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Fact and joke of the week

Good evening to you all,

I hope Monday has went by quickly for you and you’re now on a high, tomorrow is Tuesday!

Ahh Monday’s aren’t so bad, whatever we put into life is what we’ll get out, a positive attitude makes things a lot easier! 69 more words


Non-Empirical Proof

Honest truth transcends

fact, fiction, data, and myth

favoring meaning


Righteous Benders

Monday, July 6, 2015.

Luke 20:20
Water and fire benders are inferior to the righteous bender.

Lesson: A terrible wind is blowing in the ocean of the Church, and that wind is hypocrisy. 207 more words

The Power Of Massage - The Different Kinds Of Massage And How They Are Performed

There is power in massage. In fact it has long been known and practiced for its therapeutic effects. It has always been administered to patients to fully recover from their current sick state. 7 more words

The Truth About Dental Floss 

let us start this blog by an interesting fact which is if you don’t floss your teeth don’t even bother brushing them , Basically because everything in the world has 4 surfaces like the tooth we have 4 faces imagine it like 4 walls your brush reaches only 2 walls and this is not enough the floss cleans the other two walls from now on start learning how to Floos and do it !!! 112 more words


The Upharsin Deadline

Sunday, July 5, 2015.

Daniel 5
Justice delayed is justice denied. -Common Saying

Lesson: Many attend cases in the court of law only to hear the case adjourned again, even with the (maybe terrible) degree of crime committed. 232 more words

101 Eye Facts

1. Eyes are thought to have first developed in animals, in a very basic form, around 550 million years ago.
2. The world’s most common eye colour is brown. 1,357 more words