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Faerie Card Reading for the Week of March 27 - April 2, 2017

Card: Abundantia – from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

“Be open to receiving. A new windfall of money is coming to you. You have nothing to worry about.

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Faerie Reading

25 Waking the Dead

A car door slammed. The front seat jostled, as the driver reached back for a seat belt, then jangled the keys about. With a sigh, she sat back. 2,743 more words


24 To Wear the Crown

It was next that Wheeler arrived, taking the room in great long strides. He clenched his hands into their clothes to drag them bodily towards the open wall. 1,816 more words


Tiny Feather

Look what I found on the floor next to my bed this morning! 😊😊. It is, I believe, the wing of what we call in Norwegian a Night Swarmer, which you in English boringly call a moth 😄😄😄. 50 more words


The Faerie Ring

-Kiki Hamilton-

Tiki feeds her family of forgotten orphans with the money she manages to pickpocket each  day. When she gets an opportunity to steal a valuable ring, she takes it; it means her family will have full stomachs for a week. 82 more words

Book Reviews

Ironside By: Holly Black


By: Holly Black

5 stars

This is the third and final book in the modern faerie tale series. Unlike the other two books that introduced drugs and other bad habits, this one tends to show how people can get away from it. 120 more words


Valiant By: Holly Black


By: Holly Black

4.5 stars

This is the second book in the modern faerie tale series and has been the grounds for more controversy. Like in Tithe, Holly Black shows us how our world is or has been corrupted when the main character, Val, runs away from home and meets up with a group of kids that does a drug called Never. 135 more words