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March 23, 2015

Today, March 23, 2015, the House Education Committee voted out of committee the Governor’s Constitutional amendment SR 287 and the enabling legislation… 1,237 more words

State Legislation

Fixing What's Broken in our Schools

The other day I watched an excellent documentary called “180 Days: Hartsville”. It was about a school district in a small South Carolina town that, despite high poverty rates and low employment has turned into a success with a 92% graduation rate. 1,064 more words


An Historical Perspective on "Failing Schools"

Gerald Bracey’s article in Phi Delta Kappan from October 2007 is more than sufficient and accurate in its historical description of how “failing schools” came into existence in the newest of historical permutations of school bashing that this country has seen over the centuries! 601 more words

Failing Schools

If you could tell your student one thing to be successful...

If you could tell your students one thing to help them be successful in life, what would it be?  Google+ is asking that question that I find very interesting.  What would you answer?

Caring For Students

A Letter to your Students' Parents

I always sent a letter to my students’ parents attached to their last report card but I never thought of sending home a letter at the beginning of each school year.   93 more words

Caring For Students

Common Core, Part 12 -- Let's Deal with What Matters Most for Children

Ever since Sputnik ascended the heavens in 1957, education reforms have consistently failed to improve schools.

Why has there been no improvement?  David Berliner offers an answer:  Failure does not reside inside the schools.  556 more words

Common Core

Common Core, Part 11 -- Proposals for Alleviating Poverty

Decades of research indicate that poverty has a huge impact on student learning. According to professor emeritus Stephen Krashen of the University of Southern California, studies show that “more poverty means lower scores on all measures of school achievement.”  Many studies show that poverty negatively impacts school performance.  635 more words

Common Core