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Old Is New(ish)


by Jeff Glovsky

Several decades ago— before our Facebook, cut and paste, “open-source” world — there were older siblings … also scribbling … pos(t)ing dreamily, into Barnes & Noble “journals” the size of granny panties, or contributing to… 211 more words

Jeff Glovsky

Civ V factions: The Aztecs

The Aztecs are an aggressive faction in Civ 5. They performs best in jungle terrain and have bonuses designed to keep them in the fight for longer. 426 more words

Computer Games

Insurgent by Veronica Roth

Insurgent brings the second instalment of the Divergent trilogy. We return to the futuristic Chicago, where the factions’ differences are becoming apparent and a war is on the horizon.  284 more words


Star trek casandra

Star trek casandra episode 10
“Pax romana”
Previously on star trek casandra.
During hightened tension between the united federation of planets and the klingon empire,freighter captain marea bolt joins star fleet and is given command of frigate casandra baised on knowledge of Klingon and Klingon space. 546 more words

Star Trek

Deadzone Forge Fathers

Work In Progress shot of Deadzone Forge Father Faction


Mortal Kombat X: Faction Modes

MKX is shaping up to be a huge fighting game community leader. Check out faction mode to see why.

_ Faction mode, as explained, will be about the meta game of Mortal Kombat. 260 more words


Choosing Ceremony

Now that you have reflected on your aptitude test results, which faction will you choose?

  • Abnegation (selflessness)
  • Amity (love and peace)
  • Candor (honesty)
  • Dauntless (bravery)
  • 7 more words