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Writing,words, and faggots too.

What I love most about writing is the way it helps to collect my thoughts, make statements, make laughter, is therapeutic and builds understanding…the true wonder of language is how it literally shapes our perception of reality. 348 more words

Fast Food Clown “Sick of all the Shit!”

SAN BERNARDINO, CALIFORNIA – In the founding city of one of the most popular multinational restaurant corporations, fast food mascots have become a common site; Dennis the Menace, The Burger King, Colonel Sanders, and that Quiznos Rat/Hamster Thing. 655 more words



their blindness,


swallowed in hurrying crowds.


but not before a look,


that funny blindness.

melting into concrete

like stones into water,

or fists… 11 more words

Faggots & Their Friends - AudioZine

The Faggots & Their Friends Between Revolutions – by Larry Mitchell – MP3ReadTorrent ArchiveYouTube

In a joyous and perverse intermingling of fable, myth, heterotopian vision, and pocket wisdom, The Faggots and Their Friends tell us stories of the 70s gay countercultures and offer us strategies and wisdom for our own time living between revolutions. 138 more words


Now I know a lot of people will turn their noses up and think, ‘Brains’! But we love our faggots here. And these faggots, are slightly different, and flippin’ tasty! 408 more words

Good Eatin': Eurovision 2016 (and afterwards)

It’s that time of year again (well it was) where Europe gets together and gets to enjoy each others entries in the Eurovision Song Contest. Obviously it is long over when this post goes up (and I will have probably played… 626 more words

In Progress


I can understand the shock, but this was an election, not a tragedy. People that are still crying ‘racist’ and throwing a tantrum because the opposition is in power deserve the misery they are inflicting upon themselves. 111 more words