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What Goes Around

A mightier alien species comes to Earth, and easily subjugates us.

They separate our families, who never see each other again.

They imprison the young women, and kill the old ones who are useless for reproduction. 385 more words


Chipotle Cultivate Minneapolis

On Saturday, August 25th, everyone’s favorite burrito stop hosted a music and educational event in Minneapolis. Chipotle called on big headliners X Ambassadors and Atlas Genius (and Walk the Moon, but their set was rained out) to play. 292 more words


P is for Pig

Pig  noun

Oxford Dictionary definition:  1. Wild or domesticated animal with broad snout and stout bristly body.  2. colloquial greedy, dirty, obstinate or annoying person. 17 more words


Meet the Artists Who Play With the Rules of Documentary Photography

Perched on a vantage point that offers him a sweeping view of the playground, photographer James Mollison waits for the school bell. As soon as the kids come rushing out, he snaps photographs after photographs, capturing the ebb and flow of their games. 691 more words

Animals continue to burn alive in barn fires while industry looks the other way

The epidemic of barn fires continues in Canada. In just 16 days, a total of 5 dairy factory farms across Canada have had their barns go up in flames, sentencing hundreds of animals to horrific deaths. 284 more words

Factory Farm

Your Cultural Heritage—Question it!

It is the common view that the culture of a society or group is special, valuable, and worth preserving. The term culture is vast, encompassing all aspects of daily life, as well as history and beliefs touching the larger issues of law, morality, and an afterlife. 1,034 more words

North Carolina Passes “Ag-gag” Law

Paws Down!

To the North Carolina legislature for passing the “Ag-gag” Law.

In a recent news article, North Carolina has become the ninth state to approve an… 95 more words

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