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poetry: hair alight in spines - october 22, 2016

something calls in the night, sharp and sweet, like candied ginger ought to be. there’s a wet heavy heat on the back of my neck… 52 more words

Logan Bright

Evolving Mobilities

The concept of mobilities has been an issue which has been discussed for some time in the pages of interdisciplinary journals such as Environment and Planning, … 1,147 more words

97% engineering graduates cannot speak English fluently: Survey

Aug 08, 2015,India

In India, around 600,000 engineers graduate annually from various colleges; while some of them chose the profession because of their engineering passion, some of them were pressurized from their parents. 493 more words


Whose Fantasy Is It?

So. Who’s fantasy is correct? At a time when the culture has never been so diametrically exploded apart while remaining structurally complex no one can seem to abide the fact of another opinion without being at a flashpoint of emotions. 831 more words

Social Commentary

Mr Sandman

Fact: You could kill someone in your sleep.

For most of us, dreams are just dreams.But for those with REM Sleep Behaviour Disorder (RBD), they can be much more real. 155 more words


About Owls: Fun Fact No. 15

Wow, big apologies for slacking off on my monthly owl facts series. The last one was posted back in February so I am very sorry for neglecting these fun installments. 90 more words


a poor child's manna

Why is it
food fit for your garbage bin
should be a poor child’s manna?

cans crushed and dented
as if they had once been… 298 more words