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Who's got diversity?

WELL, AIN’T THIS a first-class hoot?

I’m talking about the declared presidential candidates. The Democrats have the old, white, filthy-rich One-Percenter, dinosaur Hillary Clinton and the socialist Bernie Sanders, an old white guy. 39 more words


love is needing someone

Love is needing someone, who accepts you completely.
Love is needing someone, who somehow completes you.
It’s that someone, to whom and for whom your love would be everlasting.

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Doge Loredan

… Not a name or a painting that us, non art educated, folks come across often but well…
Did you know…?


Check out our Twitter Galleries in Storify

In April and May we launched two exciting Twitter galleries, Cities in Dialogue and Brian Mackern’s This Too Shall Pass.¬†

Now, you have the chance to see the images again, check out all the fuss we caused online and learn more about these great artworks! 43 more words

Latamcyber Project

Assignment 1

I have just started (this very morning) a free 8-week Open University course in creative writing.
I’m brimming with excitment! Here is my first assignment: 162 more words

LBJ's Hit List

In 1984, Billy Sol Estes, a business associate and financier of LBJ’s who was involved in a number of illegal deals involving cotton allotments in the late 1950’s (some say this was the money used to help LBJ finance his campaigns), sent a letter to the Attorney General accusing Lyndon Johnson of eight murders. 587 more words


History of Albion's Name

Albion received it’s name after a game of euchre. Two men played for the name “Albion” and two men played for the name “Manchester.”