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“The pump don't work 'Cause the vandals took the handles”

When the British decided to use Opium as a stealth weapon to coerce China into making obscene trade concessions, their simple strategy was to distribute free Indian Opium and addict a vulnerable Chinese population that was ripe and ready. 1,409 more words

Why School Choice Could Be Crucial for America

Free speech, freedom of religion, and civility are at an all-time low in America, and it is a direct result of what has happened to and through education in this country. 508 more words

Failing Schools

Detroit's death march will continue without the creation of great schools and safe neighborhoods

Many of the basic U.S. Census statistics remain frankly discouraging. The poverty rate in Detroit shot up between the 2010 census and the 2015 update, to about 40% in 2015 from less than 35% five years earlier.

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Failing Schools

"Failing Schools" as Far Back as 1735?

I have temporary access to the newspaper search engine, Newspaperarchive.com. So, I decided to search the term, “failing schools.”

The earliest usage of this term dates back to March 02, 1735, in the… 727 more words

Public School Funding

Parent focus groups reveal disconnect between real and perceived student performance

The vast majority of parents believe their children are performing at or above grade level in both reading and math. According to nationally representative data from nonprofit parent advocacy organization Learning Heroes, across race, class, income and education levels, 90% of parents think their children are proficient in these two subjects. 81 more words


This Mom Went to Jail Making Sure Her Son Received a High-Quality Education and She Would Do It All Over Again

“It’s been five years since Tanya McDowell made national headlines after she was charged with larceny for “stealing an education” for her son. Even with some time to think, McDowell believes enrolling her son at a Norwalk Public School was the right call.” 44 more words

School Choice

Rep. Will Guzzardi, D-Chicago, seeks to stop charter school expansion in Illinois

State Representative Will Guzzardi has introduced legislation that would all but stop charter school expansion in Illinois. Guzzardi’s bill would block the opening of any new charter campuses… 51 more words

School Choice