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Fact Checking FactCheck.org

It’s time to fact check FactCheck.org.

I have a friend who, in the wake of the diabolically disgusting news of the things Planned Parenthood is up to, has shared numerous pro-life articles on his Facebook wall.  852 more words

Fact-checking, Skepticism, and Keeping Ahead of Computers

The origin of the word “debunking” came up in this space recently, and today I’m interested in debunking a myth about one of the best debunkers around, Snopes.com. 687 more words


Examining facts of The Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program

Parts of the political spectrum devoted to everything anti-immigrant have been feverishly misleading the public about the Central American Minors Refugee/Parole Program, announced by the federal government in November 2014. 687 more words


Michele Bachmann inspired Factcheck.org to discredit lies about science

Four years ago, Michele Bachmann slammed Rick Perry—then the governor of Texas—for his executive order mandating HPV vaccinations. “I’m a mom of three children,” Bachmann said during a GOP presidential debate.

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The Science version of FactCheck!

From the people who brought you FactCheck (you know, for when you want to double check the validity of what politicians are saying), they now bring you… 54 more words


New fact checking websites of interest to skeptics

Over at the INSIGHT blog on Monday, I wrote about how newsrooms and journalism non-profits are increasingly building tools that are of use to skeptics. This is happening because the rise of viral misinformation (driven by social media) has made fact-checking and debunking a key need for journalists. 678 more words