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'Tweeting her ire’: Amanda Carpenter shreds WaPo's Ted Cruz 'fact check'

During a speech yesterday to the International Association of Fire Fighters legislative conference, Sen. Ted Cruz pointed out that the IRS tax code contains more words than there are in the Bible. 491 more words

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Illinois Added the Fourth-Most Jobs in 2014

Frank Manzo IV is the Policy Director of the Illinois Economic Policy Institute (ILEPI). Visit ILEPI at www.illinoisepi.org or follow ILEPI on Twitter @illinoisEPI.

Illinois added the fourth-most jobs and saw the largest unemployment rate decline in America last year, according to new data from the U.S. 477 more words

UNsanitary Links: Gun Control, A Fact Check Sheet

Here is an interesting link seeking to fact check some basic statements about gun control.


F.Y.I.- These stats actually track with the ones I put up around the Connecticut shooting. 155 more words

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Debunking the Debunker: The Truth About Racialized Police Violence

(Ethan Corey)– Like many students, my initial response to reading Robert Lucido’s recent series of columns in The Student was to roll my eyes and laugh. 1,638 more words

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Paging WaPo! Al Sharpton heads to the White House -- again. Question: Will he pay past due taxes?

And here we go again:

Just arrived at the White House to join 14 civil rights and religious leaders in a meeting with President Obama and some of his cabinet.

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Please Don’t Ask Me to Forward to 25 People!*

Over the years I have received many “urgent” email notices: “Microsoft was going to send everyone a big check,” “a girl was dying, but if I send five dollars she can be saved,” “mice are urinating on soft drink cans,” and any number chain letters of virus hoaxes and bogus stories of ignored heroism and patriotism based on some official’s malfeasance of which I should be aware. 660 more words

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