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Wicken Tales Chapter 8: The Prophet of Tarabel

Tyler Golec,

They reached Cahrmarch before noon the next day.  Edipen rode at Malick’s left, Meyhill rode at Malick’s right. Malick bore the flag of the Trinity identifying them as friends to the followers of the prophet. 1,693 more words


walking through the woods one day
alone and falling out of love
she came upon a tree somewhat strange
with a door covered and engraved… 208 more words

Creative Writing

Wicken Tales Chapter 7: Capricor

Tyler Golec,

Rylah enjoyed the feel of the warm sand that clung to her wet naked back. There would be fewer and fewer days of warmth as fall set in, even this far south. 1,671 more words

Book Review: The Stolen Child by Keith Donohue

Keith Donohue’s The Stolen Child is a dark, earthy reimagining of the fairy and changeling mythology. Taking its name from W.B. Yeats poem, the novel follows the parallel narratives of Henry Day, a boy stolen away from his family, and the changeling that takes his place in the human world. 242 more words

Book Review

Sifting Through the Ideas

Sifting through the ideas
What is the proper order?
But how many times must we tell you
The web design project comes first
Alliteration of the lines notwithstanding, your torments will be eased… 387 more words

Tales of the Ancients: Belragh’s Breach

Tyler Golec

Her eyes couldn’t be moved from the falling earth in front of her. Her Draegon had almost dug their way into the Mor. This wasn’t a small shade tunnel. 273 more words

Demonoid in Faeryland

Demonoid Picotent walked through Faeryland
He sought aid for a particular artist or writer
To make his work strike with all potency
Encountering the Dreamweavers, he spoke with them
They were alarmed by his demon-like appearance
But he assured them that he was in fact a demonoid 
	of Earth, and no actual demon
They had been alarmed
In Faeryland it was generally agreed that
	demons were imaginary
But one could never be sure
Many things came to pass in the multiverse
And many things were hidden
Demonoid spake thus:
	Oh great faeries of the dreams and imaginations,
	My friend down on the Earth is rife with
	Disabilities, but he is ever turning out his
	Work, although nothing visual these days
	He is in need of a greater potency and
	Drive, and some relief from his problems
	His resources are quite depleted. 458 more words