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Labour First complain about 'factionalism' - while teaching it. LOTO may attend

Labour First (LF) complains often about ‘factionalism’. It’s a feature of some of the newsletters it sends to the denizens of whatever under-realm likes its thinking – and of course those hardy souls who can stomach it and want to keep informed. 406 more words

We teased it earlier with the Candide, Henry Sildaru segment but this movie deserves its own post.

I just got done watching the whole thing after a busy day (*Russians got… 70 more words


Before you check out the enitre film, you gotta see this… Candide Thovex passing the torch to Henry Sildaru is a legendary segment. Drop what you’re doing and watch this. 71 more words


Living The Good Old Days

“Hey, Mom?” my son said casually as he attached a Lego palm frond to a multi-colored Lego wall he was building on the coffee table as I ironed pertinent clothing near him and my husband raged in front of a Sunday sports event on the wall mounted TV. 151 more words


Demon Slayers

Demon Slayers

The demon slayers are a group which was first founded only by those wielding the power of a demon to slay a demon. Their first great leader was the legendary swordsmen, the first demonblade, Camilla. 261 more words

Destiny 2 Players: Maybe Don't Pledge Dead Orbit Today

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If you play Destiny 2, you have a choice in this week’s Faction Rally. You can pledge New Monarchy or Future War Cult. 427 more words