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Richard Corriere's Education Update: Education is undermining students ability to get jobs


January 24, 2012

New York Times

Average Is Over


In an essay, entitled “Making It in America,”

In the past, workers with average skills, doing an average job, could earn an average lifestyle. 95 more words

A Nation Of Illiterates

Jessica Bakeman Turns up the Heat!

Jessica Bakeman reports on politics and education policy in Capital New York’s Albany bureau. In a recent article focused on MaryEllen Elia, our recently appointed New York State Education Commissioner, Ms. 482 more words


Why Common Core, No Child Left Behind, and All the Others Will Never Work

By: The Exhausted Educator

Despite that fact that the U.S. ranks 23rd in the world in math and science, we continue to spend tax payer dollars on a system that is based on happy idealism, not on reality.  1,561 more words

The Teachers Union Votes Hillary - WSJ

Wall Street Journal — So much for liberating poor kids from failing schools.

While the media chase the Bernie Sanders rallies, keep your eye on the political crowds that matter. 62 more words


No Sh_t: #India's #Schools 'Are Going Down the Khazi'!

1.6m #students in #India are being excluded from the #school system owing to eye-watering incompetence on the part of authorities: UN survey

— ッ MEDIOLANA® EDU (@Mediolana) …

107 more words

Why I won't be removing my children from their 'failing' school.

When I was training for ordination one of the ‘hot potatoes’ that soon to be vicarage families often discussed was how far they were prepared to sacrifice their children for the sake of their ministry. 841 more words


When Offered the "Choice," Who Enrolls in a "Failing School"?

On June 27, 2015, I posted a piece entitled, 37 Percent of New Orleans Students Attended Excelling Schools in 2014, in which I take the news byte of the dramatic, “67-to-7-percent” drop in “failing schools” in New Orleans and flip it to produce three more modest news bytes regarding the number of students in “excelling schools.” My goal was to confront the potential assumption that “not a failing school” and “excelling school” are one and the same– and to communicate as much in the corporate-reform-preferred delivery of a marketing-friendly news byte. 1,082 more words

High-stakes Testing