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Mao's contended legacy grappling Modern China today.

A pivotal figure at the forefront of Modern China’s formation, Mao Zedong’s revolutionary impact on the world continues to be a source of controversy today. Mao’s legacy on the world’s third largest nation still runs through the heartbeat of the highlands and far-stretching Western states of the country. 750 more words

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Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl is not only the most formidable in appearance of all owls, but it is also the most powerful.

The great gray owl and the snowy owl may appear larger, but the great horned owl exceeds them in courage, weight, and strength.

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Confabulate - Friday's Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day on Dictionary.com, Confabulate, is an interesting word for our times. Basically, it means to talk casually, converse or chat. It originated in 1610’s, from  490 more words


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We've all confabulated at times, some more than others. There are scary confabulators though. I think you all know who I mean. Thanks to Kat for this wonderful Word of the day.

Making the Grade: AFC Receiving Corps

FFF’s Making The Grade now sets its sights on wide receivers and tight ends. As the preseason marches on, injuries unfortunately also play a factor on top of depth, versatility, and future outlook. 2,694 more words


The Weigh In

Fact: A teaspoon-full of a neutron star would weigh the same as Mount Everest.

Mount Everest is a heavy mountain: rough estimates place its mass at around 10 trillion kilos. 340 more words


Barcelona Heartache.

Just over two months ago I was strolling downing La Rambla in Barcelona with new friends, a new phone thanks to some pesky pick pockets, and a spring in my step, taking pictures of every little detail that filled the busy mall. 239 more words

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Great Horned Owl

The great horned owl’s toes and talons lock round limbs and hold the bird firmly to sleep.

In the great horned owl, the extensor (fused) tendons of the leg, which retract the toes and clinch the claws, pass through a groove in the tarso-metatarsus and then into and through a hole in the bone, as a rope passes through a pulley-block.

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