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Stand Up For Yourself

Your knees may be wobbling,
For you may have been beaten down,
From fear, disrespect or hate.
Still, I say,
Stand up for yourself.

The walls of your world… 108 more words


اصلی ہے (part 1)

اصلی ہے

اپنوں کی بے مروتی بھی اصلی ہے

Melodrama بھی اک قسم کی melancholy ہے

ان کی سوالیہ آنکھیں تو

انا کے کفن میں لپٹی ہوئی ہیں 32 more words


Quick Take - Well Done Abeona (ABEO)

Today is a very special day friends, it marks an all time low for Steve Rouhandeh and Mark Ahn‘s reverse merger mega stinker Abeona Therapeutics (ABEO) 214 more words

Reverse Mergers

Getting stuck in!

Good evening!

So I wanted to get a post up as soon as possible, I’m very excited about my new blog, if it wasn’t already blindingly obvious. 415 more words


Counting Failures - A Poem

No one ever succeeded by

counting their failures.


It was her dark humor that captivated me. Her wit and words were exactly what I’d been needing for quite some time now. But even as I watched her videos and laughed myself into tears I knew that I had better places to be and urgent, important things to be doing. 540 more words