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One Killed , One Wounded Trying To Crash Through NSA Entrance

One Shot Dead At Fort Meade After Trying To Enter NSA Gate

” One person is dead, and two more were hospitalized after an unauthorized vehicle tried to gain access to the National Security Agency campus in Fort Meade, Maryland, according to the NSA, which is investigating the incident.

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UKIP's "Straight Talking" Hotline Doesn't Work

UKIP offer a“straight talking” free phone number: 0800 587 6 587

Just one problem… It’s busted:

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Straight talking? More like straight out of the ‘how not to run a campaign’ play book. 21 more words

Guido Fawkes

On Tuesdays, We Go Ice Skating.

Last Tuesday I got a call from one of my students: “Teacher, are you home?” As anyone who has ever worked in Mongolia can tell you, this is not the most thrilling of calls┬áto get, as it’s generally followed up with, “I will come to your home and you will teach me English now,” or “You will come to my home and teach me English now,” or “We will come to your home and have party now.” And you have to respond with “No, sorry, I’m in the middle of cooking dinner,” or “No, sorry, I’m tutoring right now,” or “No, sorry, it’s 2 in the morning, why are you even awake?” So it was with some trepidation that I replied, “Yes, I’m home. 359 more words


Someone's got problems.

That’s Jacqueline Lasdon, nightlife performer, whatever that means, and she inherited a lot of money ($2.5 Million) to waste her time doing this. Do I care what she does with her grampa’s trust fund inheritance? 9 more words


masterful disappearing act!

I did that thing where I disappear forever! Thank you, I’m also impressed at my mad skills.

I have this life thing I need to process first… But then Operation: Identity commences and I plan to involve here as an outlet. 11 more words


Annoying Text Suitors

(Just for fun)

Isn’t it annoying when there’s a certain person who would text you everyday, all day at any time of the day even if they rarely get a reply from you? 789 more words

Random Rant