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Species of Phoenix//

•Bennu (grey feathered heron with two crests) Egypt

•Phoenix (Eagle with red and gold plumage) Europe

•Feng Huang (body of pheasant, bright fiery tail feathers) China… 123 more words

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•Selkies are creatures mentioned in European mythology (Scottish, Irish and English mostly, they have different names). They are seals that can shed their pelt to walk the land as a human. 355 more words

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Lady of the Lake//

•The Lady of the Lake is a being that has been held in high reverence all over the world. She makes appearances in Arthurian, Etruscan, Norse, Native American and Chinese mythology in one form or another. 244 more words

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Mermaids come in many shapes and sizes and many sea witches will tell you that working with them is not necessarily something you want to do. 182 more words

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The Fae//

Common Species of Fae//

 Earth Fae: 

•Flo (flower fae)

•Pixie (mischievous/“tooth” fairy)

•Arbor (tree fae)

 Water Fae: 

•Mermaid (half human/half fish)

•Selkie (seal/human)

•Undine (sea horse/human) 163 more words

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The Haunted Hero

The Haunted Hero


Mass power outages cast Grant City into darkness, cutting off cell service, Internet access, and basic amenities. 117 more words

The First Bite

Taking A Pill In Ibiza (Getting Blocked By @fredhicks on Twitter)

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“Why do you always say what you believe?
Why do you always say what you believe?
Every proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies.” 938 more words