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Misleading poor, dumb constituents

What’s a politician to do? Tell the truth and risk alienating your industrial agriculture benefactors (Farm Bureau, Iowa Pork Producers, Iowa Corn Growers, etc) or tell half truths and hope your poor, dumb constituents are too stupid to know the difference. 50 more words


Ronnie the Runaway Rabbit Escapes Factory Farm Hell

Ronnie escaped from a farm where he had been living in a tiny cramped cage in the pitch black for his entire life. During his escape he severely injured his leg, but thankfully he was found by a kind hearted woman.

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Consumer consciousness saves health and lives

Thanksgiving just wouldn’t be right without a turkey, Christmas without ham or tamales, Independence day without hotdogs, Cinco de Mayo without tacos or Saint Patrick’s Day without corned beef hash. 744 more words

"The March Around Jericho" - Bringing the Mountains of Animal Exploitation Down

The Story of Jericho:


Bible Reading:  Joshua 5:13-6:27

I’ve been fasting and praying once a week, and last week, I had this vision of God’s people holding hands around the world and praying for the “walls of Jericho (for our purposes, animal exploitation) to come tumbling down.” So for 7 days beginning today, here is the proposition: 472 more words

Creation Care

Factory Farm Antibiotics Making Children ‘Allergic to Fruits and Vegetables’

Just Another Problem: “This could explain why so many people insist they’re allergic to berries…”

by Christina Sarich
Posted on March 11, 2015,

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Matters of the Heart - Mercy and Compassion

Last summer, I did some volunteering for The Humane Society of the United States Faith Outreach Program.  They have a wonderful program!  You can find out more about it… 1,995 more words

Creation Care

They Can't Take It Off...

As part of my NPDES permit issued through the Environmental Protection Agency, I keep daily weather records at the feed yard. I record precipitation, daily high and low temperatures, wind speed and wind direction. 341 more words