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A Warning about Fairies

Oh, merry revelers –
Be careful when you
Wander through the
Countryside, whether it be
In Wales or Ireland.

Heed my counsel, mortals.
We are capricious creatures. 70 more words

Free Verse

Alchemists Anonymous 

On Tuesday, Emelia and I went to an Abditory meeting, and it was weird.

We walked in and were met by the strong scent of incense and cinnamon. 985 more words

Blog Entry

Occult October | Fearsome Faeries

Fairies? How can fairies be scary? Well, the type of Fae I’m talking about aren’t your average Disney Tinkerbells. The collective term ‘Fae’ covers all manner of creatures in ancient myths, from hobgoblins, to kelpies, to bloodthirsty giants. 1,049 more words


"Full of Fairy elves"- William Blake and fairies

Titania, Oberon and Puck with fairies dancing, 1796

This latest posting examines the poet William Blake’s conceptions of fairies.  This is to mark the publication of my latest book, … 936 more words

Faeries of the Wood

Faeries of the Wood is the latest in my triptych series where I attempt to capture a mythological story or concept in three 4-inch tiles. 324 more words


Paranormal Diet & Exercise Tip 2

Next tip, just for you! Check it out below or click HERE.

AE Jones

Bloody Hell!

I started a book club specifically so I would stop doing this …

Four books on the go – that I’m listing here.

Made the mistake of updating my Goodreads account.   142 more words