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Fact Check vs. Media Blackout: Obama Iran Deal, Illegal Alien Crime, Trump and McCain

Can you trust the mainstream media?

The news media has a responsibility to do its best to report accurately and fairly. ~Sheryl Attkinsson

Note: The media has become increasingly unreliable in reporting the truth.

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Nothing But the Truth

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Most of us over the age of seven have heard this adage and, for the most part, take it seriously. 238 more words

do white lives matter?

Not according to Todd Starnes in his latest rant on Fox Nation. Two weeks ago, Kate Steinle was tragically shot and killed by an illegal alien in San Francisco. 217 more words

Todd Starnes

Fact-checking workshop at CUNY on August 2

Just announced!

I’ll be teaching a class about fact-checking at CUNY’s Graduate School of Journalism on August 2. More information and registration are here.

Fact Checking

what is the starnes watch

I am starting this blog in an effort to bring more attention to, in a hopefully articulate and easy to understand way, the inaccuracy and at times outrageousness of the view points expressed by Fox News contributor Todd Starnes. 171 more words

Todd Starnes

Only Remarkable White Papers Allowed!

Have you ever been invited to download a free white paper or whitepaper? I have downloaded quite a few over time and were always pleased that most of them were well-written, attractively presented and were chocked full of valuable content.  303 more words

Writing 7 Types Of Online Content