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Failure or spinach beef cookie. Your choice.

We believe that life is full of hard things. One of them is a failure. Or dealing with it. Admitting it. Coping with it. Whether it be from school, from work, from heartbreak, from relationships with family and friends -when we are defeated, we sometimes feel a sense of permanency that we can’t escape. 354 more words

A Lesson in Evaporation

I was starving, bored and home alone, a classic beginning to the first kitchen nightmare I can remember. As a fiercely independent fifth grader I strode into the kitchen looking for a quick snack to satiate my hunger. 545 more words

Fears And Tears

The emptiness refuses to leave me, That consistent searing pain in my heart,

The fear of not being accepted,

The fear of being an outcast, 93 more words


on failure

central, hong kong c/o chuen seng teoh

Failure. The nausea inducing ‘f’ word. The emotions I relate to failure has always been negative. When I fail, I imagine the faces of disappointment from a parent or a boss.  265 more words