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Drawing Input

What should I draw?

1) A werewolf

2) A fae creature

3) A monster


Faerie Book Recommendations

Faeries, elves, dwarves, and druids are only a few of my favorite fictional creatures. I’m constantly searching for fantasy series that incorporate these characters, and although the fairy/faerie trope has recently skyrocketed thanks to authors like Cassandra Clare and Sarah J. 2,684 more words


What Are Devic Crystals?

A Devic Crystal is a crystal with multiple internal fractures and inclusions of trapped water, air, and gases. Devic Crystals can be any shape, variety of quartz crystal, formation, or size and do not have to have perfect terminations or even any termination at all. 834 more words


News On High Voltage!

Have important news about High Voltage, the next Fever novel.

If  you recall, High Voltage was originally going to set in a different time and not after the events in… 81 more words


The Daughter.

A little bit of fantasy for a Wednesday morning. Enjoy. 1,152 more words


Trying something new #MicroblogMonday

These are the prototypes for Garden Fairies.  I hope to be adding them to my magical and mystical line.  Photo originally shared on Instragram.   I like the idea of bringing the content I share elsewhere back here to my home.


"A Match Made in Summerland"

Friday night my pagan circle held our Litha ritual. It was A Druidcraft with emphasis on the Faery faith. We had a Faery Queen and King represented and they did fantastic. 77 more words