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FACING RACE 2018 - Detroit, MI

It is with great pleasure that I share – as the second post on my new blog/website – the wonderful news that FACING RACE: A NATIONAL CONFERENCE… 570 more words


Everyone has a voice. Not everyone uses it.

I cannot seem to get out of my head the image of the black man laying on his stomach on the ground shielding his face from the pavement by curling his elbow under his head like a sleepy child resting on a school desk. 1,016 more words

Facing Race

Is Love Enough?

In a recent conversation on racism in America, I caught myself telling someone that “loving each other” hasn’t worked out so well for us! I then demanded a strategy for change instead. 766 more words

Facing Race

To the boy who threatened to shoot me last night.

To the boy who threatened to shoot me last night. I’m going to stereotype you right now; and if I’m wrong, I suggest you begin to act different. 1,281 more words

Facing Race