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Chatty cactus' deep reflections: Why am I "failing" in everything?

Confession time. I am that annoying person who loves to “talk the talk” but never puts in action what they say. After much reflection, I have realised that I am somebody who never manages to finish anything. 347 more words

Chattycactus Gets Real

Behaviors And Habits That Killed My Confidence

Hey guys! Welcome back. I hope you had a great week and are ready for the weekend. Today I wanted to share some things with you that really affected my confidence and made me super down on myself. 796 more words


Ben Asks: How do you manage failure?

Failure is one of the most normal things in business, science and engineering. Yet in life, it brings us down, tears us apart and makes us negative towards others. 2,096 more words

Can I Engineer My Life

Failure is inevitable, and that's okay!

In India, there are a few sentences that everyone of my age would have definitely heard from their parents at some point in life. 

“Beta, 10th mein acche marks le aa, science mil jaayegi!” 1,831 more words

Are we men failing?

As a man myself, this is a question that occurs to me naturally after I see the state of society around me.

Are we men failing? 821 more words


Stop Being Lazy And Start Grinding

What is your dream? Each and every single one of us has dreams, and we all know they are achievable because we’ve seen so many other people before us turn theirs into reality. 868 more words