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Video: Here's Some Information About The Lost Kid Icarus Wii Game

You may remember that quite a few year’s back a rumour popped up on IGN stating that Kid Icarus was being developed for the original Wii. 64 more words


Factor 5 Were Working On A Rogue Squadron Trilogy Remake For Original Wii

News has emerged from IGN that Factor 5 were working on a Rogue Squadron Trilogy remake for the original Wii console. The game was initially in development for the Xbox, but Factor 5 were interested in the motion controls that the Wii offered gamers. 199 more words



Something I have an invested interest in is the behind the scenes information of things. I love reading about how things, like say, a train wreck of a movie came to be, or why a game never came to stores. 617 more words


Morning Sickness

Pregnancies are hard for me. I am usually a pretty high energy person and I like to do things myself and help other people do things as well. 734 more words

Star Wars Returns... in a F2P PC Game

Way to tease me RSS feeds. There were rumblings in my Feedly account the other day that a new Star Wars game, that resembles the fantastic Rogue Squadron franchise, was in the works. 587 more words


From the pages of the past, games of yesteryear - Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D

As long as the games were fun, it doesn’t matter to me whether they’re on a console or a PC. At the same time, there were always reasons why one platform had what I wanted versus another for a wide variety of reasons ranging from mods (dem Doom wads) to different play experiences (JRPGs or arcade favorites). 912 more words