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Weekly Wipe-Out

I could talk until I am blue in the face about the terrible decisions this man has made and all of the terrible things he has said in just this last week, but I don’t need to. 38 more words


F is for Failure

Do you believe in the saying –

                           “everything happens for a reason?”

I do.

This is dedicated to my newest mentee – I see you and you have got this! 1,042 more words

2017: A Record Year

Growing up I never got in serious trouble. Yes, my parents would get after me for not doing my chores and I once tried to forge my mom’s signature in fourth grade– but nothing ever serious. 557 more words


Let Me Upgrade Ya

A good pair of flats is hard to find ya’ll. Like, the pair that’s so comfy you wear them from commuting to just chilling. These black flats were that for me. 218 more words

Don't Forget the Post Card

So before the days of email and instantaneous conversations how did people communicate with others when they were on vacation?  Well you can go to pretty much any gift shop at an major resort, attraction, and even a local zoo and find the answer.   180 more words