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Hello everybody! I’m Miguel and I’m the facilitator this week. My role in the group is to divide the work of the task between the group members and also organizing the work itself. 98 more words


Teaching Techies

I was having a conversation with my niece about my blog for education and what I would blog about first. As we were talking she mentioned how it must be difficult to use and teach technology to an era of students (techies) who know more about technology than most of the educators they are encountering everyday. 384 more words



Hi! I´m Patricia, this week facilitator! My role is to divide and organize the work between our group members.

On Monday Linda explained to us the complexity in schools and the different types of complexity. 86 more words

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Hi buddies!

As you all know I am Irene, and yes, you guess, I am the one who have the control this week because I am the facilitator. 60 more words


Being a facilitator is within reach. You Can Be a Facilitator and become respected

Being a facilitator is not the same as being a good speaker. Yes, speaking skills matter for being a facilitator, but there is much more to it. 2,361 more words

Smart City for Migrant Workers Workshop

On Saturday 24 March 2018 I helped out at the “Chiang Mai Smart City for Migrant Workers” workshop. The workshop was organized by Caleb Ling, an American Master’s student from the Department of Geography at the Faculty of Social Sciences, and hosted by Dr.  171 more words


Facilitator: Fifth Week

Hi everyone!

I’m Carmen and I have the power this week.

Along these days every member of this group has worked very hard. Do you know why? 128 more words