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Trump retains “King of Whoppers" award

FactCheck.org has declared Donald Trump “King of Whoppers” for the second straight year. Read about this rare distinction in “The Whoppers of 2016.” 114 more words


Facebook fights back Fake News

Facebook rolled out its new tools today to help prevent misinformation and combat fake news. The tools will help make it easier to report fake news shared in the News Feed. 215 more words

ABC News

I have watched and listened to the republican President-Elect Donald Trump on the campaign trail as he continues to convince his followers over and over again of his commitment to them, with phrases like “We will put our workers back to work in this country, not peoples from other lands.” And he declares this so convincingly to his zealous followers as he continues to hire all foreign workers to be the cooks, waitresses, cleaning crews, etc. 1,223 more words


Setting the record straight: Clinton’s 1975 Rape Case

(ks): Lately I’ve seen so many Trump supporters post (mis)information about a rape case from 1975 in which Hillary Clinton volunteered to defend the rapist..  Here are the facts: 948 more words
U.S. Politics

Dear Millennials, Hillary Rodham Clinton was part of the feminist movement in the 1970’s when there was a lot of resistance to women pursuing careers previously considered to be the domain of White men. 1,085 more words


Fact Checking

I won’t pontificate on my views form last night’s first presidential debate. I don’t care what side you’re on, but I encourage you to check the facts of not just the presidential nominees, but also your local politicians as we approach election day.   220 more words

Allegations regarding Hillary Clinton’s health problems has been winding its way through the right wing websites until Sean Hannity of FOX TV devoted an entire evening to giving this concocted tale any credibility. 1,283 more words


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