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Sunset at Penrith

I realise I have lots of sunrise pictures, but rare are those with sunsets…

That’s because I’m always back home, safe and sound inside my cosy room, before the sky gets dark. 15 more words


Fading Light

As the light fades,
With it fades the memory.
Of furtive glances and
stolen kisses;
Of conversations at midnight,
Guided only by the light;
And the feel of your skin on my skin. 10 more words

Sun's Parting Gift

When the sun,

preparing to call it a day,

makes for the western horizon, 

it leaves behind a parting gift for us.

A beautiful, mesmerizing landscape, 70 more words


My First Blog!

Fading light of moon as the first rays of  sun enter my beautiful surroundings, chirping of birds transforming the silence into melodious sounds, gentle breeze et al………The gradual awakening……This is not out of some popular paperback but its So Very Real! 198 more words

Stalking the shoreline

in fading light, at
cusp of sea and sky
barely a shadow, alone
stalking the shoreline


Fading Light

The days are short and very dark at the moment here. Rain came and swept away the nice beautiful snow we had. This photo was taken before the snow had totally melted. 30 more words

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