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Factorization diagram cards are here!

It’s been a long process, but factorization diagram cards are finally available for purchase!

If you just want to purchase a set right this minute, then click the above link! 547 more words


Factorization diagram card redesign: feedback welcome!

After getting a printed set of factorization diagram cards, I decided there were a few design tweaks I wanted to make. I’ve gone through a few iterations and I think they are definitely better now. 96 more words


Preferences Beyond Classification

With the recent adjustments of our preference model, which is nothing more than a clever way to capture as much as pairwise correlations as possible, the performance of our thumb up/down approach reached a precision where we decided not to tune it any further. 279 more words

Class 8: Factorization – Exercise 20D

Factorize the following:

Find two numbers with sum = 22 and product=85

Two numbers are 17, 5

Hence the factors are

Note:This technique would be used all across this exercise. 21 more words