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180 Days: Day 151--Lessons of Credibility, Reliability, & a John Birch Blogger

I’ve been working slowly this week with my sophomores on how to determine whether a source is credible and reliable as we learn step by step how to conduct research. 446 more words

FactCheck.org & Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania

Facts on latest school shooting in the United States at


I’ve been thinking a lot about fact checking the last days. A friend on facebook noted there were smart people working on Apps that would fact check what we are viewing on our screens in real time, as we are viewing it. 60 more words

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Interview with Dave Levitan

Interview with Dave Levitan

       This past Saturday, I had the privilege of moderating a Q&A session with author Dave Levitan at the 15th annual Collingswood Book Festival… 1,434 more words

The Value of the Fact Check

As blogging and creating online content has become a thing over the past 15 years or so, it can be argued that the quality and truthfulness of blogging and posting in general has been on a steep decline for just as long. 488 more words

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How much of what Trump says is true?

All politicians lie.
All politicians lie.
All politicians lie.

Ok, I said it 3 times, just so you remember.    Other officials lie too.   The White House Press Secretary, the leaders in Congress,  news commentators, of which there way too many these days, candidates running for office, both Republicans and Democrats – they are all  liars. 532 more words

Trump Lies