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"Full of Fairy elves"- William Blake and fairies

Titania, Oberon and Puck with fairies dancing, 1796

This latest posting examines the poet William Blake’s conceptions of fairies.  This is to mark the publication of my latest book, … 936 more words

Image Prompt 021 Response – Unexpected Trip

I picked the image of the ruins for my 20 minute sprint this time around.  I’m also using a character from my 2013 NaNoWriMo project (which I never finished). 1,196 more words


"That shrewd and knavish sprite"- the fairy temperament

Is it possible to generalise meaningfully upon the character of a people?  There are, of course, popular conceptions of nations such as the British, Welsh, Irish and Cornish, but how valid are these stereotypes?   940 more words

And love was stolen

And love was stolen
by a fool, by a coward
Stole her from me
But willing, she left

Tainted, and the shadow fell
A cloak, and took all forgiveness… 141 more words

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Dark Faery

This is something I drew awhile back, like a few years ago. It kind of symbolizes death of the imagination, I believe.

Fairy Apocalypse

I came home from work and discovered that faeries had built little mushroom-houses in my garden.

As the faeries have built homes, I’m declaring this a level 3 infestation. 92 more words