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Rock Bottom

I wrote a post on Quora today, in response to the question, “What bothers you?”. At first I was hesitant to answer the question, afraid that my answer would be a list of all the never ending fears I have, a word vomit post that no one would bother to read. 552 more words


Why it's sometimes good to steer your car off the road

When I drive, I almost don’t feel like I’m controlling the car. Accelerating, gliding across lanes and stopping and turning at a traffic light are just such basic tasks and most of the time I’m going in a straight line…easy.  428 more words

Have you failed this week? We have; At least we thought we did.

Our house is in shambles, our thanksgiving plans ruined, our car is falling apart, we are going to be out quite a bit of money for car repairs, our life is a mess! 978 more words


Failure: How to make a better version of ourselves

Failure is just one of those things, it’s going to happen eventually. Whether you failed your driving test or failed a job interview, there are always things we can learn to make sure that we are bigger and better next time round. 321 more words

Personal Growth

Contradictions in Creativity and Life: On Goals and Failures or Why Giving Up is the Way to Success

Maybe it’s life itself or maybe it’s the words we choose to use to describe it, but sometimes everything just seems so full of contradictions. Far from being isolated phenomena, these contradictions often go deep into the most fundamental of life areas. 1,039 more words


Grief never fades

Splay me open
Crack my chest
There’s little enough left
A heart in tatters
Each new day cut slivers
Stuck in throat
Flowed out with tears come unbidden… 32 more words