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When a friend dies

My friend Chris Albee will be gone from this life four months the 20th of this month; the tears are streaming down my face right now as I write. 277 more words

John 12 He Went Where? Now?

Setting: Passover is coming up.  In the midst of the impending sacrifice, with all the temple guards and leaders seeking to seize Jesus, Jesus,  in full knowledge of the outcome,  comes to Bethany to dine and spend time with Lazarus, recently risen from the dead. 309 more words


Hobgoblins And Hospice

You would think hospice is scary enough without Halloween decorations in the residence dining room. Some depict skeletons with devilish grins portending what is to become of us all, and others are cartoons of tombstones with R.I.P written on them. 279 more words


With Death as an Advisor, Identity Dissolves

Thought, ideas, dogma, beliefs, identity––this more than anything––keep us trapped in a form. Anything that threatens that form seems like death to thought, to the mind, to the ego. 179 more words


Awesome Stories 337

This week Awesome Stories brings you connections, meaning from death, love, and moving beyond poverty.

You Matter

We have the power to make a difference, by interacting with people in a deeply personal way.

376 more words
Awesome Stories

Dialysis and Faith

After receiving a request from my father to write a short article about dialysis and faith and how they both affect those dealing with kidney disease.  1,854 more words

Feast of Saint Lawrence (10 Aug 2017)

Back in the days when Latin was the working language of the Church there were two phrases that were commonly used in opposition to one another.  402 more words

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