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Fact check: Health Bracelets

   Bracelets are worn all over the world for many reasons. Some wear it as part of their identity while others wear it for a sense of belonging… 172 more words

Fact Checkers Make Fake News Look Honest

Fact checkers routinely make methodological flaws and look ideologically biased. This alienates readers from the mainstream media, helping the rise of fake news.

  1.  Fact checkers routinely commit methodological errors.
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FACT CHECK: POTUS’ ‘Sweden Incident’ sparks CBN Trump apologists to cite fake statistics from Islamophobic blog

Donald Trump’s most recent public gaff at a rally in Melbourne, Florida has generated a chain reaction among his “friendly reporters.”[1] Among those anti-“MSM” publications viewed as a favorite of the president’s is the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), demonstrated by Trump choosing a CBN Chief Political Correspondent David Brody as one of only two—both conservative leaning news outlets—to be called on during the February 15th Netanyahu press conference. 1,124 more words

Culture Wars

Media Should Reduce Fact Checking

When we sit down to view or read the news we expect and rely on a credible source of information. In reading or viewing it is up to us to determine if more information is warranted. 432 more words


Are we desensitized ?

As I watch the news and read social media I sit and wonder where in the hell are these people getting their information from.  It all seems so made up or just blown out of proportion.   108 more words

Fact Checks and Balances

I’d like to talk for a minute about Milo Yiannopoulos. Not because he especially deserves my attention but, because of his comments when he was brought onto Bill Maher do deserve attention for one reason and… 786 more words

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