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American Horror Story: There's Something Going On With Alex Jones

Alex Jones knows that if you buy his conspiracies, you’ll buy his snake oil too.


Part 772 - Spying On Ambrose

The vampire lurked and waited.

Ambrose Smith left the restaurant with his arm around a pretty woman with wavy honey-blonde hair. They stopped in his line of sight. 570 more words

Don't Sniff Glue

Abusing inhalants, like glue, can cause serious health problems, and you shouldn’t need a video on the internet to tell you that. But let’s take a deeper look at why these chemicals are so dangerous.


Leadership Crucibles: Why are we scared to fail?

All great leaders fail. The difference between great leaders and everyone else is how they respond to that experience. A great leader comes out of the event changed in a positive way. 324 more words


I Became a Security Threat. How Was Your Weekend?

I won’t pretend that, after the whole United Airlines fiasco, I wasn’t anticipating using my own hellish travel experience for blog content. Flying is so notoriously horrible… 1,200 more words


Installing Brackets on Debian/nix systems

To fix the libgcrypt11 dependency when installing Brackets download the library from here.

Download the version without debugging and symbols.  As of the current date this is… 23 more words


This Girl Fell Off Great Escape's SLOWEST RIDE And I Have Questions

The Great Escape is an upstate NY staple, that’s not news. If your parents didn’t take you there on a regular basis, they didn’t love you. 488 more words