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Having certainty

Just when we were expecting one thing last Friday at the hospital, it all changed. Having arrived for my “check in” appointment, necessary for the medical team to both see that I was in good condition for treatment and for placing the drug order with the hospital pharmacy, I settled myself down in the FORCE cancer charity’s comfortable lounge for a couple of hours ahead of my first infusion of pembrolizimab. 2,450 more words

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Facing the facts

It’s been three weeks of both good times and nervous waiting for us all. Having friends to visit and to stay has been great and it was a privilege for Catherine and me to visit Belmont Chapel and Isca Church, both in Exeter, over a couple of Sundays and share our story. 1,506 more words

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Weeping Windows

Weeping Windows

A story of hope and facing life and navigating around death….

The window wept as Nia watched through the glass. The low hum of the people surrounding the corridor, outside her room, echoed like a booming missile in the inside. 1,786 more words

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God is Much More Present at the Moment

Death is inevitable, undeniable and the only most certain part that will happen sooner or later in our lives. Our friends, brother, sister, nephew, niece, father, mother, husband, wife and those people whom we feel most dear to our hearts already transcended to another life. 768 more words

Tidbits Of Life

Anticipating heaven. | Janet Perez Eckles

Walking by Faith, Not by Sight

Janet Perez Eckles

Once in a lifetime you meet somebody that prompts you to say, “I want to be just like her.” Let me tell you about Karen. 370 more words


Standing Astonished in the Swirl of Existence

Here’s a paradox, and one that accounts for why any agreeable person would take on such work as preparing a body for burial, or in my case, serving as a hospice chaplain: being present to the dying the dead and the bereaved  has intensified my sense of being alive. 305 more words

Facing Death

Stirred...but not shaken

A good friend of mine from Exeter was away this last weekend, speaking at a church in another corner of the country. As Dave and I were talking then praying together about it last week, we touched on the bible passage he was to be speaking on, one from… 1,104 more words

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