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Is Love Enough?

In a recent conversation on racism in America, I caught myself telling someone that “loving each other” hasn’t worked out so well for us! I then demanded a strategy for change instead. 766 more words

Facing Race

To the boy who threatened to shoot me last night.

To the boy who threatened to shoot me last night. I’m going to stereotype you right now; and if I’m wrong, I suggest you begin to act different. 1,281 more words

Facing Race

Perspectives on a Juvenile Criminal

This blog is revised and reposted since it was written in 2015

“We love labels. We really do — as a society, I mean. It’s so much easier to understand the world around us if we name it, tie it down, and distance ourselves from the parts we don’t like…” 1,424 more words

Facing Race

Julie, do you ever get angry?

Raw and uncut response to the white boys behind me at a play.

I went to the play, “Monster,” last week. It’s the story of a 16 year old charged with felony murder who was acting as a lookout for a robbery gone wrong. 418 more words

Facing Race