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PolitiFact rolls out new feature for 2015: fact-checking the future (Marco Rubio's predictions at least)

Here’s a new feature PolitiFact is apparently rolling out for the 2016 campaign cycle: the fact-checking of predictions, or at least those made by GOP candidates. 429 more words


Look at the Sky

Look at the sky.

Tell me what you see.

Growing up, my parents celebrated the Solstices and Equinoxes rather than Hallmark Card holidays. Their motivations were practical. 687 more words


How Are You Doing This Tax Season?

Frank Manzo IV is the Policy Director of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI). Visit ILEPI at www.illinoisepi.org or follow ILEPI on Twitter @illinoisEPI.

How are you doing this tax season, fellow Illinois resident? 208 more words

Snapple's "Real Facts"

This is probably going to seem dumb, but it was quite a shock when I found out that a lot of Snapple’s “Real Facts” are not actually facts. 124 more words


(VIDEO) White House Can't Explain Difference Between Indiana Law and One Obama Backed

This is also a great time to read the following article, which proves something I’ve seen among fact checkers, especially PolitFact. I have noticed their tendency to try as hard as possible to find republicans as being untruthful, they twist the meaning of words and interpret what a Republican said in ways that lead them to find some way in which they can avoid giving them a truthful rating, with a scrutiny that Democrats are not treated during fact checks. 104 more words


'Tweeting her ire’: Amanda Carpenter shreds WaPo's Ted Cruz 'fact check'

During a speech yesterday to the International Association of Fire Fighters legislative conference, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out that the IRS tax code contains more words than there are in the Bible. 491 more words

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