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Fact-checking Network World

I don’t know if you’ve seen this piece from Network World titled What the IoT Industry Can Learn from Apple’s Revival of the Mac. I’m sure the author has some great points to make, but those points are baseless when rooted in blatant misinformation. 466 more words


San Juan Mayor Wasn't Impeached - FactCheck.org

Q: Has Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, been impeached?

A: No. That claim was made by a self-described “satirical publication.”

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Trump mislabels Obamacare subsidy as gift to insurers | PolitiFact

The current sword hanging over the Obamacare health insurance markets is the future of one of the subsidies in the system. It’s called cost-sharing reduction and it cushions lower-income people from out-of-pocket costs when they see a doctor.

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Trump Exaggerates 'Small Business' Tax Cuts - FactCheck.org

President Donald Trump exaggerates when he describes a reduction in the top marginal rate for pass-through business income as a boost to small businesses and truckers.

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Fact-checking Trump and his team on taxes | PolitiFact

Our partners at E.W. Scripps recently interviewed President Donald Trump and members of his administration about the tax plan Trump is supporting.

Here are the facts behind some of their comments.

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Facebook Manager: Fact Checking Fake News Works, Just Too Slowly

MENLO PARK (AP) — Facebook’s effort to limit the spread of fake news using outside fact-checkers appears to be having an effect — though that finding comes with a major caveat. 120 more words