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Don't Forget the Post Card

So before the days of email and instantaneous conversations how did people communicate with others when they were on vacation?  Well you can go to pretty much any gift shop at an major resort, attraction, and even a local zoo and find the answer.   180 more words


Nine hilarious wardrobe malfunctions — don't injure yourself when you see the last one

Wardrobes. Everyone’s got one. They are supposed to be icons of stolidity and reliability so when they go wrong, the results are hilarious.

Hilarious wardrobe fail no.1… 269 more words


When procrastinators do things for you

Cherish them. It means you mean a lot to them which is why they have bothered to move their lazy asses. JUST FOR YOU.

On the other hand, never let procrastinators arrange a birthday party for you. 341 more words

Just Ramblings

Beet Green & Apple Pie or "A Frydayes Pye"

I’ve talked before about cooking dishes for “in lent” and alternative thickeners but I thought this pie, “A Frydayes Pye” was interesting because it deviates in instruction from what I expect from a herb and apple pie. 339 more words


Shaken...not Stirred

It’s hard waking up sometimes

Knowing that you were born to fail.

I wonder what keeps me going…

Wandering throughout a foreign land.

I miss my family. 42 more words