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Mom fail number 2

My son has long hair. It’s the curliest hair I’ve seen in the back. It would make Shirley Temple jealous. His bangs are long and get in his eyes but it doesn’t seem to bother him. 167 more words


Ice Skating Training for the Olympic Trials

Here is a funny video of my intense ice skating training today. Graceful like a gazelle I am! 

How Failure Helps YOU Succeed

The world we live in today is a world where failure is frowned upon.  When you fail at something, people have a hard time trusting you to complete that task in the future.  1,265 more words

Does my child have Learning Disability??

With all the hype about learning disabilities, parents these days tend to panic when their child is unable to learn to write the alphabet or draw shapes. 802 more words


Keeping up Appearances Part 2

When I got home from getting big one from camp, I put on gloves and cleaned both my bathrooms, my brother is visiting tomorrow.  I can’t have company with a dirty bathroom, it wouldn’t keep up appearances. 106 more words


Woman ends in hospital after confusing expanding foam with hair mousse

Having a bad hair day?

Guess what – someone always has it worse than you! =)

… just like this mystery woman who reportedly ended up in A&E after confusing her hair mousse with a can of expanding builder’s foam. 60 more words