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Memories and Remembrances

The memory is such a powerful thing, with both unfathomable depths and an ability to take us back especially if its connected via an emotion or music to moments in time both precious and painful. 1,490 more words

Past Entries

If I Knew...

If I knew my life might be cut short,
if some dread disease were to sully me
with sudden notice of my soon demise,
would I, in shock, 307 more words


The Ugly Duckling (G-uno)

 I handed “Bette Davis” a hand mirror so she could check out her hair. She pushed my hand away saying that she never looked in the mirror because she was too ugly to look at. 432 more words
Inner Demons

She's Got Bette Davis Eyes (G-uno)

From the moment I entered her room her dark large piercing eyes seemed to look right through me. She’s a tough old bird whose gray hair, and failing lungs were the only thing old about her. 274 more words


What I'm learning about death...

If you had asked me a few years ago what my biggest fear was, I probably would have said, “My parents dying.” Which, if you think about it, is a dreadful “biggest fear” to have considering it will inevitably happen. 827 more words


Meet Mistress K: Fighting Dire with Fire

Just as Clark Kent leads a secret life as Superman, fire-dancer Mistress K also leads a secret life as Carrie, whose special power is keeping people from fates worse than death. 55 more words

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