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Growing up the Farmer's Daughter

Some children grow up in the suburbs, others in the big city, some live in large mansions, others in small apartment buildings, but I believe I had the best place of all to grow up. 789 more words

Animal Agriculture

Life of a Dairy Calf

It is early in the morning when he first meets the earth. He stands on trembling legs against the cold concrete floor. His brave, tired mother kisses him all over, expressing love and care for her newborn baby. 811 more words

Animal Rights

Activism in 2016

Last week the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially listed the eastern gorilla as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List. New research published by the Wildlife Conservation Society and Fauna and Flora International found that since 1994, the eastern lowland gorilla has lost 77 percent of its population. 521 more words

Animal Welfare

Smart Enough to Suffer

Pictured: A pig of superior intelligence, but inferior eye-sight

Pigs are social and intelligent animals. They play together, they have long-term memories and they can remember which people were nice to them and which people weren’t. 418 more words


Change is Needed in the Australian Pork Industry

Australians simply don’t care enough about farm animal welfare. When we see tiny kittens and puppies being mistreated we get all up in arms about it. 206 more words


I feel like a Nazi

On the concept of showing favour to one group at the expense of another. When the one group gains a slight advantage through the institutionilized pain, suffering and widespread cruelty. 363 more words


Don't let misinformation become someone's truth

We are all consumers. We all have our preferences regarding the types of foods we like to purchase and eat, but our purchasing decisions should be based on facts, not fear and misinformation. 784 more words