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The Little School That Could & Did!

Last night our little private school in the South Mountain Village in South Phoenix, AriZona raised $45,000.00.

Yes, that’s right…the (,) and the (.) are in the correct places! 619 more words


New Mississippi Bill Would Mandate Report Cards For Parents

Controversial legislation in Mississippi could require some teachers to grade parental involvement in their child’s education, Fox News reports.

The Parental Involvement and Accountability Act, which cleared the House of Representatives, is moving through the legislative process. 238 more words

National News

Caleb Harris: Yes. Segregation still exists in 2016.

Even though there have been many efforts to prevent segregation, race and class make that hard to overcome.

People say segregation doesn’t exist anymore because we have a black president. 154 more words


The Message Our Students Need to Hear

I just saw this article from the Washington Post that describes our culture today. There are a set of parents who fear failure for their children, and remind their children of it frequently. 223 more words

New Teachers

My Letter on school unions from the Florida Sun Sentinel

Florida Sun Sentinel

Letters to the Editor

Tuesday, December 29,  2015

 Unions impede great educational outcomes

In a Dec. 28 letter a writer suggested that there would be no public schools if it were not for the education unions. 197 more words

Pre-school Benefits Fade by 3rd Grade?

Apparently so, according to some recent studies done in both Tennessee and Miami, Florida. There’s a large academic boost for those who attended pre-school as they entered Kindergarten but the academic boost fades as other children catch up.   26 more words

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Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 1

The worst Advice ever given to me by a Public School Teacher: “Don’t worry about her spelling.”

Actually, it went something like this: “I’m not worried about her spelling, or hand writing. 413 more words

Written Word