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The protein-obsessed-era

For a Danish version: Proteiner

I am really new to veganism, but I already get a lot of questions about what I eat. And one very common question is: … 1,589 more words


The tunnel

I used to be scared to go through this tunnel. That’s because of the completely creepy tunnel I went through every day (often alone) when I was growing up (which I included in my book, … 97 more words

Things feel different...

I really don’t know what it is and it’s only a week into being official; though we’ve been dating for 2 months or thereabouts. Am I freaking out about nothing? 186 more words


3 Ways to Deal When Your Friends are the Ones Making You Spend Money

(Source: blog.moneysmart.sg)

Despite the high cost of living, the only Singaporeans you’re likely to hear openly encouraging each other to save money are aunties at FairPrice. 943 more words

Money Matters


The free local newspaper-on-the-driveway didn’t cover this, so I will. When my suburb-city had its State of the City address this year, the new mayor (whom I mostly like, 122 more words

Tree Facts

Across the world more and more trees are being destroyed to clear land and also to use as materials. People really underestimate the greatness of trees and so here’s some facts! 147 more words

Penny Pleasure

If you’re a dedicated industrialist, you end up being a Market Maven as well since raw material must be obtained (often via market purchase) and finished product sold (often via market sale).  550 more words