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Fake news: Tips on how to distinguish it from the real thing

Teachers from elementary school through college are instructing students on how to decipher fact from fiction when it comes to online news, after an election season that saw made-up stories abound.  238 more words


Not so Facty

It is interesting to watch liberal pundits disguise themselves as Truth Detectors. Two of my favorites are Snopes and FactCheck.org. Each uses the finest of nuance to push an article and associated title to fit their narrative.   737 more words


Trump falsely claims he won the popular vote, his Electoral College victory was a landslide, and there is widespread voter fraud in the United States

In order to appreciate the extent to which Trump and his administration remain obsessed with his victory, we have to go back to October of 2016. 877 more words

Better not to shotgun a response

When you flush out a covey of quail, don’t shoot into the covey. Instead, pick out and select one bird to bring down!

Good advice from a quail-hunter.   526 more words


Trump retains “King of Whoppers" award

FactCheck.org has declared Donald Trump “King of Whoppers” for the second straight year. Read about this rare distinction in “The Whoppers of 2016.” 114 more words


Facebook fights back Fake News

Facebook rolled out its new tools today to help prevent misinformation and combat fake news. The tools will help make it easier to report fake news shared in the News Feed. 215 more words

ABC News

I have watched and listened to the republican President-Elect Donald Trump on the campaign trail as he continues to convince his followers over and over again of his commitment to them, with phrases like “We will put our workers back to work in this country, not peoples from other lands.” And he declares this so convincingly to his zealous followers as he continues to hire all foreign workers to be the cooks, waitresses, cleaning crews, etc. 1,223 more words