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The Ten Things for Which Robert Reich Is Most and Least Thankful

I am re-posting Robert Reich’s Thanksgiving message because I largely agree with it.

In a period in which partisanship requires almost absolute conformity to the “party line,” even when there is actually still no consensus on where or what that line should be, the adverb “largely” seems to have become a largely abandoned modifier. 440 more words


Happy Thanksgiving from the Far Right

This is the cartoon of the day from the Far-Right website RedStates:

Although it is far from the worst caricaturing of President Obama that I have seen, it is reflective of the relentless attacks on anything and everything that he has done while in office. 236 more words


Congratulations Professor Daviau!

As noted in the previous post, last week the annual meeting of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR) took place in Atlanta. At the meeting, Professor Emerita Michèle Daviau received the P.E. 97 more words

Faculty Research

Students and Professors React to Paris Terror Attacks

by Jenna Gibson

contributing writer

On Friday, Nov. 13, tragedy struck France: coordinated terrorist attacks occurred all over Paris. These attacks involved mass shootings, hostage-taking, and suicide bombings, killing 129 people and injuring hundreds more. 547 more words


Abstract of the Week: Adhesive Capsulitis of the Hip

Abstract: Adhesive Capsulitis of the Hip: A Review & Adhesive Capsulitis of the Hip: A Case Report: An Entity in Question

While mobilizing a patient’s hip joint in 2011, I had the thought that the hip felt like adhesive capsulitis of the shoulder. 342 more words

Manual Therapy

The AAUP's Digital Future

Over the three years of my involvement with the AAUP, I’ve watched this venerable faculty institution complete a reorganization and begin a process of revitalization that is already placing it at the forefront of faculty advocacy, reaching far beyond what had been envisioned for it less than a generation ago. 545 more words


Beverlee’s Bluff: the Real Threat to ASU

This is a cross-post from Watching Adams “an effort to communicate information, conduct investigative journalism, and facilitate discourse about Adams State University (ASU), a state-supported liberal arts university in Alamosa, Colorado.”  It was researched, written, and revised by a team of faculty and staff at Adams State, working with Danny Ledonne and appears here with permission.   1,495 more words