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You are what you eat, and I am garbage (language and dramatic flare warning)

Look through your robot friends and behold me, the weak, pathetic human caught in the mist of your interweb. Commence the judging.

I have spent the last month in a complete state of ruin. 945 more words

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Not so epic failure

“I am a total failure”

“You are not a failure. Why do you say that?”

“Well, I failed in believing in myself, rather I believed in the world who said I was a failure. Didn’t I fail?”

Short Story

What will you do today

In the recent weeks I’ve had many thoughts about life and its secrets, plenty of which fueled by late night insomnia. One is about randomness and unpredictability. 240 more words

The Parade of Masks

Fake it till you make it–well I’ve faked it for so long I don’t know who I really am. The faking, the wearing of masks starts out so innocently–a smile when you really feel like crying because they forgot your birthday. 563 more words

Forever Is Not Enough To Erase You

I threw the white towel in the middle of our fight.

In that moment, I no longer understand the point of saving our relationship. I tried and trying no longer worked. 252 more words


Friends, Romans, countrymen, fellow writers - sharing my fears

For those who have been following along, I have decided to become more focused in my writing. Both on the topics I cover and how I will be writing. 1,225 more words

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