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Daily Tip #6: The Value of the Fact Check

As blogging and creating online content has become a thing over the past 15 years or so, it can be argued that the quality and truthfulness of blogging and posting in general has been on a steep decline for just as long. 488 more words

Daily Tips

How much of what Trump says is true?

All politicians lie.
All politicians lie.
All politicians lie.

Ok, I said it 3 times, just so you remember.    Other officials lie too.   The White House Press Secretary, the leaders in Congress,  news commentators, of which there way too many these days, candidates running for office, both Republicans and Democrats – they are all  liars. 532 more words

News Media

Wow…no words. I have no words for the receding nature of American global leadership. President Trump embarked on a world tour where he signed an agreement for… 1,167 more words


The Plague known as "Fake News"

If any of you have been conscious during the last, oh shall we say 6 months, you are aware in some way of the 2016 Presidential election, our current President and his adventures in office, and the conflict between different news sources that sounds like the neighbors in 7B arguing again even though you’ve made them aware that you can hear them and they know that the arguments that they have are over stupid, trival things. 829 more words


This is a repeat of an earlier work. Hillary Clinton is attempting to reemerge back into the fray. I want to challenge the right’s “fake news” campaign against her for over 30 years. 1,117 more words


100 Days of Whoppers - FactCheck.org

Donald Trump, the candidate we dubbed the ‘King of Whoppers’ in 2015, has held true to form as president.

And he has adamantly refused to admit error, sometimes piling new falsehoods upon old.

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Today, it is a sad fact of life in the USA, that Americans are living in a national reality show where the republican President Donald Trump has a habit of reporting/ tweeting on his beliefs which frequently have no basis in fact. 1,258 more words