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Were You Positioned To FAIL At Love? Learn How To SUCCEED In Marriage!

Don’t miss today’s eye-opening episode of The Dani Johnson Show, as Dani and her guests reveal all the earmarks of being set-up to fail in your relationships…and how you can LEARN to succeed!

Truth: noun-that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality; a fact or belief that is accepted as true.

November was when I wrote my last post.

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Milton's Mini Photo Shoot

Warning: This post is full of cat pictures!

If you read my about me post, you might remember that I talked about volunteering for a cat rescue organization. 213 more words

Cat Town

Word of the Day: Mizo Otoshi

Daily Japanese lesson! What do YOU want to learn?

Today: 溝(mizo: gutter/ditch), 落とし(otoshi: drop). A driving technique made famous by Initial D, in which Takumi drops a tire into a ditch on the side of the road in order to whip his car around a corner faster than otherwise possible. (unfortunately not depicted in photo).


Worst dates.

I’ve been single, or almost, kinda single for almost all of my adult life.

There have been brief lapses where I have been tied down to one person and refused to date anyone else, but believe me when I say they have been… 593 more words