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Close counts.

“Close only counts in horseshoes.”

That’s not true. It is a perfectionist statement that might apply well to accomplishing specific tasks, but it isn’t the measure of a life. 301 more words

Care Giving

I wish that babies understood empathy.

I just took a pretty decent shot of Sriracha hot sauce to the eye, but Baby O is upset that his toy is three feet in front of him, and he doesn’t want to army crawl that far to get it.  Now we’re both crying.


Being THAT Person

Here’s the thing about archetypes: they spring from truth.

I’m not particularly good at a lot of things. I’m not athletic, I’m not musical, I’m not artistic, and I have no charisma. 739 more words


Why Getting Kicked in the Junk Causes Pain in the Abdomen

When a guy gets kicked in the balls or otherwise has his nuts squished, the pain involved travels up from each testicle into the abdominal cavity, but why?


Kids Try 100 Years of Christmas Desserts

Bon Appétit had a panel of kids try popular Christmas desserts of the past century, from mincemeat pie in the 1920s to California Waldorf Salad (with sweet onion dip!) in the 1970s.