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As many as 4 in 10 gay men have HIV in some Southern cities

NEW YORK (AP) — Three out of every 10 gay or bisexual men in several cities in the U.S. South have been diagnosed with the AIDS virus, three times the national rate, according to a study about how common HIV infections are in metro areas. 331 more words

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Lonely Faggots

You know what grinds my gears? People who complain, but never do anything to change their situation.

You get a lot of faggots complaining that they’re lonely and can’t find girls to date, but when you give them actionable advice, they shoot it down with some bullshit excuse: 133 more words


U.S. Directs Public Schools to Allow Transgender Access to Restrooms

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration is planning to issue a sweeping directive telling every public school district in the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. 1,208 more words

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Germany scraps postwar convictions of gays under Nazi law

BERLIN – Germany will annul the convictions of 50,000 men for homosexuality under a Nazi-era law which remained in force after the war, and will compensate them, the government said Wednesday. 389 more words

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All Aboard Trump’s Tranny Train!


You have likely seen the video of Donald Trump hitting on Rudy Giuliani in drag from a skit back in 2000. If you have not, take a quick look. 1,214 more words

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Israeli entrant (Faggot Jew) to Eurovision says humiliated at Russian airport for being gay


The Israeli entrant to the Eurovision song contest was humiliated by passport control in Russia due to his sexual orientation, the singer claimed.

Hovi Star, an openly gay performer, told a Maltese television station about the incident that took place in an airport in Moscow some two weeks ago. 297 more words

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Gang Rape

If you desire to be ”gang” raped by the “biggest, burliest, blackest” Negroes you might want to “give” Azealia Banks a call.

The “Porn Star” 974 more words