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1 Samuel- Session 2

This week we checked out probably one of the most well known stories from the Bible- David and Goliath- which is found in 1 Samuel 17. 664 more words

THE CASE OF THE BIG BAD BULLY | 1 Samuel 17:1-54

One of the unfortunate realities of living is this world is the existence of bullies. There are some people, and we all know who they are in our lives, who enjoy pushing others around. 3,035 more words


It's All Heart From Here!

Sometimes we need a coach that is able to see what’s on the inside of us and push us past our own limitations!

Blessings to you,


Facing Giants, Defeat, Stay strong

There was a time I thought that I did everything wrong, in fact I felt that my entire existence was wrong. I felt I wasn’t to be. 332 more words

Facing Fear-Filled Giants

Caught a glance of an enormous four-legged creature lurking my way while on a run down an unfamiliar path the other day.  It was not quite morning, so I am not certain as to the actual dimensions, but, compared to me, this animal may have been of prehistoric proportions. 505 more words


Invite them into the Fold

Another week has gone by and it is time to invite our brothers and sisters to come to Sunday School again. This week’s message is so inspirational, especially when you are facing giants and you feel there is no way out. 23 more words

Facing the Giant Failure --- Like Elijah

Text: I Kings 19:3-4, 9-18

One of the great Old Testament Prophets, Elijah, had to face and defeat the Giant Failure. Perhaps we can learn something from him. 677 more words

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