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Always sail, even when you fail

In light of midterms week, here’s a fun little video to remind you that 1) failure is feedback, and feedback is the breakfast of champions, and 2) cats are amazing.


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Today while changing L’s diaper she was fighting me, as usual, and finally won and sat fully up. I let her walk around, feel the breeze on her unmentionables, and as I was gearing up to grab her, watched her squat and pee right in front of me while staring me dead in the face.


DIY FAIL: Glittery Acorns

When I decided to get back into blogging, I made a promise to myself to include the good, the bad, and the ugly within my posts. 864 more words


 I dated you Thursday & you got married on Friday ! 

Imagine this , you’re randomly scrolling through Instagram while talking to your best friend on the phone. You see a post from a friend congratulating a man you spent the previous evening with on his marriage ! 1,148 more words


This human-powered Vauxhall Corsa could be yours for £1,600

Vauxhall’s Corsa B has always been subject to some heavy-handed modifications. Back in the 90s the Corsa was a poster child for the Max Power movement, where ill-fitting fiberglass panels, massive alloy wheels and vulgar sound system installs were once considered enhancements. 301 more words


Today, we were breakfast

My addition to our inspirational quotations board at work:

Alone, we are eggs, toast, cereal; together, we are breakfast. All good days start with a good breakfast.


Don't Judge Me, I'm New at This

I know in my first post I said I was going to be posting monthly to give myself time to read and do right by this blog while I’m in the middle of my last year (from Hell) of law school. 888 more words