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China’s Troubling Robot Revolution

Image Credit: Kristian Hammerstad

OVER the last decade, China has become, in the eyes of much of the world, a job-eating monster, consuming entire industries with its seemingly limitless supply of low-wage workers. 610 more words


The real reason robots are replacing human labor

The great danger of so-called artificial intelligence is not that computers will become sentient beings, but that decision-makers will treat them as if they are. 335 more words


"WOW" You automate high-performance machines and production lines

u-remote generates maximum efficiency in your projects Let’s connect.

From planning to operation, u-remote allows you to speed up all processes and opens up new possibilities for intelligent system architecture. 192 more words


Manufacturer-Independent Certified Course on AS-i Technology

Want to become a Certified AS-i Engineer? Here’s how…

AS-interface is frequently used in conjunction with PROFIBUS networks. Hence The PI Competence Centre at MMU runs the Certified AS-i Engineer course, a 2 -day course that teaches the theory and latest practice of the Actuator Sensor Interface. 322 more words


C03 - PROFINET for Machine Builders and OEMs

PROFINET is widely accepted and well proven in plant engineering.

This is because a lot of PROFINET functions were defined in close collaboration with customers and are used now in many applications. 264 more words


C11 - PROFIsafe, Considerations for Functional Safety and Security

Why functional safety is important for modern control systems.

The presentation will firstly discuss why functional safety is important for modern control systems and industrial equipment and then explain how PROFIsafe can be used in delivering functional safety. 61 more words