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Fairy language

What language do fairies speak?  If we were to ask  J. R. R. Tolkien and his many admirers, we would of course be advised ‘Elvish’- the languages of… 986 more words

Bird Wisdom

While we watched birds eating at the bird feeder, Malcolm, a small faerie man, told me, “We must learn to walk upon our Mother Earth in the stillness of our spirit.” 98 more words

Shadow Boxing

What is insecurity? By default, of course, it is a lack of security. It is a state of being open, unprotected, and a lack of faith in oneself or one’s abilities. 830 more words


Kent Park


This time, you are making a baby. You hated this job the most. Pumpkin-headed burlap figure with black beady eyes – nightshade berries. Tiny rotten gourds for feet and hands. 2,639 more words



Tidbit is a very small house.  It tends to get lost in the shuffle of the larger cottages I make.  But, it is adorable.  I just finished it for the… 75 more words


Thomas and the Fae

It is well known that faeries often steal unbaptized babies from their cradles. But adults can also share the same fate, provided they commit evil deeds or lead a licentious life. 882 more words


Hedgerow Fairy Found by Naturalist

Another tiny fairy.

This is a little fairy found in a hedgerow. She must have fallen out of a bird’s nest. The Naturalist found her rubbing her eyes and blinking sleepily and he has yet to discover what fairy family she originates from. 83 more words