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Simple Things

Sometimes it’s the simple things that make me smile.
No, let me correct that, it’s always the simple things that make me smile!

Take for example last Friday. 915 more words

The Fag Saga of Bullshit Continues...

The homosexuality cult is going strong… now they’re countering a long-standing argument they couldn’t (can’t) prevail against, with outright lies…

It’s the same with the evolution crowd, years of biding their time has enabled even their small, diseased brains time to formulate some kind of cock-and-bull story to advance their deviant views.  129 more words

Film explores gay Israeli-Arabs’ identities under rockets’ red glare

When British director and producer Jake Witzenfeld discovered the video work of a group of gay men called Qambuta, or “cauliflower” in the local Arabic dialect, he was immediately riveted. 1,128 more words

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'American Girl' Magazine Under Fire After Doll Maker’s Publication Promotes Homosexual Couple To Young Readers

A conservative Christian organization is upset that a well-known magazine aimed at youth is promoting homosexuality.

American Girl Magazine, that targets girls 8 to 12, is featuring two homosexual men who have adopted four black children in its Nov/Dec 2015 issue. 345 more words

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Brussels gets 1st gay Jewish organization

(JTA) — Reform Jews in Brussels opened the city’s first gay Jewish organization.

The group’s inaugural meeting took place on Oct. 18 and it now has 60 members, according to David Weis, one of the founders of the community, called “LGBT Jews in and around Brussels.” 166 more words

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Couple seeks right to marry. The hitch? They’re legally father and son

The legalization of same-sex marriage has given way to a new problem for a Pennsylvania couple, who technically are father and son.

Before states across the country began striking down bans on same-sex marriage and the Supreme Court ultimately decided the issue nationwide, some gay couples used adoption laws as a way to gain legal recognition as a family, and the related benefits such as inheritance and hospital visitation rights. 669 more words

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Haredi rabbi: Henkins’ murder was punishment for gay pride parade

JERUSALEM (JTA) — A haredi Orthodox leader called the murder of a young couple by Palestinians a punishment from heaven for the gay pride parade in Jerusalem. 253 more words

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