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Print Email Facebook Twitter More Have your say Fact check: Where do Australians get illegal guns?

  • The claim: Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie says most guns used in crime are illegally imported rather than coming from licensed owners.
  • The verdict: ABC Fact Check could find no study or evidence that proved the majority of guns used to commit crimes are illegally imported.
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Fact Check

Fact check: The Coalition's stance on paid parental leave 'double dipping

  • The claim: Prime Minister Tony Abbott says the Coalition announced plans to stop new mothers “double dipping” on paid parental leave before the 2013 election.
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Fact check: Did abolishing negative gearing push up rents?

  • The claim: Treasurer Joe Hockey says abolishing negative gearing could push up rents, because that’s what happened in the 1980s.
  • The verdict: During the period negative gearing was abolished rents notably increased only in Sydney and Perth.
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Fact check: Did the Government inherit the 'worst set of accounts' in history?

  • The claim: Deputy Liberal Leader Julie Bishop says the Abbott Government inherited the worst set of financial accounts in Australia’s history.
  • The verdict: Large borrowings to finance Australia’s participation in World War I and World War II and the impact of the Great Depression led to much higher deficits and levels of debt than any government has experienced since.
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Fact check: Tony Abbott's claim Labor spent like 'drunken sailors' in office is spin

  • The claim: Prime Minister Tony Abbott says growth in spending is lower under the Coalition than it was under Labor.
  • The verdict: Experts say Labor’s one-off stimulus spending to combat the GFC distorts Mr Abbott’s comparison, and opposition in the Senate to proposed spending cuts could change the estimates for the Abbott Government.
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Sorry, Tim Peck, but fracking is risky business

Tim Peck, self-proclaimed objectivist, sent out a tweet today with a hefty accusation:

The article in question is titled “Asheville film screening warns about fracking threats… 641 more words


Modi's claims about Jan Dhan Yojana are, shall we say, exaggerated

Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed full credit for bringing financial inclusion to the people India in his 25 May 2015 speech in Mathura.

We opened bank accounts for the poor.

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Narendra Modi