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Animals continue to burn alive in barn fires while industry looks the other way

The epidemic of barn fires continues in Canada. In just 16 days, a total of 5 dairy factory farms across Canada have had their barns go up in flames, sentencing hundreds of animals to horrific deaths. 284 more words

Factory Farm

Your Cultural Heritage—Question it!

It is the common view that the culture of a society or group is special, valuable, and worth preserving. The term culture is vast, encompassing all aspects of daily life, as well as history and beliefs touching the larger issues of law, morality, and an afterlife. 1,034 more words

North Carolina Passes “Ag-gag” Law

Paws Down!

To the North Carolina legislature for passing the “Ag-gag” Law.

In a recent news article, North Carolina has become the ninth state to approve an… 95 more words

Paws Up/Paws Down

The Story.

A little less than nine months ago I made the decision to stop contributing to the unethical treatment of our meat-supplying animals after watching a compilation of videos that a fellow classmate had constructed for our Food & Society class, which addressed the issues of factory farms and animal cruelty. 374 more words

Animal Welfare


Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care..

Though I can’t, by any stretch, be described as religious I was reminded of the bible quote when I noticed a baby sparrow behind some flower pots outside my back door the other day. 859 more words


Don't Believe Everything You Hear // Katelyn Browne

Bright lights, shiny floors, shelves and shelves of food—the average grocery store. “Humanely raised,” “free-range,” “natural”—the average label on grocery store chicken. You would think you could believe your food labels. 615 more words

Buying Eggs: Cage-Free to Pasture-Raised and Everything In Between

When I was growing up, I only remember a couple kinds of eggs being available at the grocery store: Grade A Large and Grade A Extra Large, brown or white.   738 more words