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Do you know where your pork comes from?

The question raised in this blog post is something which has always been very important to me. As you may have read in my ‘about’ section, my father was a manager for the Meat and Livestock Commission, set up by the government in the 60’s to promote British meat and to maintain standards within the industry. 742 more words


The Evolution of Agriculture – The Case against Cheap Food

The agricultural revolution began some 10,000 years ago when one of our ancestors planted a seed, watched it grow and ate its fruit. It was time to stop wandering and plant more seeds. 891 more words


An Enemy Has Done This - Part Three - Speaking to Our Churches About Animal Welfare

There has been a lot of progress since I first became involved in animal welfare issues with regard to people of faith speaking out.  A lot of Facebook pages have risen up; Humane Society of the United States has a… 1,660 more words

Creation Care

Violence on the Factory Farm: How Not to Feed the World

The amount of meat humans eat is immense. In 1965, 10 billion livestock animals were slaughtered each year. That number is now over 55 billion. Factory farming is the fastest growing method of animal production worldwide. 325 more words

Cover Up

We Have No Right: That Time My Cat Helped Me Write an Article

By Anna Kate McWhorter, Staff Writer

If you know me at all, you’ve almost certainly heard me talk about my cat; I doubt anyone has come down the road of friendship with me and somehow escaped seeing pictures of my feline companion, 809 more words


#EarthDay Farmers are Active Environmentalists

#EarthDay Farmers are Active Environmentalists, not Environmental Activists and there is a big difference #Real http://ow.ly/i/iID1W

Food for Thought: Why You Should Buy and Eat Local Foods

How many of you have been to a local farm market or store? Have you ever thought about the stark contrast between a farmers’ market and a supermarket? 1,010 more words

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