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Team Retreats - What's the Point?

I was recently asked to participate in a specialist department’s retreat – I know I know, ‘retreat’ is often a catch-all we use to either shove a tonne of information down unsuspecting employee’s throats or a flowery-feel good waste of time (and often company funds). 259 more words


A Helping Community of Learners

In this age and time, competition is tough. Charles Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” is certainly applied in our day-to-day life. This holds true for schools as well. 332 more words

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10 Things That Lead to One Great Meeting

Here are ten things that you can do to make your meetings more effective.

1) Avoid meetings. Test the importance of a meeting by asking, “What happens without it?” If your answer is, “Nothing,” then don’t call the meeting. 409 more words

Arik Kislin