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What do you know?

So a week ago I facilitated a class. Now I have facilitated classes before…
And I love that, so just to do a class already felt awesome. 192 more words

Wat weet jij?

Vorige week faciliteerde ik een Bars class, dat doe ik weleens vaker. :)

Aan het begin van iedere class is er een kort voorstel rondje. 210 more words

Sugar, honey, honey...

Wat ik de laatste tijd duidelijk besef is:

Er zijn mensen die beweren dat ze verandering willen in hun leven, maar zij zijn eigenlijk niet bereid om iemand die hen hierin zou kunnen faciliteren te ontvangen. 67 more words

Sugar, honey, honey...

What I became increasingly aware of last couple of months: There are people who claim to really want to change but won’t allow themselves to receive from anybody who actually could facilitate them to choose what they claim to be asking for. 89 more words

31 Ways Of Earning Online

The expenditure is shooting the sky and surviving merely on a nine to five job not just cuts your other sources of income but also make things mundane and monotonous. 733 more words

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First Day Fall 2016

Class went very well today. We went over the syllabus then played two truths and a lie. I am afraid I may not have explained the game very well. 357 more words


Making my connections as I enter the room.

Someone asked what I did the other day. I told them I do marketing and PR, through social media. However, after talking for a bit something else came to me. 415 more words