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Buying Eggs: Cage-Free to Pasture-Raised and Everything In Between

When I was growing up, I only remember a couple kinds of eggs being available at the grocery store: Grade A Large and Grade A Extra Large, brown or white.   738 more words


Whole Foods' Poultry Raising Practices Called Into Question in New Class Action Lawsuit

“We care where our chicken comes from–from how it was raised to how it was processed,” says Whole Foods Market’s website. The popular and widely growing health food retailer touts high standards for its poultry, including strict prohibitions against antibiotics, animal byproducts in feed, physical alterations, and supplemental growth hormones. 1,082 more words

The Crow In Court

Why Vegan? #1 - Meet Your Meat

Even though I know some people will have a hard time seeing this video, I have been looking forward to sharing it since we started this blog.  450 more words

Animal Rights

All Before a Cup Of Coffee...

It’s a family joke that I don’t drink coffee because it exacerbates my inability to sit still. The “rest of the story” is that I don’t drink a morning cup of coffee because my alarm goes off at 5:35 am and I am out the door 10 minutes later. 675 more words

Factory Farm

The Meat of It

It amazes me that people continue to consume vast quantities of meat, daily.

From movies like The Matrix and Jupiter Ascending, dealing in a metaphoric manner with mass meat production and the inhumane, mechanical and horrific nature of the automated process, to the directly obvious cancerous quality of over ingestion of said meat, to the ongoing empirical evidence that small amounts of meat, if any, are the correct requirement for healthy living, it’s literally in our faces every day. 919 more words


Factory Farming Mentality.

I must be feeling ornery today.

I was reading the Sunday Star Tribune newspaper this morning and this article caught my eye in the business section – “Going Small Pays Off,” a question-and-answer article about a manager of a Twin Cities farmer’s market. 441 more words


Trust but Verify...

I did an interview last week with a reporter who asked,Why does your farm participate in 3rd party animal welfare audits?”

My answer: 636 more words