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Elderly People vs Technology

The technology sector is ever-evolving.  As new advancements happen on a daily basis, the older generations struggle to keep up in touch.

Their effort to do so is admirable … but it can also be in some cases, amusing. 71 more words

GitS, seriously?

I just saw this in another of the featurettes from Ghost in the shell.
Major’s recharging station:

Seriously, Hollywood, you have a problem of designers not being up to date, or not imaginative…or not techie enough, frankly.

Nothing else to add.

treadmill fail

Last night, I was running on the treadmill, almost at the end, and finishing up with some sprints. Rather than awkwardly try to lower the speed for 10 seconds of rest, I hop off to the sides, usually gracefully, or well, fine enough. 225 more words