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Brief Introduction

My name is Joey Allegra. In May, I graduated from Ithaca College with a degree in Marketing. While there, I also picked up a minor in English. 203 more words


News from Niantic Labs

News from Niantic Labs / Noticias por parte de Niantic Labs

(think well what to do / piensa bien lo que debes hacer) 577 more words


Boko Haram Group Begs President Buhari For Peace Talks!!! (Must Read) #NekxFresh

President Muhammadu Buhari has been
approached by a faction, as it named itself, of the deadly Boko Haram sect, seeking peace negotiations with Nigeria’s government. 217 more words

Grey's Diary (The Boring Life of Mr Grey): Day 23

I finally found my life back. The feeling is great. I am feeling myself again and there is nothing more awesome than this. Don’t think too far; I haven’t been previously kidnapped, but I was lost in a world of my own and could not find myself because I had made the gravest mistake any artist could make…ever: forgiving the very anger that fuels his art. 1,116 more words


Dear Wen XXXVI

Dear Wen…

If you are referring to the comments made at Brimham Rocks, then you need to check your sources, the correct quotation I believe is, ‘You are becoming a ‘Fluff-Bunny’ which I stand by whole-heartedly, still, ‘Fluff-Bunny‘ is infinitely preferable to bleeding all over sacred texts… albeit reassuring to know that the particular tome in question goes with you everywhere as indeed should be the case for an industrious Little Grub like your good self. 289 more words

Stuart France And Sue Vincent