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Intuitive and Regrets

How much of what someone says can we truly believe?

Even when you trust someone inexplicitly how much of what they say can you believe? Especially when your intuition contradicts it all? 578 more words


1 Samuel 25:Bruised Egos

1 Samuel 25.32-33.hcsb ( read 1 Samuel ch. 25 )

Then David said to Abigail, “Praise to the Lord God of Israel,  who sent you to meet me today! 769 more words


They Call Them the Depths of Despair for a Reason

The lowest point in my life so far was when I called the free student mental health clinic at my university. It was the culmination of years of mental and emotional barrages from abuse to the deaths of more and more people I care about. 738 more words

Minds & Emotions

Having Character Matters

Have you ever met someone that you really wanted to like, but they faltered in showing character in a situation that you just could not justify?  29 more words


The almost machine

Good evening, Kathy. It’s Tuesday (and I am so excited that you are home and we have dinner and schemin’ planned)

People came,
Along the unimaginable trail. 56 more words


Eulogy to the 'Man of Action'

A teacher, a philosopher,
A friend, a mentor.
A heart so pure,
Which all adore.

How to describe a man so great?
A person no human can hate. 87 more words


Led Not Pushed

Recently my husband Charles and I celebrated our 39th wedding anniversary, compliments of the grace of God. I am totally serious, were it not for God’s intervention we would have dissolved our union within the first seven years. 479 more words