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Failed attemps... me venting

When you’ve been through many failed attempts with men, you tend to think that… it cannot work ever.

However, at times you find the strength to hope again. 452 more words


Challenge Accepted..!!

I see a girl standing erect, head high, hair open, long and roughly combed.  She has gripped her sides of the dress tightly, way too tightly. 383 more words


Historical Data Visualization Challenges

Not everything came up roses in my dive into historical data visualization. 

For instance, some visualizations broke. The image on the left tells me nothing about the number of emigrants to Algeria from specific departments in France as expected. 374 more words

Percolating Ideas

Opportunity Of Crisis. 

People think of crisis and they automatically go to mayhem, carnage, danger, lives lost. But crisis can be danger and it can be opportunity.

When we strike a crisis, often times something didn’t work out as we expected. 170 more words

Minimalism: Failed Strategy

Today I realized that something I was doing in my mad attempt to make our house a clean and happy house turned out in actuality to be a horrible idea. 138 more words

Well Being

Writer Block : My first challenge in the new year.

As the new year came in with it’s pomp and gaiety. Fireworks, smiles on faces, partying and even people getting drunk. I found myself experiencing this writers’ bane. 301 more words


One last shot at love this year

The year is over. Time flew really fast. I gasped heavily as I tried to welcome thoughts about what have transpired this year. It wasn’t perfect for sure. 565 more words