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The Zohar Secret

My best guess is that this is some kind of money laundering scheme to get dollars out of Russia. There’s a slight possibility that the movie, and the company behind it, is actually run by an AI, and these are it’s first tentative steps towards financial independence and then world domination. 226 more words


Binge Week

Good evening.

It’s been roughly two weeks since I last wrote anything here. I’ve been trying to figure out exactly what to say.

I’ll start by giving you a general recap of my last two weeks: 266 more words

I Waited For You...Why?

I invested time in you like an ignoramus thinking about it ignites a fire that can lighten up the entire night’s veil.

Igloo’s broken down now the snow’s cold has frozen my toes and slowed my heartbeat under my clothes; closing onto a fail. 41 more words


Valentine's Day Dress: Megan Nielsen Karri

This dress was originally intended for Valentine’s Day 2017. I ordered the pattern in November 2016 and bought fabric for the project soon after. But, it took me until Valentine’s Day 2018 to finish the dress. 538 more words


Tails: The Fallening

Guess What Happened on Tuesday.

*sigh* That’s gonna need some fixing. I’ve already gotten the clamp out so I can replace the tail. The thing is that it came out in two pieces. 33 more words

The Bike Incident

So this particular incident happened on New Year’s Day a couple of years back. And I was out on a bike ride trying to do the whole fitness thing. 264 more words


Risk. Fail. Repeat.

Those of you rock stars following my blog for the last year (and thank you for that. It means so much to me!) know I dubbed 2017 my “Brave Year.” I had so many hang-ups with fear it held me back from what I wanted to do and who I wanted to become. 1,149 more words

Acts Of Bravery