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Why we should experience failure

When I look back, I was (unfortunately) raised to believe that whatever you do, you must do it to perfection; work, studies, and ultimately in being human. 417 more words


Just one time

It is reported that Thomas Edison endured 10,000 failed experiments while trying to invent the light bulb. When asked how it felt to have failed 10,000 time he replied, “I have not failed. 116 more words

The ONE THING For Today

Overcoming The Agony of Defeat

With the winter Olympics beginning soon the name Vinko Bogatej comes to mind. Anyone remember him?

He was a ski-jumper from Yugoslavia who, while competing in the 1970 World Ski-Flying Championship in Obertsdorf, West Germany, fell off the takeoff ramp and landed on his head. 643 more words


To Fail...

So many ideas about failing. What does it actually mean? Is there a dream left inside of you that lives if you have failed? If you have heard no many times before, will you never hear yes again? 146 more words


558. walk a thin line

Tusk was the big deal double Fleetwood Mac album that came after the mega-platinum hugeness of Rumours (you may have heard of it) and thus was bound to fail. 55 more words

All Vinyl Apocalypse

Play the odds

Keep walking.
Until you reach,
A better place.
Maybe not today
But, soon enough.

Keep searching.
You will find;
Your inner truth.
Maybe not easily, 40 more words