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Facilitating design workshops a.k.a. how to plan a Kick-off meeting that doesn't suck

Source: Smashing magazine Becoming A Better Facilitator

Start with

  1. OUTCOMES & GOALS – What is the purpose of the Workshop?
  • Who?
  • What do they already know that they can contribute with?
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Interaction Design

Reality can be hilarious

You know in the Foundation class when your facilitator explains that we can’t receive from anybody we judge?
And not just that – we can’t receive from anybody who is energetically compatible with them… 132 more words

Hoe houd jij jouw cliënten?

Ik word wel eens ik gevraagd hoe ik mijn cliënten houd. Een leuke vraag, ik heb er nooit een antwoord op.

Mijn cliënten? Ik heb geen eens cliënten. 195 more words

3 questions and 4 common pitfalls for facilitator

My university class now shifted its focus from the individual logical thinking skills to finding a solution with a group.
Focusing only on a few tips improved the students’ facilitation skills.


Brook Sport Consulting conduct a successful tutor training course for the UCI in Aigle, Switzerland

Brook Sport Consulting conducted a successful first tutor training course for tutors of Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) commisssaires at the World Governing Body’s cycling centre in Aigle, Switzerland.  118 more words


How do you keep your clients?

When people used to ask me how do I keep my clients I never really knew what to answer.

My clients? I don’t have any clients. 189 more words

Making Business Meetings Productive

Business meetings are often limited to 1 to 2 hours. They need to be tightly controlled to avoid overrunning and to make sure that you make effective use of everyone attending. 1,106 more words