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Does the length of a book really matter?

There seems to be a growing debate regarding the length of books… Are longer books better? Are shorter books, somehow, short-changing readers? Speaking as an author my response to both questions is a straight forward, no! 352 more words

March 2015 Specials

I apologize for the delay on these. As explained in yesterday’s post, the early part of this week was filled with a tidal wave of sessions, emails and texts from people really feeling the need for extra support. 442 more words

Pixie Kisses... revisited

Almost five years ago I created a series of weekly prompts for re-enchanting your life on the FeyHearted blog (now an archive of posts from that time) which I eventually collected into the book… 649 more words


Illustration: Symphony Crystalline

Free art because you probably wouldn’t see it otherwise! Just finished this one a day or two ago. Media: prismacolors, letraset marker, glitter acrylic paint, and micron pen. 25 more words



This was faerie night at AFK Drink and Draw.  They were so exuberant!  They threw flower petals everywhere!  The costumes were fun to draw and they did good poses. 88 more words


Up the Junction... (Chopper on Tour, 2015)

It’s holiday time, so naturally I’m relaxing. No, of course I’m not. I’ve been off on a quick tour of locations that will be used in the next-but-one novel project (Project: TFL, acronym fans), walking the towpaths of the Shropshire Union Canal, camera swinging, mud flying everywhere. 511 more words


Three Doors, One Choice

Today’s prompt from The Daily Post: You’re having a nightmare, and must choose between three doors. Pick one and tell what you find on the other side. 378 more words