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Fiona looks at me with such a mixture of fealty and hope, I’m struck by how incompletely humane I am, how artificial. Stagehands use gel sheets on concert lights for visual effect, in this vein I colour my thoughts, sliding the idea of appropriate emotion in place. 55 more words


Prizes! Birch Bark Containers.

This is the first post of a group of posts about the prize objects that I made earlier this year for a lucky Young Archaeologists’ Club Branch. 583 more words


Panicky Sheep

Panicky Sheep
Epiphany 26

If I asked you if the fax machine was a relatively new invention, most of you would say “Yes!” The facsimile machine got its name from itself – the “fac simile”. 710 more words

Printing Tutankhamun’s Tomb

Madrid based Factum Arte’s facsimile of the tomb of Tutankhamun, recently installed by Howard Carter’s House at the entrance to the Valley of the King’s on the west bank in Luxor, is a main achievement in the use of high resolution digital recording and the 3D rematerialisation of data in the service of archeology, preservation, and sustainable tourism. 26 more words


make alike {2}

Facsimile. It means to make alike. It’s more than a replica, it’s a reproduction of the Original.

Let’s look at it like a photograph.

The word photograph is derived from the greek words photos (meaning “light”) and graphein (meaning “to draw”). 215 more words