we are all well. I am so excited as I am having 3 days off as of today and it will get very busy next week and such. 409 more words

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Breaking News: SK II is stocked @ Costco!!!!!

UMMMM Is anyone else as shocked as I am?!!! I was at Costco during my lunch break with my mother and I was like OMG MOM when we came across SK II. 46 more words

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New skincare regime

I’m at the point where I am past the makeup obsession and I’m now obsessing about my skin because who am I trying to fool; I am aging slowly and so is my skin! 1,243 more words

Facial Treatment Essence

SK-II Facial Treatment Essence: NOT for sensitive skin

Think it’s worthy to just mention that I’ve tried out SK-ll’s Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) lately.

For those with sensitive skin, my advice is to  229 more words


Beauty// SK II Facial Treatment Essence

SK II is definitely one of the brand that I’ve been wanting to try but a little too sceptical to actually buy one. Few years ago, when I first heard about this, it was a little pricey especially for a university student who struggles with buying food in the first place. 335 more words


Facial Essences: The Step You're Missing in Your Skincare Routine

Despite being far more time consuming, the multi-step skincare routine that has filtered across from Asia has proven its superiority to the basic 3-in-1 facial wipe Western method. 312 more words


My Unbiased SK-II Review Is Here! Is All The Obsession Worth It?

To date, there isn’t one girlfriend I know who doesn’t want to try out SK-II at least once in her life simply because of all the aggressive advertising. 1,025 more words