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Pre-school Benefits Fade by 3rd Grade?

Apparently so, according to some recent studies done in both Tennessee and Miami, Florida. There’s a large academic boost for those who attended pre-school as they entered Kindergarten but the academic boost fades as other children catch up.   26 more words

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Why is Written word disappearing? Pt. 1

The worst Advice ever given to me by a Public School Teacher: “Don’t worry about her spelling.”

Actually, it went something like this: “I’m not worried about her spelling, or hand writing. 413 more words

Written Word

Teaching handwriting fluency helpful to ADHD children?

During my last 10 years of teaching 3rd grade in public schools, I noticed that we weren’t permitted to spend “too much time” in teaching penmanship whether it was in Kindergarten or my 3rd grade.   137 more words

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Are you a marigold among the walnut trees?

I recently saw a wonderfully encouraging post on Twitter by Jennifer Gonzalez.  Her post attempts to motivate and encourage new teachers to be a marigold flower on your teaching team.   54 more words

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Richard Corriere's Education Update: Teachers blame students and parents

Richard Corriere’s Education Update:  Teacher’s blame failing students on poverty, parents, and students

The poll of 700 public elementary and secondary teachers  surveyed  cited poverty, insufficient involvement by parents, apathy on the part of students and too much standardized testing as huge educational problems. 241 more words

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Richard Corriere's Education Update: Japan axes liberal arts for job training

The Wall Street Journal reports that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called on Japan’s 86 universities to “redefine their missions.” The Journal writes:  “The drive is part of Mr. 121 more words

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