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The Balancing Factor

No matter what our status is in life Lord, PLEASE let us remember that death is the balancing factor. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Factoring large numbers using congruent squares

Factoring large numbers is a time-consuming problem. RSA cryptography, and secure communication over the internet, depends on this fact. Algorithms for factoring numbers are also fascinating in their own right. 557 more words

A Summer 2015 Mathematics A To Z: proper


So there’s this family of mathematical jokes. They run about like this:

A couple people are in a hot air balloon that’s drifted off course. 336 more words


On Factorization

Factorization is a very important chapter as because the concept is used in higher classes as well. It is not too difficult at all! There are primarily two theorems that we do use: 249 more words

Limitations For Large-Scale Learning

There are some algorithms that seem to be very powerful on the first look. For instance, we stumbled about a matrix factorization that is semi-supervised to cluster arbitrary data. 265 more words

Project Euler #5: Smallest Multiple

Problem 5 deals with the concept of a least common multiple, often abbreviated as LCM. The LCM for a set of numbers can be found conceptually by listing all of the factors of each individual number and then taking the smallest number that is on all such lists. 347 more words

Project Euler

Prime Numbers and the Sieve of Eratosthenes

Prime numbers are the essential buildings blocks of the entire natural number system. For reasons that I will get into shortly, finding large primes and efficiently testing a number for primality are important objectives for computer scientists, cryptographers and other applied mathematicians. 1,337 more words