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Everyone has a roof over their head...

At some point we all have to call on a roofer. The problem that we all find difficult is knowing who is the best contractor to call? 226 more words

why not ask this question????

I cannot figure this one out, but I’m working on it. Why do so many facility and property managers call and just ask for a roof replacement price? 380 more words

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UK Vacay Part 3: Road rage

One of the things that my husband was most nervous about when travelling to the United Kingdom this summer was having to drive on the other side of the road. 1,195 more words

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UK Vacay Part 1: Stereotypes

I have previously mentioned that my husband is from England, so because of that we recently had the pleasure of traveling to the UK to visit family. 455 more words

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Choices-Choices, But Which One?

So many commercial consumers come to us and ask for the least expensive roofing system. Of course I understand it’s to save money and come in less than the budget. 279 more words

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3 Reasons why Facility Maintenance at your Retail Store must be Flawless in order to Grow your Business

Today I’m going to touch on a seemingly often-overlooked (based on my personal observations) aspect of managing a retail business: facility maintenance.

Facility maintenance refers to addressing and fixing maintenance items, such as changing a light bulb or filling a pothole in the ground. 544 more words


Managing Time Wisely

It seems that life is extremely busy right now.  Whether you work full-time or stay home, have kids or not, it seems like it’s go, go, go, all the time.  980 more words

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