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It’s budget time! You want the best service at the best price – who doesn’t? A janitorial services partner can help optimize your budget to save you time, money and headaches! 557 more words

Facility Maintenance Checklist: Essential Guidelines for Preventive Facility Maintenance

How long has that sandwich been in the fridge? Does the fire alarm even work? Is the lighting adequate? Big or small, these concerns throughout the workplace should not be avoided. 358 more words

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Make Your Property Shine in the Summertime

Do pedestrians and commuters admire your property as they go by or “tsk-tsk” at the poorly-kept exterior? If they avoid looking at your building because of graffiti, grimy windows or overgrown landscaping, you might want to do something about it. 369 more words

Facility Maintenance: Summer Shutdown Edition

Beer, bacon, and… more beer, it’s time to get our priorities in order, quick fast and in a hurry, summer shutdown is right around the corner! 339 more words

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The Value of Day Porters

Your night-cleaning crew is doing a magnificent job and you are proud of them. But who takes care of overflowing wastebaskets or malfunctioning toilets during the day? 291 more words

3rd Party Services: Property Management

We like to describe Holladay Properties as a full-scale land development, design/build and fully-integrated real estate company, as well as one of the largest medical office management firms in the country. 305 more words

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Create an Effective Safety Committee

Encouraging workers to take an interest in the administrative side of their work is not always an easy sell. Many have the mentality of wanting change but having someone else make it happen. 294 more words

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