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Control System Synthesis:A Factorization Approach, Part II DjVu

This book introduces the so-called “stable factorization approach” to the synthesis of feedback controllers for linear control systems. The key to this approach is to view the multi-input, multi-output (MIMO) plant for which one wishes to design a controller as a matrix over the fraction field F associated with a commutative ring with identity, denoted by R, which also has no divisors of zero. 229 more words


Simplify Radical Expressions (Quadratic Equation Form)

This video explains how to simplify radical expressions leading to simplifying an expression of the form of the quadratic formula.

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Prime Number Problem

Following is a problem about prime factorization of the sum of consecutive odd primes. (source: problem 80 from The Green Book of Mathematical Problems) 211 more words

Problem Solving

Fast and slow machines

In my previous post, I presented three hypothetical machines which take a positive integer as input and give us something else as output:

  1. a…
  2. 1,030 more words
Number Theory

A tale of three machines

The Fundamental Theorem of Arithmetic tells us that any positive integer can be factored into a product of prime factors.1 Given a positive integer , this leads naturally to several questions: 935 more words

Number Theory

Our latest paper: "Factorization and criticality in finite interacting spin systems under a nonuniform magnetic field"

Our latest paper just got published by Physical Review Letter! Let me briefly explain what our manuscript is about:

Factorization and criticality in finite interacting spin systems under a nonuniform magnetic field… 231 more words