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My Philosophy Major

I have talked about being in college but I don’t think I’ve gone in depth about my major. I know I love learning about what other people are doing in their lives and what they love so I thought I would share where I am going and what I love. 358 more words


How to park like an a..hole

Roads are made for everyone. And yet here in Toronto nobody seems to care about that or understand the concept of sharing the road.

Motorists drive whichever way they like and park however they like. 77 more words

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What could have gone wrong when you get kicked out of your parent's house with a court order

A 30 year-old Syracusse man was ordered by a Superior New York judge to move out of his parents house. Michael Rotondo was sued by his own parents in an effort to evict him out of their house after they exhausted all other venues. 92 more words

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Will my child's end of year primary scores affect their future?

Exams are compulsory in all education systems. Their purpose is to evaluate someone’s learning after they have been taught something. They allow time for revision, consolidation and opportunity to embed the concepts taught during that year. 443 more words



We decided to become real Jedi’s in the streets. May the force be with us.

Youtuber RackaRacka and a group of friends, cosplayers, and weirdos, all partake in an all out lightsaber war in a mall, a store, and a parking lot.

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NASA astronaut takes GoPro camera on spacewalk but forgets memory card (VIDEO)

An astronaut on the International Space Station has been left red-faced after forgetting to put an SD memory card into his camera before heading out for a spacewalk. 57 more words



I pulled into the deck beside my work building this morning, thinking the day was going good. I’d had breakfast, I was ten minutes early, and I got some good rest last night. 255 more words