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Hello everyone! My name is Madison, and welcome to my newest creation, NIKONIC. The blog name is a play on the word ICONIC, something I aspire to be one day. 119 more words


Another failed attempt :P

There was (is) this guy with whom I sort of fell in love, for a very short while. I tried to make it work, really, I did. 305 more words

The Problem of Failed Attempts

Alice, a contract killer, has been hired to kill Ben. She finds a rooftop opposite his house, waits until he walks out of his door, and then fires her high-powered rifle. 1,046 more words


Exceedingly, Abundantly, Above & Beyond....

When they opted for IUI  after a miscarriage in January 2013, Julianne and Matthew hoped to conceive and carry a baby to term. The doctors had figured their chances of having a baby as “rather slim.” Then came the news. 300 more words


5 Reasons Why Vlogging Is Harder Than You Think

Before Christmas I announced that I would be starting up a YouTube channel in the New Year. Now 4 months in, I think it is time to finally announce that I will in fact… 653 more words


Disarm ‘poor me’. It’s not that I can’t … It’s I don’t want to.

As you recall the times you quit smoking and failed, you may notice it was your thoughts that defeated you.  Yes, there were the cravings that you thought were too strong to fight. 152 more words

Quit Smoking Help

montage no 428

i heard a stillness
i heard the
the stillness the was like
like willed a room the windows failed
and then
assignable i heard
and died… 13 more words