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#430 Real Facts

Know the real facts before you criticize, judge or comment on something or someone.

Brigard Fact #77

Much of Brigard’s supply of grains comes from the southern farmlands. Some of the most commonly grown grains are barley, oats, and corn, along with a crop unique to the area known as Ranedil; a small grain with a very strong flavor somewhat comparable to buckwheat. 23 more words


Now you know Friday

Mississippi didn’t ratify the 13th Amendment, abolishing slavery, until 2013.


Conversation of Futures

Looking into the future of the beyonds yet to be seen
Gazing and peering into the fantasies of a near reality
With sad eyes scarred by sad truths… 39 more words

Facts And Opinions.


Today, like many days, is a simple topic, yet a very crucial concept.  Do you know the difference between a fact and an opinion?  That question may seem a bit too easy, but the issue is that so many people today choose to listen to other people’s opinions and take them as facts.   170 more words