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Ocellated Turkey

The ocellated turkey is omnivorous and feeds on the ground, taking grass, seeds, leaves, fruits, succulent vegetables, insects, and corn where available.

Sources: (BirdLife International, 2016), (del Hoyo, Collar, Christie, Elliott, & Fishpool, 2014), (Weyer, 1983)
Image: Amaury Laporte


A Story to be Told: Nico or Nolan?

Nico Hischier is from Naters, Switzerland. Nolan Patrick is from Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Prior to June 23rd these two had little in common aside from being top NHL prospects. 822 more words


Finals Recap and What This Means for LeBron James and The Cleveland Cavaliers?

The 2016-17 NBA Season wrapped up on Monday, June 12, 2017, where the world witnessed the Golden State Warriors defeat the Cleveland Cavaliers in five games. 841 more words


Frozen shoulder: fact or fiction?

A great blog post on the BodyinMind blog on the above topic. This is a follow-up post to a systematic review that the authors carried out specifically on the natural history of frozen shoulder. 60 more words

Fact 5: The oldest cat recorded lived to be 38 years and 3 days old.

The oldest cat recorded lived to be 38 years and 3 days old. Her name was Creme puff and she died in 2005. Her owner, Jake Perry, was also the owner of Granpa Rex Allen another cat who held the record previously. 79 more words


Ocellated Turkey

Ocellated turkey numbers were perceived to have crashed in a large forest area in Belize where they were previously common. As hunting pressure in the area did not seem sufficient to explain their loss, there was speculation that one or another chicken-born diseases may have been introduced into the population by domestic poultry.

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FACT: HAN SOLO Stand-Alone Movie Changes Release Dates

Fact! Sources –FACTUAL sources- tell me that, FACT, the Han Solo stand-alone movie –and this is a FACT- will move to 3 August, 2018 to give Ron Kasdan time to finish the movie Lord & Miller couldn’t because –FACT- they suck. 17 more words