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Thou Shalt Not Sue

Approximately 220 nuisance lawsuits have been filed in West Virginia (WVA) over the past 3 years against such drilling/fracking companies such as Antero Resources, EQT and Hall Drilling. 684 more words

Major Dutch Retailers to Stop Selling Factory Farmed Chicken

Always a leader in farmed animal welfare progress, the Netherlands has again made news as its three largest supermarkets – Albert Heijn, Jumbo and Lidl – have… 90 more words

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Why I've Gone Vegan

This isn’t a New Year resolution. This occurred on Sunday 13 December, and I pretty much went full vegan from that moment (caveats: I momentarily switched to long macchiatos and Christmas lunch included meat because there literally wasn’t another option). 791 more words


Why is the Government Investing in Goose Poop Studies?

The government recently announced an “investment” of $300,000 to continue studying the link between wild waterfowl and the avian influenza outbreak in the Fraser Valley. The studies collect sediment samples of ponds to develop “cutting-edge technological advances to be able to test the samples … for the presence of avian flu strains.” 165 more words

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Episode Six: Factory Farm Detour

Evening fell. The black sports car veered off to the side of the road. It had taken at least an hour, Bray figured, to arrive at this place. 776 more words


Fighting against the mega-industry.

I’m just a little confused I guess, so I m hoping someone can tell me why there must be an industry for every aspect of life. 701 more words


Why Non-Pastured Meat and Eggs Are Junk Food

Above is an idyllic photo of a herd of cattle being driven out to pasture by yours truly in the expansive valley east of the Crazy Mountains in central Montana. 1,518 more words

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