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Amethyst: A Stone for September

After giving some thought to what stone or crystal would be an appropriate energetic tool for the month of September, I kept coming back to amethyst. 2,235 more words

Tuesday Tales - September 1, 2015- Hardy

This week’s word for Tuesday Tales is Hardy. Since I’ve now got my Regency story out on submission, I’ve started a new paranormal story and….wait for it…I already have a title!  643 more words

Tuesday's Tales

La Jiggy Jar Jar Doo!

So let me start this post by saying that I have made my anam cara Elerah a few things over the  months.  The first jewelry item that Elerah ever bought from me was a finished necklace in my shop, a Raven necklace.   1,158 more words

Nornoriel Lokason

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Jarod breaks a thing. Jarod breaks a thing again. Jarod finally understands you need to use your words to tell people things. Great success! \o/ <3 Jarod <3 Sebastian for being such a phenominal artist and anam cara.


Another one of my childhood interests were the faeries of Asian folklore. I especially liked Chinese illustrations of faeries and beautiful women. This is my interpretation of the Asian faery–a “lotus faery” since I love the flowers as well. 15 more words


People make a lot of assumptions about godspouses; I haven’t had anyone be a shit to me lately, but I’ve seen some shitty things said/written about spirit spouses in general. 71 more words


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Omg. *steals and blows up billboard size; plasters on side of house*

Big Hair...

Taking a break from commissioned work today, I’m frazzled on every level. Scribbled some lines over this old sketch…

Aaron Pocock