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Still Using Snopes To Fact Check? PLEASE Just Say Nope to Snopes! β€” Absolute Truth from the Word of God

****This is a reprint of an article I wrote over a year ago. I will probably be put in FB jail again – the first time I shared this I was in jail after just 3 shares!

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Fake News

Fact Checking Social Media

It is an interesting time in society right now. There seems to be a lot of debate on both sides about many issues and this often ends in a mud slinging match. 428 more words

Hardik Pandya: Latest Victim to Fake Tweet

A lot of revelations are being made by some or the other intelligence firms about how there are fake accounts which publish and spread fake news and messages. 245 more words

Fake News

Aaj Tak, ABP give false news on RS Bypolls

Breaking the news is a risky business. News breaking is in conflict with fact checking. The pressure of breaking the news is so much so that it leaves no time for basic fact checking with the involved official sources. 304 more words


Really Wikipedia say it ain't so YT

Oh I am going to have so much fun with this one, you just don’t even have a clue Youtube you may want to watch this video for yourselves. 37 more words


McLuhan Forum emphasizes on fake news

By MIKKO OCHAVE | 16 March 2018

β€œThe biggest enemy of fake news is the responsible reader.”

This was the resounding idea during the recently concluded Marshall McLuhan Forum last March 16 at the University of the Philippines Baguio. 274 more words

University Of The Philippines Baguio

Lingao talks about social media accountability

By JOSE LORENZO BASCO | 16 March 2018

Ed Lingao spoke before Baguio City students during the 2018 Marshall McLuhan forum last March 16.

Lingao was awarded the McLuhan fellowship in investigative journalism in 2010. 207 more words

University Of The Philippines Baguio