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Don't be afraid to FAIL

Some people were afraid of FAILURE. Some run, some hide. They’re trying to scape because they are scared of committing mistakes.

Admit it, everyone of us wants SUCCESS. 171 more words

Missed opportunity?

On first glance, you may think the title is about a derelict gas station on some forlorn stretch of lonely desert highway.

You’d be wrong. 612 more words


SO WHAT To Fear of Failure

   I fear failure. I fear standing in front of an audience to speak and seeing blank stares on their faces. As a teacher, I fear… 330 more words


Leverage or be leveraged

In my previous post I explained leverage income. Leverage income is when you’re a business owner and you make money off of other people’s efforts. That may have rubbed some people the wrong way because of the words “make money off of other people’s efforts.” Those words don’t sound fair. 345 more words


The Gem

The Gem

Waiting in a Tube station to meet a girl I had kissed for over a minute, when drunk. The third kiss (or kisses) of my life. 401 more words


Rise from an early grave

I’ve been driven underground

subconscious graveyard

In the domains of death

My life tragic pain,

The pain of existence.

A future renaissance?

A lively revolution? 22 more words