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Something fine for being long over due...

You’d think, having taken almost two years to reclaim my website password from the guardians of the internet, that I’d have made more effort to update said website… 98 more words

Fracture of Biel-Tan – Ynnari Faction

There are a lot of rules in the back of this book, and I must admit I feel a wee bit less put upon for having bought it. 1,666 more words


Quickscell, Inc (corporation)

Quickscell, Inc (Quik)

Main Plant Locations: Port Royal (Kalidasa), Gordon (Oliver), Richvale (LA), Ares (CC), Layover (FS)
CEO: Josef Kenworth, Sean Veranov (FWL) 190 more words


Kali-Yama Weapons (corporation)

Kali-Yama Weapons Industries Incorporated (KYamIn)

Main Plant Locations: Westport (Kalidasa), Lakeland (Kendall)
CEO: Alison Ryce-O’Neil
Kali-Yama Kalidasa: Hunchback, Orion, Trebuchet and Wasp BattleMechs… 305 more words


Gwent -- Beta Testing

I have a confession.  Despite being such an avid gamer, I have never played The Witcher 3.  Hopefully some of you haven’t lost all respect for me and will continue reading. 1,394 more words

Playstation 4

The Swordlords

Bandits from the River Kingdoms and Issia nearly spelled the end of the Taldan colony of Rostland in its early years. Sirian First’s reputation as a duelist drew the attention of a bandit chieftain, who offered the baron a wager: half his fortune against the bandit leader’s head, if he could best him in a duel. 1,097 more words


THE SAVAGE PEACE: I. Civil War [part ii]

*This is the second part (of three) of the first section of “The Savage Peace”. The introduction can be found here. Part one of this section, Civil War, can be found… 9,795 more words