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Been a while. Phae Gots.

Been so busy. So busy not dwelling in the cesspool of a parental establishment called a basement. You know. With a job and all, that pays 10 bucks an hour and working 5 days a week on an 8 hour a day schedule. 504 more words



I mean faggots for lighting the fire.

Never heard of them?
Back in the day before we bought our kindling, the fire would have been started using the small twigs and branches gathered from outside. 109 more words

Hello Faggots, Lets begin

Well faggots are you ready to begin being dominated? Turned into my cash cows, paying for my bills, and buying me awesome gifts? Do you wanna see my 8″ cock? 7 more words

My Underwear

Faggots i am auctioning off a pair of my worn underwear. I am going to wear them for two days straight and jack off at least three loads into them. 43 more words

Yep. Slippery Slope is a Real Thing. New Documentary Defends Pedo Faggots.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2014

Hey guys, remember when the Christians said that if you accepted homosexuality, it was only going to be a matter of time before you then accepted pedophilia, because you had surrendered the point of reference upon which you had based not doing that? 362 more words

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Gay Couple Have “Faggots” Written On Their Door, Respond In The Best Way Ever

You’d think having an anti-gay slur scrawled on your door would ruin your Christmas. But one awesome couple turned an ugly incident into a teachable moment. 107 more words


37% of Gay Men Admit Molesting Minors

by Charles Coughlin

An article from WXIA news reports “‘I think the fact that they kept files (on boy scout molestations) is astounding,’ Gainesville attorney Chandelle Summer told 11Alive News on Friday. 537 more words

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homosexual-pedophile-child-sodomy-sex-105715357192 This reblog offers statisical evidence that homosexuals are to a large degree interested in having sexual relations with minors. There is currently a movement afoot in America, popping up here and there, but not discussed in the article below, that is seeking to reduce the age of consent for sexual intercourse to age 12 or less. Age 12 is the age of consent in parts of Mexico. Those of us who live in a predominantly Mexican culture know that sex with children is one of the prominent characteristics of that culture. Expect gays to begin demanding the "right" to have sex with children now that the battle for gay marriage is nearly complete.