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The aftermath- Part two.

I stupidly followed Beard boy from the centre of town to the residential area. He pulled into a side street, I parked in the street over and waited. 581 more words


How to Succeed at Being Catholic (Or How to Make Any Door Holy)

When I first thought about writing this new blog,  I was tempted to give up before I started.  Why would anyone want to read the ramblings of a 35 year old Cradle Catholic?  495 more words


I’m tired of people telling me how to live my life.
I tired of people thinking they know what’s best for me.
I’m tired of never being taken serious. 171 more words

Day 56 - Keeping Motivated

Motivation – a psychological mood, if you will – that helps to sustain us to do something which we don’t really want in fact to do – but which rewards us with an outcome that we actually want. 971 more words

Will Power

Empty Bottles

I’ve had times when alcohol was my only escape from life. I’m trying to resist the allure of that temptation right now. All I want is to simply forget, even if for the briefest of moments… 328 more words

Random Rumblings

Feeling Like a Failure and Overthinking Is Good

Writing this, I am not quite in a good mood. This afternoon I’ve lost a volleyball match with 4-0, which was horrible. The opponents were quite the opposite of sportsmanlike. 335 more words


Amnesty International Actively Seeking the Destruction of Innocent Human Beings

How can an organization built on the idea that human beings deserve human rights aggressively fight to take the most basic of those rights – the right to life –  away from an entire group of human beings? 8 more words