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I feel like a Nazi

On the concept of showing favour to one group at the expense of another. When the one group gains a slight advantage through the institutionilized pain, suffering and widespread cruelty. 363 more words


Don't let misinformation become someone's truth

We are all consumers. We all have our preferences regarding the types of foods we like to purchase and eat, but our purchasing decisions should be based on facts, not fear and misinformation. 784 more words


Animal Cruelty

*****Chick, Chick, Chick

Factory farm raised and led;
in the end, factory farm bled,
Rick, a chick, was yellow and red,
living in a cramped cage and fed. 259 more words


Antibiotic Resistance - a deadly problem

They’re called superbugs: bacteria we can’t kill with antibiotics. We can’t help but be scared, and we should be. When antibiotics stop working against bacteria, it can be deadly. 485 more words


Meat-Free Monday: The Journey Begins

I’m moving toward becoming vegan.

So you may ask why I would do such a thing, given my lifelong predilection towards eating meat, loving cheese, and the whole 9 yards. 1,454 more words


Do you know where your pork comes from?

The question raised in this blog post is something which has always been very important to me. As you may have read in my ‘about’ section, my father was a manager for the Meat and Livestock Commission, set up by the government in the 60’s to promote British meat and to maintain standards within the industry. 742 more words


The Evolution of Agriculture – The Case against Cheap Food

The agricultural revolution began some 10,000 years ago when one of our ancestors planted a seed, watched it grow and ate its fruit. It was time to stop wandering and plant more seeds. 891 more words